Bali tourism strategy notes: the king of bird's nest buys and sells fake blood swallow, bird's nest has pictures and truth. Ple

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Published on November 28, 2014 11:38

Whether you are going to Bali or you are going to Bali, please pay attention

Come to the discovery shopping mall on the beach of Kuta, Bali

A bird's nest shop should pay attention to the name of "king of bird's nest". This king of bird's nest sells fake blood swallows. There are pictures and truth about bird's nest

I went to Bali, Indonesia in early October. Bali is a beautiful place

But please pay attention to travel here, do not buy bird's nest in these two places

I would like to make it clear that this is not a peer attack, nor a malicious smear, because it is my own experience

The guide took us into this shop, which sold shrimp slices, spices, mango candy and other local products, but the things inside were really very expensive. The bird's nest was very wet after you bought it, the water content was very high, and the price was more expensive than that in China. Therefore, a guide took you to this shop, and you should never buy the local products and bird's nest

If you want to buy it, go to Carrefour or the convenience store. It's good to buy it here. It's a shame

If the price is so expensive and the quality is not good, there must be a rebate for the tour guide

Also, if you come to Kuta seaside department store discovery shopping mall, this bird's nest shop is the same as the one above. They are all called the king of bird's nest. They all say that the price is the most expensive in the country, but it's the cheapest in the country. You see, they don't have a conscience to sell white swallow with high water content. They also sell the blood swallow that has been reported in the news before

Xueyan is a fake. There is no Xueyan at all. You see how red and frightening their Xueyan are! In order not to let more Chinese people be cheated, write it out to let everyone know how much the boss of this shop has cheated his father,

In addition, the bird's nests in Indonesia are all artificially bred, and the house swallows in the house are not wild cave swallows at all

And these two stores all say that they are wild cave swallows, and Pai Ming is completely killing us Chinese

House swallow when hole swallow in sell even if, still sell that kind of eat will cause cancer of blood swallow, it is God kill of have no conscience

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