#Inspector's travel notes from the perspective of Philippine Leader

#Inspector's travel notes from the perspective of Philippine Leader

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Published on May 27, 2013 15:48

Philippine long perspective - 10 high definition images

High definition star image of Long Beach Island - taken on an island blackout night

Long Beach Island flour Beach - sensational Friday Beach

Yueliang Bay (my name) is located at the junction of S1 and diniwid beach. Many tourists think it is the end of S1, but they don't know that it is the quiet diniwid beach around this Yueliang Bay

Subversion of vision

The beach in the upper right corner is where I live

My door

I love this kind of clean and pure blue feet

I love the cloud burning in Long Beach (photos with poor effects are taken by mobile phones)

Stay here all the time, so there's no way to write about what Day1 plays and what Day2 eats. I can only write about what I play and what I eat. Let's select by ourselves, and then fill in your own day 12345 according to your preferences.

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As a matter of routine, all sharing only represents my taste and feelings. Let's watch rationally:)


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Boracay Island


Chapter 1 Travel

Chapter 2 accommodation

Chapter 3 eating and drinking

Chapter four Entertainment

Chapter II

Update on November 17, 2012: episode: flight cancellation, return + reissue of stolen passport

Updated on November 22, 2012: Diving field - the first diving in open water (underwater 11.8M)

Update on November 24, 2012: Diving special field - graduation of ow open water diving course (underwater 18m)

Update on November 29, 2012: reissue of lost passport

Update December 5, 2012: phone card purchase

December 18, 2012 update: like this kind of life, I just want to record

Update on January 8, 2013: the promise of a lifetime

Update on January 10, 2013: out of print PADI ow certificate & AOW graduation

Update on January 30, 2013: Beach Tour of Long Beach Island Segway

Updated on April 8, 2013: Philippine apo reef - 9 dives in jixuechuansu, 2 days and 1 night, a recommended diving Resort

Update on May 13, 2013: experience sharing of three Philippine Airlines


Chapter 1 Travel

1. Air ticket

A. Conventional routes: domestic, fly to Manila, fly to caticran or Kalibo.

The biggest advantage of Philippine Airlines is that their tickets are cheaper than those of domestic airlines all the year round. In case of big promotion, they are more cost-effective. They often choose Cebu, Philippine Airlines (Feiying) and Feilong.

In addition, Air Asia has also opened a new way, opening up Hong Kong, Clark and Kalibo.

Note: there is little difference in the price of domestic routes between several Philippine Airlines. If you buy a ticket temporarily, such as one or two days in advance or on the same day, Feilong is generally the cheapest. Manila to Kalibo, sooner or later the price is relatively stable is about 2000p. It's a little more expensive when the time is better. From Manila to cardiklen, you can buy a low price ticket of more than 2000 P by chance, which is stable at 4000-5000 P throughout the year and about 6000-8000 P one day in advance.

Propeller small plane, can sit about 40 people

The experience of taking Philippine domestic airlines is shared. See the following.

Manila airport terminal:

T1 - > T2, about 20 minutes, T2 - > T3, about 20 minutes, T3 - > T4, about 20-30 minutes. Make your own arrangements for the transfer

T1:: Airlines of other countries

T2: Philippine Airlines

T3: Feiying & Cebu

T4: Feilong

There is shuttle bus between each terminal, sometimes it comes slowly, so the transfer time should be reserved as long as possible.

Airport Taxi: yellow is more expensive, the same distance, for example, from the airport to Makati Avenue, yellow car to 400p, white car only about 150P. It is recommended to choose a white taxi as far as possible, and try not to discuss the package price with the driver. It is usually cheaper to ask for by meters.

B. Unconventional routes: Travel Agency charter direct flights, free travel: air tickets + hotels

Shanghai has a long-term charter flight to Kalibo, and there are both Cebu and dragon flights. Can @ easy to come easy to go travel consultation.

Chengdu charter direct flight Kalibo (suwu flight) was originally scheduled to make its first flight at the end of April. As a result, due to the earthquake, the first flight tourists were forced to change places or cancel. It is said that it will recover soon. Chengdu can consult CYTS: 18081135464

On April 10, 2013, Chongqing opened direct charter flights to Kalibo and Feilong. At the end of April, the charter flights that were supposed to open in Cebu were temporarily delayed because of the earthquake. Flying dragon flight has been opened, so it is still in operation. Chongqing can consult: HSBC CITS 023-63732863737500.

Changsha will open direct charter flights to Kalibo on June 10, 2013. Changsha can consult the world of @ yuan and @ kg

2. Transportation: how to get to Long Beach Island

Manila to Kalibo: Flying 50-60 minutes

Manila to cardickland: flight 45-50 minutes

Kalibo → cardiklen wharf: 90-120 minutes by bus

Cardiklen pier > Long Beach Island pier: less than 10 minutes by boat

At the exit of Kalibo airport, you can take bus. When you get off bus, you can get on the dock. The whole process is seamless. People with poor English don't have to worry too much.

3. Visa & Extension

A. Visa application by oneself: travel agencies usually handle tourist visa valid for one month. Most of the travel agencies quoted 420. Later, they found a 350 company, whose address is at exit b of nijiaqiao station of Metro Line 1, and its name seems to be China Merchants travel agency.

Later, I found that @ Asia lianhang.com (Sina Weibo) can apply for Philippine visa for a long time, one month, two months or half a year. The price should be the cheapest I have seen. Later, my friend went to this company for a month's travel visa, 260rbm, which was very fast.

B. Landing visa: holders of valid visa from the United States, Schengen, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries can directly land in the Philippines from a third country, valid for 7 days. If you start from China, you can only enter the Philippines with us visa and the purpose is the Philippines, and the customs will let you out.

C. How to extend the contract locally

If your visa is only valid for one or two months, but you have a lot of time to waste in the Philippines, you can extend it. At present, it seems that the extension of visa on Long Beach Island is the most convenient. On or before the expiry date of the visa, it can be extended for another month or two. The cost of one month is similar to that of a domestic visa, and it can be extended after the expiry date. It's not a big problem how long it can be postponed at most if the certificate has not been copied for half a year. At the same time, you can also apply for an IC card similar to an ID card, which can be used as a certificate. After all, many countries don't like people who have a record of extension.

D. Exchange Peso

a. The Bank of China in big cities in China can exchange pesos, but it is relatively troublesome and usually requires an appointment.

b. Domestic exchange of US dollars, with us dollars to peso. The exchange rate of Manila airport is usually higher than that of the island. If you can change it at the airport, just change it at the airport. If it is exchanged on the island, it is recommended to exchange it at the bank, which is usually higher than the exchange rate of dmall. At present, I think the bank with a better exchange rate is EASTWEST Bank of S1, which has a Chinese signboard: Dongsheng bank. S1 has several banks. Metro Bank and rcbc are neighbors.

c. UnionPay withdraws cash. If you don't exchange peso and U.S. dollars, it's also a good choice to withdraw cash with UnionPay card. When you withdraw cash from the Philippines, no matter what bank, no matter what card issuing bank, the Philippine bank will charge a 200P handling charge for each transaction. Remember that it is collected according to the transaction, not according to the proportion of the amount of money you withdraw( According to a netizen, the ATM of Citibank doesn't charge 200P service charge, but there is no Citibank in Long Beach, only in Manila.) all the banks on the island support UnionPay withdrawal, and the ATM of Manila airport basically supports it, so you can still get the peso when you get off the plane without streaking to the Philippines. I use the gold card of Bank of Chengdu, and the domestic part will not deduct the service charge (Huaxia Bank and Ping An Bank are also exempted from the service charge when they withdraw money from abroad), so the exchange rate should be around 1:6.35 after deducting the 200P service charge of Philippine bank, which is pretty good. After all, the exchange rate of RMB on the island is 1:5. So, don't exchange RMB directly for peso. It's a loss( This is the exchange rate in May 2013, and it seems to have risen later. Cash withdrawal is based on the real-time exchange rate, not constant)

Banks on the island can only take 10000 pesos for each transaction, but Dongsheng bank generally supports 20000 pesos for each transaction.

Outside Manila

The hotel I often stay in Manila is called OMP, which can be determined on the Hostelworld. Manila ranks first. I usually live in an 800p bed. The bathroom is public, with free WiFi and breakfast. The rest area is very comfortable, clean and in good location. On Makati Avenue, there is a Japanese barbecued meat restaurant downstairs opposite OMP, a Chinese supermarket behind the right turn. Next door, there is the most authentic home style Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten abroad. It opened in 2012, mainly Sichuan cuisine, which is quite authentic, What's more, the price is affordable. I used to live here for a week just to eat in this restaurant every day. It seems to be a gathering place for the expatriate employees of Huawei ZTE nearby. There is also a food Square on the opposite side. The opposite side is the noodle dish emperor. There are hot pot and SM supermarket on the noodle dish emperor's floor. It's convenient to buy things. Papaya is the cheapest. A box of less than 20p is expensive for other fruits. I have lived in OMP for four times in half a year. I have hardly met any Chinese. Only for the last time, I saw a few Taiwanese.

If you just come to visit Manila, you don't need to go to the city as much as possible. If you only have half a day or one day, it doesn't make much sense to stay. The urban traffic is congested, and the sanitation of some streets is unsatisfactory, which may be poorer than you think. If there are local friends to play with, you can still go shopping.

If you have to go to the city, go to the mall of Asia. It's very big. I can't go all day, but it doesn't seem like there's anything to go. There are shopping malls in China, right? If you buy Lee and levis jeans, it's OK. It is true that the price is much cheaper than that in China, but there seems to be no big advantage in other areas.


Overlooking Long Beach Island

(if the above information is adjusted or incorrect, please let me know.)


Look at the water and sand in long beach

Shot on S2 Beach

Sunset, iPhone shot in diniwid Beach

Tide, iPhone shot in S1

Pink marshmallow iPhone shot at S1

The first day on the island, on Fridays Beach

Boracay in the rain

Chapter 2 accommodation

Long Beach Island is a place where consumption can be up and down, high and low. There are not only five-star hotels such as Shangri La, which cost several thousand yuan a night, but also simple and unspeakable B & B Hotels with dozens of yuan a night.

Let's talk about the accommodation on Changtan island. Students who have been to other islands in Southeast Asia can easily find that the cost of accommodation on Changtan island is relatively high. After all, Changtan island is an outlying island that is not connected to the mainland. All materials and equipment have to be transported from the mainland. The costs are relatively high. Therefore, the same level of accommodation on Changtan island will be relatively expensive, But the disadvantage of traffic is also her advantage. People who have been here will be fascinated by her blue and sandy beach.

There are no more than several channels for free travel, such as Agoda, shopping.com, Ctrip, etc. We also recommend a local booking website on Long Beach Island, http://www.myboracayguide.com/ , here you can directly search for places with various accommodation conditions on Long Beach Island.

The advantage of these channels is that they can give you more choices. However, it is often reflected that the price of the channel places will be higher than that of walk in. However, as you live in a foreign country, you have no way to order a house in a foreign country. Do you dare to fly directly to walk in? Ha ha, I didn't say that.

Long Beach Island itself is not big. Hotels are mainly distributed on S1, S2, S3, bulabog beach, diniwid beach and the top of the mountain. Puka beach has no hotel, only a small restaurant.

I'll come to some beaches on 8-8 Long Beach Island

Overview: White Beach

The 4 km long pure white beach is located in the west of the island. It starts from diniwid beach and goes down to S3 wharf. I think the best part of the sand is S1, just like white flour. What's more surprising is that this beach is not only long but also wide. Going out to the sea along the beach, it's tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. There are no stones or shells at the foot of the sea. It's still delicate pearly white sand, but the sea water doesn't reach the chest, just like a natural swimming pool. Such a natural wonder is enough to smooth your sadness, take away your fatigue and confusion, leaving only the feeling of enjoyment, relaxation and freedom.

1. Diniwid beach, the building in the picture is Nami hotel. Two years ago, the house price was said to be 400 +, but now it is RMB 1000 +, and there is no breakfast,

Cost performance, hehe.

Compared with other people on the beach, there are not too many tourists here. The guests are the guests of several hotels on the beach, and there are no vendors here. It's quiet, quiet, elegant, high quality, more like a private beach. Personal liking, ranking first.

I live here. I like to watch the sunset at home. It's quiet and beautiful.

In addition, it's recommended to go to West Cove next to Nami, the only hotel on the island that wants to buy tickets. Although climbing the stairs makes people collapse, but

It's worth visiting. It can basically bear the title of fairy tale hotel. The architectural style of Santorini in Greece makes people feel a different long beach. As for whether to live or not, different people have different opinions. The price is also 1000 +, but there is breakfast.

2. S1, below is flour beach, natural swimming pool

This section of sand feels really good. When the light is good, it will be glossy

I love this view of Fridays beach

Some well-known restaurants are mainly distributed in S1, while others are distributed in S2 and S3. The scenery along the way is basically the same. S1 and S2 hotels are relatively convenient to travel. After all, they are very close to the business district, so it's convenient to go out. However, the pros and cons are often accompanied by more noisy troubles. Some people spend more than 1000 yuan living on the main road, but what they enjoy at night is not quiet sleep, but the noisy singing downstairs and the curling barbecue smoke. S3 is relatively poor, not to mention the sand and water. There is no way to compare with S1S2. If you want to find the cheapest accommodation, you can go straight to this section. There are more backpackers and B & B. a friend once found a bed of 300p for one night here. It's just a bare bed, and there's nothing. All the baths are rubbed by friends who stay in the hotel, and the people inside are like tramps. However, on the whole, Long Beach Island is relatively safe. After all, it is a tourist attraction and the people are friendly and enthusiastic.

3. Puka Beach

Puka is on the northernmost side of the island. How to understand this position? If you know that the wharf is at the southernmost side, you can imagine it.

If the white beach in the west is a small jasper, then Puka can be said to be a lady of all families. The whole temperament is quite different from that of white beach.

Puka does not have fine white sand, the sand is rough, but because the main component is shell, so it has a different kind of beauty.

The sea here is more majestic, the beach is more atmospheric, and it's a bit like a harbor. It's windy and stormy. It's better not to snorkel here without professional personnel. The risk factor is very high. There is no accommodation here for the time being. There is only one restaurant. There are some small vendors on the beach, selling some shell accessories, and the workmanship and design are still good.

4. Bulabog Beach

This beach, really, is a paradise for water sports. Seeing that flying kite, I almost knelt down at that time. At that moment, I began to enjoy this sport, the most popular water sport at present - kite surfing. So handsome! When the kite rises, people soar in the air for a week, this kind of sensory stimulation, will let you have a new understanding of sports, too TM enjoyment!

The study time is basically three days and the price is about 20000 pesos. But unfortunately, there is no Chinese coach. If the English of this sport is not very good, it may be a little difficult to learn.

It's just that if you live here, the wind and waves are really big. Sometimes it's the same as typhoon.

Shot with iPhone, you may not see clearly. Many of the kites are from different countries.

This is the charming place of Long Beach Island, which can provide different styles of entertainment, sports and leisure.

5. Peak

I've only been to one hotel at the top of the mountain, Cohiba. No, I don't need to go to another family. In fact, the price of the room is good. There are more than 2000 suites. Sometimes the special price is only more than 1000. The kitchen is well equipped and the scenery is wonderful. It faces bulabog beach, which means the wind is cooler when swimming. It's suitable for families who pay attention to quality. But there is also a problem, that is, transportation. It is quite inconvenient to go up. Basically, you can only rely on the shuttle bus of the hotel when you go out. Basically, you have to charge 200P when you go back to take the tricycle. It should be that the air return fee is increased.


There's so much nonsense in front of us, just to let us know where the hotel we choose is. If we don't choose, we can choose the right hotel according to the characteristics of each place. There are some hotels that basically pick up team guests, and some hotels do their own characteristics. It's better to choose what they prefer.

A. Hotel

Chinese people order more: Regency, fairways, Nami, Microsoft, West cove, crown, paradise, garden, Alta vista, Golden Phoenix, etc. Each grade has its own characteristics. You can read the comments more by yourself.


S3 has many cheap backpack inns, but the conditions and environment are relatively poor. You can search by price on Agoda.

Chapter 3 eating and drinking

A. Chinese Restaurant

Why should we put Chinese restaurant first? You all know that you have a Chinese stomach.

1. Hong Kong Kitchen

Address: S2, outside talipapa seafood market, by main road

Signature dishes: fried crab in typhoon shelter, spicy crab at the bottom of bridge

2. Fujianese in Long Beach

Address: S2, talipapa seafood market

Signature dishes: Spicy boiled crab, Fujian flavor series are good

3. The same song

Address: S3

Signature dish: Beijing flavor series, kebab

The prices of seafood processing are almost the same, which is a little more expensive than that of small shops in the Philippines, but the taste is also slightly better. However, I also had a very good Philippine seafood processing shop. Because it was a local treat, I didn't pay attention to the name of the shop. However, the baked oyster was really delicious and touching. The only thing I remember is that the store is an open kitchen with an oven at the door.


The price of seafood on Long Beach Island is much higher than that in previous years. Please bargain with all the guests from China. The seafood here is really cheap compared with that in China, but it is nearly twice as high as that in other parts of the Philippines. But many Chinese still think it's cheap because it's really cheap compared with China. The buyers of talipapa seafood market are basically Chinese, and foreigners don't buy much, so when you go to buy seafood, you will find that the vendors will communicate with you in Chinese. Let's work hard together and cut down the price. Don't say it's cheap without bargaining.


B. Other restaurants

1. Mang inasal roast chicken shop

There are two best fried chicken restaurants in the Philippines, one is mang inasal, the other is andok's. both of them are in Long Beach Island, just like KFC and McDonald's. If you have me, it's next door. It's located in the center of the d'talipapa market. It's easy to find( Andok's in dmall)

Personally, I think the taste of mang insal's family is better than others. I ordered 124 pesos, less than 20 RMB, and the weight was enough.

The flavor of this roast chicken and fried chicken are completely two levels. Roasted chicken is tasted from outside to inside. It's hard to say that I've never had such a delicious roast chicken, but it's definitely the most cost-effective one at this price. Spicy, please.


2. CAF É Del Sol coffee shop

The address is under the blue light box by the beach of d'mall. According to a coffee master who used to dive, this coffee is better than many brands in China. Everyone's taste is different, so I can't decide what's better. Briefly introduce the method of tasting coffee, suck hard, suck hard, and then look at the wood and feel it.

I ordered a large latte today. It's good with sugar. I think it's milder, smoother and less throat piercing than the coffee I usually drink

3. Juice Bar

Take the only McDonald's on the island as the reference coordinate, walk towards the beach, turn right to the sea after the intersection, and then walk for about 40 meters to see juice bar.

The best time to spend at justice bar is at sunset after five o'clock. You can order a drink and have a free rest on its beach chair. Two bottles of local beer is only 70 pesos, and a little butterfly peanuts is given away, which is equivalent to spending more than 10 yuan. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in one of the best places to watch the sunset on the island. This feeling, you can slowly experience.

4. SMOkE

This shop is very interesting. It's on the right side of the road towards the beach at the entrance of d'mall main road. Its name is quite interesting. Why is it called smoke? Because his family's lampblack is directly on the road, and it's full of smoke at any time (of course, it's a bit exaggerated). It's enough to make a point.

Today, I walked into this shop by accident. I was looking for food nearby at noon. Suddenly, I was very hungry. Within a radius of 100 meters, I happened to see this shop. The business was still very good. There were two tables of Chinese, so I should come here freely. There are also many foreigners.

I don't know if it's delicious. I sat down and ordered a cup of mango shake, 60 pesos. Then sit down and study the menu.

The food is mainly a variety of meals, followed by vegetable salad, soup and drinks. The dish structure is a typical roadside stall.

Take a look at the picture, beef saltical, 100 pesos

Beef bulalo soup, 120 pesos (beef and cabbage soup) looks very good, so I don't hesitate to order it.

In the Philippines, everything is slow. It's normal to wait for a meal for 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks to the Internet, you can play with mobile phones.

After the meal and soup came up, it looked very small. My first reaction was that I didn't have enough.

But in fact, the amount is very large, and I'm still a little full in the end. The taste of beef rice is that the beef is very soft, and the local characteristic pepper is refreshing.

I have to speak for beef and cabbage soup from the bottom of my heart. It's definitely the best beef soup I've ever had in a roadside stall. I was immediately amazed when I took the first bite. It's not salty, it's not thick, it's not clear, it doesn't have the coquettish flavor of beef. Beef is used as beef brisket. It's Stewed very, very rotten, and it doesn't stuff teeth at all. There is no sour and sweet smell of local dishes, which is absolutely in line with the taste of Chinese people. Cabbage crisp raw, a mouthful of meat, a mouthful of soup, a mouthful of vegetables, that kind of feeling, I think.

By the way, this shop is open 24 hours a day. It's amazing. Next time I have a chance to try beef mushroom rice.

(I once met a couple from China when I was eating here alone. Ha ha, it's the reader of my travel notes who recognized me. It's fate, so we took a picture together.)

5. Xiejiaoting milk tea shop

This is a very famous brand in Taiwan. It has just opened. Today, we have a buy one get one free activity. Wax gourd milk tea is really good. A small cup of 75 pesos is great. You can choose the sweetness by yourself. You can also spend 15 pesos plus red beans. Other magic horses. The address is dmall, next to Ferris wheel.

6. Nami Hotel Restaurant

Address: diniwid Beach

Diniwid beach is more tranquil than the crowding and grand occasion on S1, S2 and S3 white sand beach, which can be regarded as a very quiet and secluded place on Long Beach Island. The lift car leading to Nami restaurant is made of hollowed out bamboo, facing the sea. This experience is very special.

By the way, it will shake and make noise:) however, it is still within the range of the human body.

Perhaps diniwid beach has relatively few tourists. Most of the guests who stay in other hotels eat in their own hotels, while other s1s2s3 guests do not come here specially to eat. Therefore, there are not many people in Nami restaurant, which can be said to be very few.

However, this restaurant is also the best restaurant in the Philippines in 2012, which is estimated to be related to view. This reminds me of the most popular peak cafeteria in Queenstown, New Zealand. You can see the view of the invincible Lake in Queenstown. It's amazing.

It's already 10:30 when I get to the restaurant. Breakfast has been collected, but I can order brunch. It's good to have brunch.

Order any brunch and a glass of champagne. It's not enough. Is the empty high champagne too strong in the morning?

(friendly tip: brunch brunch is available from 10:00 to 14:00. In fact, we can have lunch. If it is a single point, it will be more expensive. If you want to eat enough, it will cost more than 1000 P. Sometimes, when you say brunch at noon, the waiter may say that there is no more. Then you can remind him that your brunch is available until 14:00, and then you can have it.)

A set meal of more than 600 pesos can be served for two people, and rice can also be added. All consumption includes tax, but there is a 10% service charge.

The taste is OK

This is overexposed. The white part on the left should be the beach and the sea.

7. Arirang Korean Restaurant

Address: S1. When I left, I asked the boss for a business card, and Po came up by the way, so as not to describe it.

There are many Korean tourists on Long Beach Island, so Korean restaurants are a must. If I guess correctly, the owner of this restaurant is a Korean Chinese who can speak Korean, Chinese and English. This shop offers all kinds of Korean cuisine that you are familiar with.

If there are two of you, I suggest you order 2 pork (600 pesos each)

Order another soup, great taste (300 pesos), two bowls of rice (50 Pesos a night). Then there are six kinds of spectacular dishes around. They are all given away. It seems that they can be added for free, and they can be very full.

According to my taste, it's really good, delicious, at least much better than the local Philippine food.

Chinese cabbage must be bright! What are you doing? It's a meat bag! It seems that there is lettuce on the island, so cabbage is used instead.

To be honest, it's delicious. The thick white part on it can be broken off. It's very delicious to roast with streaky pork.


Address: S1 beach, behind Notre Dame reef, there is door 1 on main road

Today, I found out that I didn't write Jonah's before. The best is mango shake. It is recommended to add bananas and milk. One cup is enough for two people. If you order pure mango shake, the highlight is not very big.

If you're a vegetable control, another chopsuey vegetable platter is recommended. It's enough for two people, with rice. It's only over 200 pesos

9. Sbarro

Location: dmall is about ten meters to S2, white beach

The new restaurant opened a few days ago has a good environment, air conditioning, good location and affordable price. It's the best place for losers.

The main business is pizzas. They are sold in small pieces. Each piece is more than 100 pesos, which is enough for one person.

Or order a chicken leg, it's not expensive, the price of things in the store is about one or two hundred pesos.

And spaghetti, with two big meatballs, tastes good.

My favorite fruit salad is 118 pesos. I ordered two.

10. Taiwan snacks

The address is not easy to describe. The landmark building is the alley beside the basketball court on S1 main road on the island. When you go in, you find the boss to take a leaflet. The detailed address is as follows.

This one is really recommended. It's the best choice for another loser. In fact, the environment is very high, rich and handsome. Just look at this chair. It's made of solid wood and flower carving. It's quite a few w in China!

But the price is really cheap. Because it's really cheap, I photographed all the menus.

The food ordered this evening is as follows: (it's no different from the amount on the menu

Noodles!! Noodles!! Noodles!!! I have to applaud for this. It looks simple, doesn't it? I didn't look it in the eye when I brought it up. When you mix the noodles well, take a breath. It's amazing. I don't like noodles so much. They all think it's delicious! And the marinated egg is also very good. It should be marinated with great effort. The yolk and protein parts taste very uniform and delicious.

How about dumplings? The weight is good. Maybe because I've already eaten scallion cake and noodles, I'm full and I don't think the dumplings are so amazing. It seems that I would prefer the dumplings in Hong Kong kitchen, that is, the dumplings specially provided by the dumpling shop.

However, this dip is very good. Originally it was made with soy sauce. Later, when I ordered a spicy dish, I came to this dish.

By the way, add this seasoning to the noodles. It's delicious!

After finishing the meal, it seems that I only paid 388 pesos, with a 20% discount. It should be considered as an activity of opening ceremony.

But how long can it last? I asked the waiter and said I didn't know ~ ~ ~ ha ha

By the way, the service of this company is the best I have seen on the island.

From the moment you step into the yard, you can clearly feel that the employees' mental outlook is different from that of other families. They are very warm and polite, which will remind you of the word "well bred". The boss is Taiwanese, so he took over the shop and worked with the hotel nearby. The exchange of a few words, very sincere businessmen. At dinner, the boss will come to ask if it tastes good. That's all. Even the waiters will take the initiative to ask you how you feel. The number of waiters who can have this sense of service is almost zero on Long Beach Island, and they will send you to the gate when you go out. This feeling is very special and worth recording!

This one can take away all the time. There is no service charge. It's the same price as in the store( But it's suggested to give a symbolic tip to the waiter. After all, you've saved the transportation expenses.) now you can order by wechat

11. Cyma Greek Restaurant

The food on Long Beach Island is really good. The famous mainstream restaurant cyma is located in dmall. Be sure to order the signature dish lamb chop. If you don't eat it, it means you didn't go to this store. A lot of people take the strategy to eat that flame XX, I think it's more general, it's just fun to watch. Barbecue mutton is also good, steak or vahalla slightly better. Whether the price is moderate or not depends on what you order.

12. Valhalla Nordic Restaurant

The disorganized translation of foreign Chinese menu is too messy, such as the menu of Valhalla restaurant in dmall. Foreign boss quibbled that it was translated directly by Google. Sweat to death. I ordered a steak, Texas rib eye, authentic Australian beef, with fried potato 900p. Later I learned that it was a top 1 item. Yes, it was the best steak in recent months.

Later, I have been there several times. It seems that I can play unsteadily occasionally.


Address: S1

Pig's feet and pork chops are really wonderful. They are loved by students who love eating meat. I can't find the picture. Now I think of the pig's hoof, I'll be greedy. However, it's easy to get tired of eating a few mouthfuls. Friendly tips, if there are not many people, just order small portions. As long as you don't regard meat as your life, small portions are almost enough for three or four people.

14. Stack together

Location: S2, seaside, near McDonald's

In fact, the taste of this one is really good. In this area, the price is not high, but it is not low. There are branches in Manila Chinatown. You can have Cantonese dim sum, Chinese menu and fried rice. Yangzhou fried rice tastes good. There are also sweets such as Yangzhi manna, which can be eaten. The air-conditioning is sufficient. It's not very popular. The scenery is good.

15. Korea

Location: next to Boracay Garden Hotel

This family's stewed chicken soup is very good, 800p set meal, a small pot, with a pot of chicken, Korean pickles and other snacks, also send a vegetable salad and noodles, three people can eat very full. In fact, the cost performance is good, and the taste is good. If you want to make up for it, you can try it. There are more Korean guests.

16. Others

Ole, I was forced to eat this Spanish paella with my friends. 700p paella, it looks ok, taste, ha ha.

In addition, people who have a strategy will go one by one, such as yellow cab pizza shop. In fact, it's OK. (the advantage is that you can take out. If you don't want to go out in the rain, you can call, and there's a 7% extra charge for take out.), As for the taste, I think shakes is no worse than this one.

And Hawaii BBQ, like to eat meat is OK, don't like to eat swollen love ah.

And tin ice cream. I didn't eat it once. When you want to eat, you don't have it. When you have it, you don't want it. Ah.

These stores are often visited, and I have been to them once or twice, but those whose locations are not so easy to find are too lazy to write.

The main recommendation for eating is cost performance. If you like high-end western style, you can go directly to Shangri La buffet bar, 1800p / person. In fact, the price is OK, right.

There's another reason. I didn't take any pictures when I went to eat. Another reason is that I didn't bother to organize the pictures. Another reason is that the network is not good and I can't transfer the pictures.


Chowhound: I want to spend so much money on eating and drinking for myself: (make complaints about food is really sad.


Chapter four Entertainment

A. Various water entertainment activities:

Parachute 15 min, 800-1000 P / person

Motorboat 30min, 700-900p

Flying fish for 15 minutes. I don't remember. It needs to be verified

Jumping off a cliff for half a day, 1500-1600p

B. Island hopping Tour

I took part in a one-day trip to Tiao island. Recently, the weather is not bad and the waves are not big, so I went to Crystal Island.

Price: I joined with some uncles and aunts from Shanghai, and spent 1400 pesos (including shrimp and crab, excluding 700p).


*Start at 10 a.m. and get on the ship at S3 wharf. It's a big ship. You can take ten or twenty people.

*After about ten minutes by boat, we arrived at Angol point and began snorkeling. Stay for about an hour. The water in this place is not deep, about one to two meters away. There are corals, sea urchins and various colorful tropical fish.

*After snorkeling, I took a boat for a short time and went straight to Crystal Island.

Because Crystal Island is not available every day, the tour fee does not include Crystal Island tickets. The ticket price is 200 pesos. You need to pay extra. Crystal Island if there is a chance to go up, it's really good. The whole island is very exquisite, with restor and cave. One of them has to go up and down stairs from the ground to a rock under the water. When the waves are big, the sea water will directly wash the rock and step on the water with both feet. The impact of this natural force is very shocking. The so-called drop in the ocean, as all living beings are small, is this kind of feel.

But apart from this cave, there's nothing else to see. If you want to go to the island, you should weigh it according to your preference.

*After staying on Crystal Island for 1 hour and 20 minutes, take a boat around Long Beach Island for half a circle and arrive at diniwid beach in the north for lunch buffet. My tour fee includes seafood, one crab and three shrimps. To tell you the truth, it's not too big, but it tastes good. It took me more than ten minutes to chew a crab down. Because it's very fresh seafood, and it's white. There's no fancy seasoning. It's sweet in the mouth. I really like it. The buffet is also very rich, including fish, chicken, vegetables, kebabs and fruit. I had a decent lunch on long beach.

*After lunch, I went snorkeling again in the afternoon. This time I went to Coral Garden. The depth is about six or seven meters. There are NiMo underwater, soft corals and sea anemones. You can still watch them when the weather is good.

*About 40 minutes after snorkeling, you will go back to your home. When you go back, you will pass Puka beach and Shangri La. You can enjoy it on board.

Back to terminal S3, about 4 o'clock.

This day is still more pleasant and more awesome.

Postscript: if you play Island skipping tour in other places, you don't need to play it over and over again. The process is too flat. Another problem is that it's quite dry! Long Beach Island is a crab boat, not closed, many guests reflect that it's easy to get sunburned at the end of the day. Some island hopping tours have sea fishing itinerary. I really don't recommend sea fishing. It's not an environmental protection activity. Let those lovely marine creatures stay in their own environment.

C. Sailing sunset

The first time I played with a couple of young people in Beijing who proposed to me underwater (not the Shanghai couple).

PS: the price is 800-1500 pesos. A boat can do 4-8 people at most. It's better to fight, otherwise you don't have many people, and the boatman still wants charge you so much money( Some NB customers can get 500-600p a boat, and the success rate can't be verified. This information can be used as a reference.)

Again, it's better to bargain in the off-season. The process of sunset sailing project is as follows:

*S1 beach on board, the general boatman will meet with you in advance, and then send you on board.

*The sunset on Long Beach Island is around 5 o'clock in winter and 6 o'clock in summer., So time must be arranged. However, if you are a little late, you will be lucky to see the burning clouds after sunset and the feeling of black and white alternation before dark. Feel is different, in short, there will be harvest.

*The time on the sailboat is about 30-40 minutes.

Let me talk about my personal feelings. It's my first time sailing. It's very strange. When I first got to long beach, I saw a bunch of sailing boats on the sea. I thought it would be harmful to the sea view and cause pollution to the sea area. Today, after a close observation, I realized that I had been worried too much before. The advantage of sailing out to sea is that it's easy to create a romantic feeling. The most valuable thing is that there is no pollution. I'm very satisfied with that. I d

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