[DS] a 5-day trip to Bali

[DS] a 5-day trip to Bali

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Published on August 22, 2014 21:12

No matter how chaotic the world is, we should leave a clean place for our hearts. We can peel off at the fingertips of our thoughts at any time, and watch the clouds rolling and relaxing between sunrise and sunset.

My sister Sisi began to plan the summer trip before her holiday. The original plan was to go to Korea, but after a long time of consideration, I finally chose the most suitable place to go in summer, the seaside.

Destination: Bali.

Preparation before departure

Product links we choose

5 and a half day self service tour in Bali


Necessary strategy and app for going out

1. Strategy

Ctrip > very detailed Bali tourism strategy website: http://you.ctrip.com/guides/bali438.html


What I download in app store are:

(blue cheese): when ordering a meal abroad, scan the foreign menu and it will automatically feed back to the Chinese translator

(minimalist exchange rate): if you can't figure out the exchange rate when you go out, you can input the price of your shopping and automatically convert the currency. At the same time, you can operate the currency of three countries. It's very convenient, especially for students like me who have bad numbers. It's very easy to use.

3. Currency: Indonesian rupiah (rupiah). Shopping, eating and tipping are mostly in Indonesian rupiah.

The US dollar is widely used in Indonesia. General accommodation, charter, travel agency tour items are mostly quoted in US dollars

Cash: RMB is not easy to exchange directly. It's better to exchange US dollars in China and then exchange Indonesian rupiah locally. Team tours can also be exchanged with local guides

We set out in the Bank of China to exchange a total of 500 yuan in Indonesian rupiah and 600 US dollars. The total cost of two people in five days is enough

Credit card: use dual currency credit card

4. There is no time difference.

5. Voltage and socket

The local voltage is 220 V, and the plug is European standard plug and socket, so it's better to bring the converter before traveling. If not, you can borrow it from the local guide or rent it at the front desk of the hotel.

6. Communication and network SIM card when you arrive in Indonesia, you can buy a local SIM card to facilitate business contact. When you go to Indonesia, tell the local guide that he will bring you network WiFi the next day

No life, no life, it's true that the international roaming charges are too high.

On the road: the leader will bring 7-8 mobile devices, as long as you don't leave her far away, you can enjoy them for free at any time

In the hotel: the hotel room has free WiFi equipment, go to their own operation link can be

7. Visa and immigration

Chinese tourists can apply for landing visa in Bali. Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airport, you can apply at visa on arrival window with your valid passport and round-trip ticket. You are allowed to stay for 30 days, the price is 35 US dollars, and the return airport tax is 200000 Indonesian rupiah.

Those who hold a passport and exit ticket valid for more than six months can enter Indonesia directly after going through the visa procedures (landing visa can be used). When entering the country, "E / D card" and "custom declaration" should be filled in( (see figure below)

After arriving at the airport and getting off the plane, you can see the visa on arrival counter. You can buy the landing sign at any window. The window staff will send a receipt to the guest, and you can handle the landing sign with this receipt (remember to tip, we gave a tip of $1 at that time).

8. Tips

The income of people in Southeast Asia is not very high, and part of their living expenses come from the tips they receive on weekdays.

I remember to put a tip at the head of the bed every morning. Our hotel is very ordinary, so I just put 2000 rupiah every day( If you are satisfied with the hotel you are staying in, you can give more as you like. If you are satisfied with the service of the other party when you go out, you should also give a tip, because the tip is an affirmation of their service, which is really very important. I bought things on the first day because I am not familiar with currency, When I opened my wallet the next morning, I found that the smallest Indonesian rupiah was 50000. So I first thought that I would not put it today. I went out to change the money and put it tomorrow morning. As a result, I was really worried about the quality of house keeping on this day. When I came back in the evening, I found that the boiling water area was not cleaned and the mineral water provided was not consistent with the one I checked in yesterday, This is the local famous brand water (because there is no direct drinking water, tap water is not filtered, and it is impossible to drink directly when it is boiled, so the two bottles of pure water provided every day are particularly critical). However, it is self-made by the hotel, and the bath towel has not been changed. The next day, I put the tip on the head of the bed early. I came back in the evening, changed the bath towel, cleaned the details of the table, and the most important thing was the purified water. It changed from the self-made brand of the hotel to the local famous brand. Ha ha, people in this place really understand it. Well, the tip is not much. As long as I put the room, I clean it for me. It's dry and quiet, and I feel comfortable, Of course, every morning.

9. Clothing and luggage

Bring the necessities to enjoy the sunshine, colorful clothes, a book, iPad, a camera, diary and pen, all in a small box.

Then find a big box, put the small box in it, and go out with a big box, so that when you come back, you will have two boxes.

Night before departure

19: 30 from the company, take line 2, about 1.5 hours to Shanghai Pudong airport

At 21:30, guide Xiao Gao is waiting for us to gather under this screen

At 22:00, check-in and customs clearance will begin, and then free duty shopping will begin.

Day 1 Shanghai - (Singapore transfer) - Bali - Kuta Beach - Discovery Shopping Center


Flight: from Shanghai to Bali, a paradise island, via Singapore

SIA's A380 service double decker aircraft can't see the end at a glance. All kinds of considerate services on board make it feel comfortable. Even at 2 am, it has a good appetite to eat and drink, watch movies and have a good sleep.


When you arrive in Singapore, you need to change the terminal to Bali. You need to take a small train from T3 to T2.

Small train waiting area, about 8 minutes a time


After arriving at T2, it's still early to board. At this time, you can pick up the shopping coupon of Changi Airport

You only need to hold the relevant documents (1. Passport / 2. Connecting boarding pass / 3. E-ticket) to register at the ishop booth (adjacent to the transfer tax refund counter) in the transit area of terminal 2 and terminal 3 of Changi Airport in Singapore.

Each person can get $40 (Singapore dollars), equivalent to about 200 yuan, you can shop at the airport duty-free shop

We changed to 80 new coins, bought the scientific research's large box high moisturizing cream and avocado eye cream, used the deduction volume, folded and rolled down oneself equals only cost RMB 134 yuan, very affordable.


Next, we can go to Singapore for breakfast.

08:40 waiting in terminal (Sheng an aviation mi)

About 3 hours after the second flight, we finally arrived at Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airport in Bali to handle the landing visa, and the local travel agency will wait outside the airport.


After receiving the tour, the tour guide will go to the Bali Hotel for check-in, and then move freely.

But because the hotel told us that we could check in after 4 p.m., and our hotel was on the mountain, there were no shops or restaurants nearby, and the transportation was inconvenient. In addition, we took care of our own dinner on the first day, so guide a Kai suggested that we buy things in Kuta foreigner Street and have dinner by the way.

14: 00 Kuta Beach

It's about 10 minutes from the airport. There is also a commercial street nearby, mainly the business circle of Kuta square, extending to the coast. You can find all kinds of Bali traditional handicrafts in a variety of small shops, and you can also enjoy shopping in large department stores. Everything is beautiful. Of course, there are also many seaside restaurants. At night, with candlelight, wine and cool sea breeze, enjoy the delicious seafood.

Get off the bus and see the Kuta discovery hotel. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the seaside and feel relaxed and happy. This is the feeling of summer.

If only I lived here.

Plumeria in full bloom

Through this hotel, behind is Kuta beach

As soon as I saw the sea, I ran barefoot excitedly. The hot sun roasted the sand. Every foot was very hot when I stepped on it, but I didn't care so much. I ran all the way to the seaside.

Looking at the sun shining on the sea level, a layer of spray roll, close your eyes, only the sound of waves around, enjoy the sunbathing, instantly calm down. All the joys and sorrows of the past are now gone. I think that's the charm of the sea.

After playing around, I remember that I lost my shoes...

Seaside Club

Along the coast is the famous discovery shopping mall, the best and most modern shopping mall in Kuta

The shopping center is built on a horizontal plane and is full of all kinds of shops. This is the best place to buy daily necessities.

A good helper when shopping

In this shopping mall, you can buy some local specialties, souvenirs, etc. there are a lot of things, and the price is appropriate. It is recommended to buy Hand-made Soap, Plumeria hand cream, Plumeria head flower, chopsticks wrapped with coconut peel, etc. There are many varieties, and the styles are also very good-looking. It's suitable to give or keep.


We bought some chicken wings, but we didn't have time for dinner. We quickly found KFC next to the gathering place. The spicy chicken wings here are totally different from those in China. The style is much bigger than ours, but the taste is not as good as that in China. The French fries dip is sweet chili sauce, and the taste of the local triangle potato cake is also strange



On the way back to the hotel

The local people pay great attention to greening. All the plants and cultivators will kneel down and take good care of them. They will put a small fence around them to protect them. I really admire them when they look after them carefully. A Kai said that due to the importance of greening, there are few local people who are short-sighted. This is the best reward for their efforts.


Go back to the hotel and have a rest. Our itinerary is free on the fourth day. If you want to decide to go out, no matter where you go, you need to confirm with the seller tonight whether your itinerary can be formed and how to pick it up.

We told ah Kai about our plans for spa and free travel to lanmeng Island, and he said that he would help us arrange it in the future. So it really helped me to get rid of a big worry. I was anxious all the time, and my holiday mood doubled instantly.

Tip: if you want to go to lanmeng island by yourself, you can find a shop named marine walk on Taobao. This comment is very good. When you meet Sasha, who is from the group next door, you choose this product. The price is advantageous, and you come back early in the afternoon. You need to arrange your schedule after 4 o'clock. You can choose to go to spa or other places to shop for dinner, But all these have to be planned and implemented by yourself. If you want to take a taxi, remember to take the safest taxi in the place (blue bird taxi)

The next day

Polo ralh Lauren -- Art and culture forest of ubu -- Pura Tanah Lot -- Jimbaran beach -- Bali Carrefour


After breakfast in the hotel, gather and set off

09:00 shopping: Product: Polo ralh Lauren factory store

All the people in the service can speak Chinese, and the service is very friendly. The price of a polo shirt is about 400, which is very favorable compared with that in China.

Items purchased by Sasha


Go to the scenic spot: Bali class centre (BCC)

As soon as I got off the bus, the local welcome ceremony began, lion dance. Balinese believe that lion dance will bring them good luck;

Girls have been practicing overhead lifting since they were four years old

The local people will pin the Plumeria on their hair or ears for every tourist. It is said that the Plumeria will be worn on their ears. After a day's hard work, if it doesn't fall off, your luck will come.

Visit the local folk traditional dance interpretation, enthusiastic dancers will invite you to take a picture on stage, dance, see they look almost the same, O (∩)_ (laughter)~

Lunch: dirty duck meal

(the dirty duck meal is also the crispy duck meal, which is the flavor meal of wubu. It is said that the owner of the crispy duck shop saw groups of ducks passing by the newly decorated restaurant and called them dirty ducks.) the fried duck meat was crisp and greasy, but the shrimp slice was really delicious.

Roofs and curtains made from dried coconut trees

After dinner manual activities (traditional project 8 choose 1) 1, mask painting; 2. Bamboo tube painting; 3. Batik production; 4. Dart painting; 5. Wood carving and cat painting; 6. Make color bead leather wallet; 7. Painted ball; 8. Making Bali tribute.

We chose to draw a kitten, and only in communication did we know that this kitten represents the meaning of Attracting Wealth locally.

Sisi's works

There are various Hindu gods behind the cultural forest

Walking to see the scenery, I immediately think of the tropical rain forest. The scenery of ubu is really natural. Julia Roberts in eat preay love rides a bicycle slowly through the jungle. It's too beautiful to think about it.

15: 30 Pura Tanah Lot

Built in the 16th century, the sea temple is dedicated to the Balinese gods. A narrow cliff stretches into the sea, on which the temple is built. When the tide rises, the rock is surrounded by the sea, and the whole temple is isolated from the land. Standing alone in the sea, the landscape is very strange. It is not only one of the three temples in Bali, but also the most famous of the seven temples near the coast.

The best place to watch the sunset in Bali. Mount the viewing Pavilion and overlook the temple of the sea. Watch the setting sun spread golden light all over the Indian Ocean. The golden sunset and hazy light outline the classic and romantic outline of the temple of the sea.

Only you are the most beautiful in the sun


1. Non Hindus are forbidden to enter the temple of the sea. 2. There are poisonous snakes in the cave near the sea temple. Be careful

3. The setting time of the sea temple is about 18:30 in the evening

4. There is a charge for going to the bathroom in this place. The specific charge is marked on the door, and the charge is different in size. Pay attention!

The guardian of the cave

Simple temples, stone sculptures in the passage of time damp moss, with a sense of isolation, classical and sacred charm.


Afternoon tea: guide a Kai's Coconut shop

Haishentemple block is also rich in things. You need to be able to make a good price for the things you like. If you buy clothes, there are three packages: one package is faded, two packages are shrunk and three packages are stitched.

The story in the picture below tells us two lessons

Don't take a picture curiously, or your grandfather will let you buy something.

2. Take the mobile phone and drop it into the drain on the side of the road. It's not easy to take it out.

How clean the ground should be so that mothers can rest assured that their children will play barefoot in the middle of the road

A Kai coconut shop, turn left

There are plenty of snacks

The assistant is helping us to make coconut now

(boss a Kai treats us with a fresh coconut. There is no limit to it. Even coconut meat can be eaten when we are full. A Kai says that it tastes like a bird's nest and can be beautified I really like the taste

A handsome boss

17: 00 Jimbaran Beach

Jinbalan beach is the most intimate beach in Bali. It turns out that this is still a small fishing village, inhabited by the most simple villagers on the island. Commercial activities did not destroy the original style of the small fishing village. Instead, the villagers made the whole beach very friendly with their unique enthusiasm and simplicity. The greatest charm of jinbalan beach comes from the beautiful sunset here. Enjoying the sunset while enjoying the local seafood barbecue is a great pleasure. Moreover, there will be ethnic performances during meals. The band will sing at each table. The band will not only sing local songs, but also English songs and Chinese songs. When the band leaves after singing, it's usually about $5.

write your hurt in the sand to carve your benefits in stone.

(the picture below is the work of tuanyou's baby son and father. The picture is very shocking.)

(works of good friend Sasha, love of palm)

Dusk and dawn

To Sisi: in the future, you will encounter more obstacles in your growth. Demi hopes that no matter what happens, you will have a calm mind like watching the sea, and then face it bravely.

Let's go along with time like this, holding hands and supporting each other all the time.

(guess DingKe, or little bening)

Watching the sunset slowly disappear at sea level, dinner begins. There are countless restaurants on the beach, with tables and chairs on the beach, facing the Indian Ocean, eating seafood barbecue with candlelight, fresh corn, and good taste of fish and shrimp.

Strawberry flavored Fanta

After a while, the versatile ah Kai took his guitar to play and sing with some local villagers. We cheered and sang, hand in hand and danced barefoot in a big circle.

The night sky in the Indian Ocean behind us is full of stars, and the joy has witnessed this unforgettable moment.

Later, the boss of the shop came out and stopped our activities, saying that it affected the normal order of operation. Well, anyway, we all ate well. Ah Kai ordered us to pack up and go back to the car to continue singing high!

This is the happiness of travel.

20: 30 Bali Carrefour

Because we had to check in a little early in the afternoon of the first day, we didn't go to Carrefour. Today, ah Kai took us to Carrefour by the way, and Demi's wish to read was first realized.

With Sisi shopping supermarket, I bought local specialty fruits, shrimp slices, seasonings, aloe juice, and daily necessities. It's very big here. If I have time, I can choose to shop from 4 to 5 p.m. here. I can eat dinner downstairs directly. There are many local snacks and some well-known catering brands, and the price is also very moderate.

See yogurt, I can't walk, like the taste of the same bought a can

Local fresh juice must be tasted

You can buy hundreds of thousands of things at random. You feel like a local tyrant when you see the total price.


To the hotel, high a day, the two sisters took a bath, lie down in bed, sweet smile fell asleep.


The third day

Turtle island honeymoon Beach Club Natural Latex Factory Golden coffee factory klapa Club


Breakfast: Hotel Buffet


Arrive at the dock, then take the glass bottom boat to Turtle Island, along the way the sea breeze slowly, fast this wind, can you

Watch the colorful coral reefs under the boat,


After arriving at the turtle island, the first thing you see is a woman worshiping. She looks very attentive.

Most of the materials for the worship are made from coconut trees, which are very environmentally friendly, and the colors look very gorgeous. I like them very much.

Big turtle photo

Lovely little leader Gao


I don't like these cold mollusks very much. I didn't expect Sisi was really brave enough to wash his hands after touching them.

11: 00 Honeymoon Bay Beach Club

Stretching for seven kilometers of coastline, sunlight reflected in the blue water, the joy of all kinds of water activities.

The people in our team are very powerful. After seeing the main points of the action directed by the coach in front of us, we took the initiative to ask for independent operation of the flight. Flying in the sky is very like the scene in up.

14: 00 natural latex factory, 100% natural latex bedding.

In the process of listening to the explanation, the lovely little girl in the regiment asked me to take a picture for her. Her pigtails are all over her head. She has become intoxicated with beauty.

15: 00 gold coffee processing plant

It is longer than 1200 meters above sea level and is famous for its golden color, rich fragrance and low caffeine. We visited the manufacturing process of coffee, from the processing and manufacturing process of coffee tree, coffee beans, shelling, drying, baking,

The instant coffee that you drink on weekdays is made of smelly beans and rotten beans, because many flavors are added, and many of the flavors are covered.

Coffee is actually divided into male and female. Male beans are a whole and smooth coffee bean, while female beans are half complete coffee beans, which are lower in quality than male beans. The taste of gongdou coffee is mellow without bitterness.

A group of people sat in a room, and several shopping guides sat in front of the room to demonstrate and explain. The scene also taught the correct brewing method of coffee and different methods of ice and hot coffee. The scene was the same as TV shopping, and you can taste it on the spot. Fortunately, the taste of coffee is very pure. There are also appropriate purchases.

Since I came back, I have ground and brewed coffee every morning without any seasoning (coconut powder can be added, and the taste is excellent). My family all like the taste.

Famous, cat poop coffee


Go to the scenic spot: kalapa Club

Kalapa club is a private club, located in dream beach, which provides unlimited swimming pool, bath towel and exclusive access from the club to dream beach. The club also offers beer and juice drinks.

In swimming pool, a waterproof bag for mobile phone, is very practical and necessary

When you see a pool, you can't be happy. It's not enough for them to swim.

the feel so good.

summer,summer,we love summer

To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day loving.

To rest at the noon hour and mediate love's ecstasy.

To return home at eventide with gratitude



we love sunshine,Face your past without regret.Handle your present with confidence,

prepare for the future without fear.Keep the faith and drop the fear.

Lovers are also intoxicated by the setting sun

The days that make us happy make us wise.

Active happiness --not mere satisfaction or contentment often comes suddenly,like ab April shower or the unfolding of a bud.

We played a big circle back, little bening is still playing in the pool, for several hours. Energetic baby son.

Dream beach sunset, and slowly down


Left the club, the moon came out, hanging in the sky, big and round, everyone picked up the camera to record this beautiful moment.

The mysterious moon is quiet and peaceful, but what does it mean. It turned out to be on the next day.


After swimming, I'm always hungry. The buffet dinner provided by the hotel is also very shabby. I'm as disappointed as breakfast.

So I went back to my room and started a small stove.

The fourth day of free travel

Today is to buy the free travel products recommended by Ctrip, the trip led by a Kai, lanmeng Island - Spa - Seafood self-service hot pot, 150 dollars for adults and 105 dollars for children. Because the whole process is arranged by a Kai, we are very relieved.

Depart at 08:00

Port (and baby dad choose the same way, hehe)

Welcome people

The boat we're on (the works of bening's father are always very impressive)

Waiting for the ship to leave

Little bening dad with excellent photography technology, this is taken by your baby son. The angle is gray and handsome. Let's give it a hand.

let me flying.

Lanmeng island has the most beautiful beach in Bali. It's beautiful beyond words. When making the strategy, the expectation for it is already very high. It takes about an hour to set sail from here.

A Kai said that according to the plan, he would go to the floating platform first and play water sports there, such as surfing, snorkeling, banana boat, parasailing, etc. Lunch on the floating platform to enjoy a buffet, then visit the island, finally snorkeling.

After sailing, on the stage in front of the second floor where we sit, there are people playing guitars and singing Chinese songs. They will interact with you enthusiastically, but they will ask for tips.

Yesterday was the night of the full moon. I heard that the wind and waves would be quite strong on the night of the full moon. As a result, one wave after another hit the boat today,

When we got to the floating platform, we all got seasick and stayed on the table for a long time before we became energetic.

12: 00 BBQ and buffet lunch

After seasickness, the mood of the whole person is down a lot. I sit on the sunny seat and watch the opposite person enjoy the banana boat, diving and other entertainment activities. But I just want to sit here with my camera and look at the blue sea in a daze. Record the past vessels.

After lunch, ah Kai told me that the storm was too strong to land on the island today. It can't be latent, so all the activities can only be played on the ship,

Looking at the opposite island in the distance, I was so close, but I couldn't get to the island, so I lost it again.

The calm island scenery of the past

Undersea scenery

I couldn't get on the island, so I had to take the banana boat and slide into the sea. As a result, the waves got bigger and bigger, and more and more water rushed to the floating platform. Finally, all activities ended. For safety, the staff on the ship suggested that we go upstairs.

Upstairs, you can see an Indian child. He seems to be completely unaffected and is eating to his heart's content. I watched him walk towards the dining area with his plate in his arms. As a result, he put down his plate and came back to his mother and said, "it's Chinese with a very local accent, I want eat now) seeing this scene, I immediately burst into laughter. Now I'm back. I can't help laughing for a long time when I see this little fat man's photo.


It's time to go back, and we're almost dry upstairs. With regret, I boarded the returning ship. Seasickness began again. I vomited before I left the ship. Fortunately, the staff on the ship brought some cool oil and plastic bags, wiped some and fell asleep quietly.

Open your eyes, have returned to the port of departure, it seems that I still live on land mammals, ha ha.

Looking back, there was a song on the boat, and all the staff danced, looked at their faces and cheered unconsciously,

He called out: Thank you.

16:20 SPA

A Kai arranged a hot stone spa for us. He told us that if we feel weak, we should put up our thumb. If we feel strong, we should put up our little finger. It's just OK. The masseuse will understand the gesture.

After a simple foot wash, it started. The massage master was very comfortable. After pressing the back, he turned around. I fell asleep soon. When I was called up, the spa was over. When I came back, my sister asked me how I felt. I thought about it. I didn't know what I felt when I fell asleep. In a word, it's very comfortable, and the feeling of seasickness has disappeared, with a faint smell of rose essential oil.


Seafood self-service hot pot, BBQ, ice cream, lemon juice... Is also a Chinese shop, very delicious.

Tonight is the last dinner of our trip together. We all played very hard and enjoyed the time together.


Finally, at your request, ah Kai took us to a nearby supermarket to give us a chance to shop again. I went to buy some chopsticks, soap and candy. When I came back to calculate the price, it was nearly twice as expensive as what I bought in discovery on the first day, so it was more cost-effective to buy things in discovery.


Later, I learned that Sasha, a friend of the group next door, was on Taobao, but she went ashore and walked on the sea. However, she said that because of the storm and the sea became a little dirty, she could only see a few small fish occasionally, and she didn't enjoy it very much. In the afternoon, she also went to the nearby villages and played with the local children. Dinner was simply eaten in the hotel restaurant.

23:59 good night, Bali.

Day 5 Bali - (Singapore transfer) - Shanghai

07:00 good morning, Bali.

I'm leaving Bali today. Get up in the morning, soak noodles and sit on the bay window. Enjoy the scenery outside the hotel window,


Pack up, check out, the last destination: airport

It's always sad to leave. A Kai sang several songs with his guitar in the car. At last, he said, "we don't say goodbye, we just say we are at the meeting. I'm glad to meet you during the trip.

Goodbye! Although only a few days, we from strangers to acquaintances, along the way our feelings are very good.

Hard work, guide a Kai, our trip would not be so perfect without you.

Hard, all the way unknown driver master, safe driving.

Thank you for solving the problems in our life.

Dream Bali team:

After takeoff, goodbye to the Indian Ocean ~

Gift from MI airlines to sisi

15: 40 to Singapore and return to Shanghai

I learned a truth at the airport that the farthest distance in the world is only one air ticket.

When young people have opportunities, they must go out for a walk. The experience in travel is life.

come on. Believe in the future, she is beautiful.

Photo thanks:

Hz, gentle and beautiful HBY, happy XJ, super photo taking SJC, lovely SBN, my new goddess Sasha, guide Khai and leader GZQ

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