Go to Phuket

Go to Phuket

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Published on June 13, 2014 16:14

The setting sun of Jiami

The first time I went to Phuket in Thailand was in September 2012. I was in a hurry. I got the information today and I will leave tomorrow morning.

Reason: a travel agency in Shanghai does a charter flight to Phuket Island. If there is a vacancy in the temporary departure group, it will sell it at a low price, which will not only reduce the loss, but also benefit the tourists. The price was too attractive, so I mobilized Mr. and Mrs. g to participate. Unexpectedly, g was not available, and his wife didn't want to lose this opportunity, so I was short of it.

Two women in a hurry to pack up, natural and unrestrained on the road.

I've always been longing for Phuket. I just came back from Chongqing that day. I had too many things to do, but I couldn't resist the temptation. I finished three manuscripts in one night until the bus to the airport was waiting downstairs.

We set sail in the morning and arrived at wanlun airport after a five hour flight.

The tour guide picked up the plane, took the bus and drove for more than 3 hours to a place called Jiami.

I went out in a hurry and thought I would fly directly to Phuket. Unexpectedly, I met Jiami.

Jiami is located in the southern coastal area of Thailand, with more than 30 beautiful islands off the sea, which has become the favorite holiday destination for European and American tourists.

The time difference between Thailand and China is one hour. It's just more than four o'clock in the afternoon (in fact, it's dinner time in China). The tour guide will send us to dinner first, and then go to the hotel.

The hotel is located at the seaside with elegant environment and spacious and comfortable rooms. When the luggage was placed, the balcony door was opened, and the sky was red. He quickly took the camera and asked his companion to go downstairs to the seaside.

Along the slope, to a beach, there are lonely ships in the distance, there are towering reefs.

All around, everything is quiet, a sunset, so gorgeous, so luxurious.

1、 In the morning, the waiting room of Pudong Airport Terminal 2 is quiet

2、 Five hour flight overlooking Thai territory

4、 Stay in the hotel and enjoy the sunset

5、 Witness the sunset and embrace the sea

6、 Hotel Show

7、 Enjoy, from this moment on

To go out to sea in a swimsuit

On the second day of Jiami, he went out to sea in his swimsuit.

Very romantic, very free and easy.

Take a boat, play on the sea, or swim in the water, or enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Sea, blue intoxicating, sand, fine soft greasy.

Fish in the foot shuttle, people forget to take care of the hands of the camera.

On this day, there were three cameras in close contact with the sea.

Who is to blame? I only complain that the scenery here is too charming.

All the people, like children, enjoy playing.

Forget age, throw away reserve.

Let the mood crazy!

"People are very small in front of the sea, but they can make people broad-minded, life ups and downs, waves surging, if people's hearts are like the sea, all of these are like a few Ding Dong notes on the strings. A piece of soul stirring, waves in the sky, or the clear moon, gulls and sails, all in your band numerous pipe urgent string, cut frustration, soft voice man law to show the elegance and beauty of life( "Casual people"

2. Go with the wind

3. Intoxicating sea area

4. Bird's nest family

5. Charming sand road

I can't remember the names of these islands,

But I remember the quiet blue water, and the sand road between the islands.

When stepping on the soft white sand, from here to there,

Suddenly feel, originally can play the sea like this, can still let oneself so much affection

Boating and throat Island

On the 2nd, Jiami appreciated the charm of the islands in southern Thailand.

On the third day, he left the hotel and left Jiami.

After driving for more than an hour, when driving into a cross sea bridge, the guide told us that he had entered Phuket.

Phuket is bigger than I expected, the guide said it is the same as Singapore.

The roads on the island are well built, and the buildings along the way are a bit old.

The car took us straight to a dock.

Boarded a wooden boat, we splashed along with the side of the boat, and encouraged the spirit of playing.

The sea area along the way is full of small islands of various shapes, which reminds me of Xialong Bay in Vietnam. It's called Guilin on the sea. It's a pleasant sight.

The wooden boat took us to another dock on the sea, got off the boat and took a rubber boat instead.

One boat with two tourists and one boatman. The boat began to move forward, rowing through a water forest, across a stalactite cave, head down to avoid, looking up, a novelty, a pleasure. Detour, shuttle, suddenly came to a bay.

Oh, it's like coming to an amusement park with bumper cars. Tourists in different clothes greet each other, or foreigners are free and easy to let the sun touch.

We also took off our life jackets one after another and couldn't help putting our feet into the water.

The whole journey is about 40 minutes. After landing, continue to transfer to the manned wooden boat and go to the Sea restaurant for lunch.

Phuket has a wide range of fruits with good quality and low price. Before going to the hotel, go to the fruit market to buy fruit. It's really exciting to see the price. I bought mango, paramita and Mangosteen and brought them back to the hotel. The guide shows that any fruit can be taken to the car, only durian must be eaten under the car.

I have never eaten durian before. Unexpectedly, this trip to Phuket Island to eat durian had a good time.

Happy coral island

This trip is very easy. I stayed in Phuket for two days. I woke up naturally every day. After washing, I went to the restaurant and had a buffet breakfast. The restaurant environment is very good, gradually familiar with the tourists, sit together, drink coffee, chat. Then assemble and take the bus.

On the second day after arriving in Phuket, the main attraction is coral island, which is a favorite place for young people, where they can go up to the sky and into the sea; You can find the stimulation of launching into the sea by parachute, and you can get close contact with coral and fish by wearing diving suit. The vast majority of tourists wear swimsuits to embrace the sea and enjoy the delicacy and romance of the Indian Ocean Beach.

Eight years ago, I visited Thailand and went out to sea from Pattaya. At that time, I tried flying parachutes and underwater walking. But this time, the age does not forgive people, I can only silently watch those participants, happy and go, interest and return. The tour guide is very rational. He doesn't force tourists to sign up. Those who don't want to go are free on the island.

I found a beach chair under the tree, facing the sea, lying there, or get up to take photos, or close my eyes. Although the sun is very strong, but under the shade of the trees, there is a cool wind. This time is really comfortable, completely relaxed, full of physical and mental pleasure.

Stayed on the coral island for about four hours (including lunch) and then returned.

1. The bus takes them to a tourist distribution center. After each person gets a life jacket, they take an open car to the seaside and board a motorboat to coral island. Walking on a beach in front of the SAIC, I'm really fascinated by the sea view in front of me!

2. On the coral island, the reception on the island introduces the sea tour items and the charging standards, and plays separately.

3. The tour guide is a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has been soaking in the sea all day. He looks like an African. He said that he likes the sea, when the tour guide is to play the sea. A few times, tourists are on the boat, he is still holding a pair of webbed shoes late, I said to him, who accompany who play? He dragged me to the sea several times, but I couldn't do it. He said you came to Phuket in vain, such beautiful sea water.

Hehe, he was wronged for me. I said, it's enough for me to enjoy the beautiful scenery in person.

Every time I go to the beach, the best thing is to be a mermaid. The youngest mm in the group always acts as his model. The result is very artistic and attracts many tourists to watch and take photos.

(drag me into the water on the island of Kami, the sea has soaked my thigh)

4. The hotel in Phuket is located by the sea. Its design style is mainly blue and white, romantic and warm. Every room is still able to view, like Jiami, which provides free mineral water every day.

The restaurant of the hotel is around the swimming pool. Whether indoor or outdoor, the breakfast time every day is very enjoyable, especially those little sparrows. As soon as you leave the dining table, they fly to share the delicious food with you. It's very funny for a foreigner to run back and forth.

Ice cream, my favorite.

5. There was a red mailbox in the hotel. I still bought postcards and sent them to little curly hair. Since the small curly hair, grandma and grandfather travel, where meet famous scenic spots, all want to send a mood to small curly hair. Whenever I post it to the mailbox, I always imagine that one day, when my grandparents are gone, little curly looks through these postcards and reads their travel experiences and wishes. What a beautiful thing it is!

A good place to go on holiday

Say something out of the question

Once on the subway before the national day, a news appeared in the media video of the carriage: during the national day, Hainan hotels can only reduce prices, not increase prices.

There were two young people standing in front of them. One of them said: it's said that the hotel prices in Hainan are similar to those in the United States. He couldn't say the place name at once.

I can't help interrupting: it's Hawaii. A: Yes! yes!

I can't help but interrupt: instead of going to Hainan, it's better to go to islands in Southeast Asia, such as Phuket in Thailand, Sumi in Thailand, and Bali in Indonesia.

In the face of the coming of the National Day holiday, how many people travel one after another, and how many scenic spots are waiting for you? The domestic tourism situation is more and more sad.

Looking back on the journey of 2012, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River has gone a long way in China. It was the treat of tongcheng.com, enjoying a free travel meal. The rest went abroad three times: Japan in January, New Zealand in April and Phuket in September. Three times of overseas travel, let me more and more appreciate the difference of domestic and foreign tourism environment, also more and more lost confidence in domestic tourism. Those days, I have been paying close attention to the self driving journey of netizens from tourists to the north, because I have passed the line he took and the scenic spots. However, the same is the natural scenery, the same is the backward attractions hardware and software, but the tickets have been doubled. It is said that the ticket price of Jiuzhaigou has risen to more than 300 yuan.

I feel that the Chinese people are really poor. Their living conditions have improved. They are interested in going out of the door, but they have to endure the slaughter of power. Think of in New Zealand South Island, all natural landscape, not only free tour, attractions also equipped with basic facilities for people to enjoy. I think this kind of difference is not only the difference of comprehensive national strength. Once natural resources are manipulated by power and become a meal pot for a small number of people to divide up their interests, how can the money in the pockets of the Chinese people fill in the greed of these people for controlling public resources?

Go back to Phuket. The sea, beach and local tourist reception are enough to pay for your travel expenses. From Shanghai to Phuket or Hainan, there is only the disadvantage of flight time. For me, it's better to fly freely to Southeast Asia than to go to Hainan with anxiety.

The location of the hotel in Phuket is in a concentrated area of tourism and vacation. The hillsides along the coast are full of hotels. The beach in front of the gate is a harbor. There are beach chairs beside the beach. In fact, you can enjoy the sea here without going out to sea.

We are very lucky, when we played all the tour items, it began to rain.

In the morning, when I have nothing to do with my friends, I go to the beach. There are thick clouds all over the sky. The waves beat the sky. I walk on the beach with my umbrella and barefoot. I feel at will. As the netizen xiaosanren described: this scene, get rid of the reserve, into the sea of green waves, it is a physical and mental relaxation and spiritual simplicity, but also a kind of comfortable and enjoyment. No matter who is in front of nature, it is the simplest and simplest. It is the wisest and happiest choice to enjoy the beautiful gift of nature.

In just a few days, Phuket has brought me perfect enjoyment, and I will come again.

Mother and daughter by the sea

Mother in blue

Girl in red

What gorgeous colors

Wave the broom

Moving plough and harrow

Make up for lovely beach

Blue sea

White spray

Full of memories of life

Mother and daughter on the beach

So touching

So the island is more beautiful

Go home to the dawn

Five nights, seven days, night flight home.

When I wake up from a nap, I see the dawn outside the window.

Waiting, can't see the sunrise, but see the rays slowly spread.

Suddenly, the sea of clouds, the golden light.

Heart with the clouds roll, usher in a new day.

Looking at the hazy beach, back to the shore of the East China Sea.

Miscellaneous notes

In addition to blog records of scenic spots, also visited the fairy Peninsula, four Buddha, riding elephant, view

surf the internet

Free WiFi in Jiami Hotel

Phuket Hotel charges, 200 THB 1 hour, 300 THB 24 hours

There's free WiFi in the elephant riding area

Free WiFi in shopping malls

exchange rate

1: 4.5 (exchange with the tour guide) if you can't use it up, you can still exchange it back with the tour guide at this exchange rate

1: 4.6 (local store change)

1: 4.8 (credit card)

Tip record

Jiami 20 THB at sea

50 THB for boating on cut throat Island

Snake show 10 THB

Room tip 20 THB

Driver 60 THB

Total 160 THB, about 35 yuan


Bird's nest Center

Treasure Garden

Snake research center

Leather Duty Free Shop

Cashew nut local specialty

Shopping malls and supermarkets

Shopping is voluntary. It's worth mentioning that the shopping environment is very enjoyable now. If you don't want to see the goods, you can sit in the rest area and drink tea and coffee.

I bought three latex pillows at the leather shopping center, which are suitable for cervical spine and scapulohumeral periarthritis. It's good to use it at home. Buy similar products in Shanghai for more than 1000 yuan / piece. Buy about 665 yuan / piece in Phuket( Can use UnionPay card)

This trip, the camera is not strong, the lens motor of the single lens reflex machine is broken, and it can not focus. Most of the pictures are captured by mobile phone and card suck.

Last team meal, Thai food is a little sour, a little spicy, very tasty.


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