[precipitation, docking, madness] - to our "Philippine long" sail sunset appointment (Introduction to Boracay Island

[precipitation, docking, madness] - to our "Philippine long" sail sunset appointment (Introduction to Boracay Island

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Published on May 6, 2014 10:39

It's the annual travel schedule season, and the May day trip is temporarily changed from Dubai to Long Beach Island in the Philippines. Apart from the asymmetry of the original plan, the most important thing is that it has no resistance to the palette of tropical countries. Even if the Philippines is in political turmoil, Manila continues to have shootings, even if the road is full of twists and turns, and there is no cultural destination on the island.

Vacation in the heart of the rare parking pigeon, that is, empty, in a daze, far away from running around, far away from shopping, far away from the greasy city feeling, by the way, you really don't have to stop. So even if the recent air crash makes people afraid, they also want to fly; Even if you don't like water, you also like the sea. Even if you just sit and walk in front of the sea, you will lose your sense of superiority. When you feel small, your heart will be bigger, and your vision will be wider and you will be more humble.

Every time I go out for a walk, the precipitated words are like reminiscence of the heart wave spectrum at that time. Over time, they become a good way to fight against stupid brains. They have not only floated, but also come deeply. When 100 people go to a place, they will have 100 different experiences. Unexpectedly, they insist on it. Many friends begin to ask me for strategies and texts. The forum will also make headlines, and there will be solicitations. So it's also a pleasure to come back to write, just like experiencing the second weekly tour.

There is no most beautiful corner in Boracay, but every most beautiful corner constitutes the whole Boracay. The seven kilometer bone shaped coastline is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. More than 100 hotels are scattered on the shore with different characteristics. It's as if it's a gathering of sea lovers from all over the world, not an island where one out of 7107 countries is floating.

After 14 hours, the journey was full of twists and turns. When I saw the beach, it was all back to zero. It was a beautiful place. It was not easy to reach. The sun is crueler than you think, and the shade is harder to find than vegetables. If you are afraid of tanning here, you will lose the significance of this line. Dark skin is the medal of everyone who has been here, and it is also a hug to Long Beach Island. Just be careful not to get sunburned.

Every day before going out, 80 times sunscreen pours out, casting mud on the body is also a kind of fun. On the first day I came here, I still had some resistance to the sun burst. From the second day, I began to adapt to the ultra-high temperature and the sun without shelter.

Xiao Hei will come out from all directions to sell sun visors, sunglasses and waterproof bags for mobile phones. Then there's a fun scene of bargaining. Every transaction you make will be recorded on the fine sand like flour. He draws 750p, you erase 150P, he changes it to 500p, you continue to paint 150P, until his number from 750, 500, 400, 350 finally compromises to your 150P. Xiao Hei sighs and shakes his head, you nod, and your sense of accomplishment is turbulent. This is a paradise for bargain makers. Therefore, the "sand painting" bargain is also a big landscape in long beach. Xiaohei doesn't bargain.

That's the first day, when I went back to the hotel to have a rest, I was so excited that I didn't hold my mobile phone, and the screen was on my face. There are a lot of short stories in this trip, which should be dedicated to Boracay.

From S1 to S3, the two roads are interlinked. The "outer ring" road is for vehicles to pass. Generally, there are parking stations in the middle of the road. There are no big cars in long beach. Tutu is the most convenient means of transportation. But traffic congestion is also very common. Tutu cars often line up and crawl. Sometimes a small Tutu is crowded by carpoolers and is about to fall apart. No matter how many people it carries, it is 60p-100p (yellow and blue) one way. Therefore, drivers are very welcome to charter buses. The fewer people, the more fuel-efficient. We also took a rickshaw, 70p one way.

If you have strong legs and feet, it should be OK to walk back and forth from pier 1-3 every day. Because you have to stop and go, eat and drink. During the day, there are many vendors selling small gifts and businesses doing activities on both sides of "inner ring Bank Road" in long beach. They will also hold passionate beach volleyball matches, which are very lively. When you feel dizzy in the sun, stop and have a shake, mango, watermelon, coconut, mixed, or find someone facing the sea, drink some wine and listen to the waves.

If you want to get wet, go to the sea. The fine sand gently rubs the sole of the foot, and the small fish of various colors will wrap around their knees everywhere in the shoal, and even kiss your toes, itching but don't want to retaliate with bare hands. While wading through the clear water, you will take a lot of steps, but it is difficult to get waist deep. Don't complain that the road is too long. When you get here, you have to listen, watch and walk slowly. Look at the sacred virgin reef shining in the sea for a while, but floating on the beach at sunset, the coast of ebb tide can move far, far, far away, so that people forget to have passed.

A travel magazine once told a story about stars and Long Beach Island.

In the summer of 2004, a middle-aged man came to Long Beach Island alone. He stayed in the hotel every afternoon except for swimming in Puka beach at the west end of the island for an hour. On the third day, when he walked out of the hotel gate, he was recognized by a group of Hong Kong tourists. It turned out that he was Luo Dayou, a musician hiding in Long Beach Island, composing his new album "beautiful island". Perhaps in his eyes, Long Beach Island is a dead village, which can see the vicissitudes of life and bury the sadness, so he wrote the sad lyrics: "after parting at dusk, we will meet at the bottom of the fault, tear eyes on the beautiful island, and cry for you." Just like a kind of tears blown out by the sea breeze, it comes from happiness.

Reading the sunset -- chasing the light of the world

After a day's sightseeing, I feel hungry and tired. The sun's exposure turns into a golden slant, crossing the sea and Jinsha. The sky looks like gold. The color of my skin becomes the best. The most wonderful drama of the day will be staged soon. At 17 o'clock every night, the pace on Long Beach Island begins to change from idle to tight, and all people will be on their way towards S1, which is like the grand scene of a walking race. In fact, it is a wonderful moment when people rush to see the light of the world disappear.

Big red sun is very naughty. It takes only 20 minutes from mid air to falling into the sea. When he is exposed to the sea in his vision, he disappears in a flash, and the sand beach is wrinkled, leaving a touch of haze as a sketch in the world. However, this short 20 points can inject wonderful energy into people's body and mind.

Reading the splendor of the setting sun, although there are some sadness in my heart, I am more moved. I am moved that even before the most energetic sun in our universe disappears, it is also beautiful beyond words. If you lie down in the unpowered sail and go to the sunset together, you will have a deeper feeling of participating in this scene. You can think this way, you can think that way, and you can think nothing at all.

Sunset is the dividing line between white beach and nightlife. When the setting sun is beautiful, tables and chairs have been set on the beach, and restaurants and bars are ready to welcome guests. The breeze is beautiful. There is no more baking in Zhengyang. Listen to music and enjoy a beautiful seafood dinner. The colorful sky is the ceiling above your head. Nature's massage makes every nerve relax.

Island hopping: sea fishing, snorkeling, garden barbecue

Because I had made an appointment for the trip in advance, I boarded the crab boat at 9 a.m. the next morning and went to sea. Because April is the "midsummer" in the Philippines, the air and water are relatively stable, and the crab boat will not have too much ups and downs when it jumps to the island and travels deep into the water. However, the fellow travelers are still seasick, so they can only find a fixed point far away from the mountains.

The boat was about 7 meters deep, and the most anticipated sea fishing began. According to ponny, our diving leader, the small sea fish are very smart and difficult to catch. Sea fishing is a rolling line, which is just a fishing line. Put the shrimp meat on the hook, and the setting out is about 5 meters, and the line is completely closed.

The fish line will shake at the fingertips from time to time, indicating that the small fish are feeding. At this time, they need to draw the line quickly, and then pull it up. Most of the shrimp are eaten and run away, and the hook is still there. After 45 minutes of sea fishing, only three people in the whole boat got something. I still had a sense of accomplishment for successfully defeating two small fish (one pair of fish and one smoking fish). However, when I was excited, I fed the visual Savior (my 450 degree myopia) to the sea, but the people who were used to it were quite calm. After enjoying, the fish was put back to the sea.

The boat went on about 50 meters to a coral garden. I put on my life jacket and went directly to the sea. The undercurrent under my legs was strong. I felt very different from the previous snorkeling. I was very buoyant and a little afraid. If I didn't catch the rope or stand upright to step on the water, I would be driven away by the waves. Just jumped a group of people, as if overturned the ship in general, either holding pole or grasping rope, the scene is humorous. Finally, he managed to keep his balance. He put on a breathing tube and plunged into the sea. His mask was filled with water, and he was choked with a mouthful of salty water.

After landing on crocodile Island, I enjoyed a simple seafood meal in the mid levels garden. There was a lot of scenery everywhere. I took photos to show my mercy. I watched the Filipino children diving (you can throw coins to them, they will dive into the bottom to get the coins back). When I got back on the boat, the black boy saw that I had coins in my hand, so he came to grab them all, only half of them were finished, I'm hiding, throwing and shouting Hey guys! jump! That's why there's tumbling and puffing

You should also pay attention to that some children hold some hand-made fabrics for you to buy. If you don't buy them, they will throw them into your hands and say it's free for you. If you don't want to buy them, don't take them. Just like those people at the foot of the grand Wutai Mountain who say they don't need money to give you Zen objects, you should be besieged by the price and miss the return time.

Seafood: cutting price and making full use of energy

At the end of most of the day, I went to d'talipapa in the alley next to Regency, the second wharf, to buy seafood. Before I found out the price, I didn't get slaughtered when I bought fresh prawns, green crabs and groupers. Xiaohei's quotation was beyond the mark. Grouper's quotation was 3600P. We immediately took out the mobile phone report to compare the price, and the price dropped to 1800p, And then accept a lot of room to bargain. The crab we bought: 600P / grouper, 500p / live prawn, 400p / seafood, a total cost of 2500p (RMB 300 yuan)

Today, the seafood market is no longer weighed, but sold by individual. So don't patronize the bargain, but also take good care of their smart little black hands. Don't change the live big ones you choose into small ones. When we buy Live Prawns, little black hides the basket to the other side of the scale and hides one of the small ones under the first big one we choose. Although I'm blind, I can't deceive my sixth sense, Immediately let him take it out for a big live one.

In fact, frozen seafood is also very fresh, there is no big difference, and the price is still a little different. In my opinion, lobster is nothing special, except lobster pickled rice is good, other practices are general, let alone sea urchin, there is no meat, oysters are now extremely hot weather, even if cooked can not be sterilized, people with a bad stomach should be careful. So this time we mainly focus on crabs and prawns, and squid from the Philippines is also very delicious. Basically, every meal is specially involved.

If you choose the original seafood, you can find a place to process it. There are several shops around the market. One of them is in Changtan (shenru). The shop is very big. Because of tired walking, he went in to blow the air conditioner directly. The crab processing fee is 250p per gram, which is not enough to be charged according to the full gram. Daming prawns made with pepper and salt are not bad. The first time the crab is going to be steamed, the second time the curry is going to be steamed with oil, and the grouper is going to be steamed with 320p vegetables, The total processing fee is 1340p (processing fee is 990p, and 140 RMB). The taste is ordinary, and there is no difference between home cooking and eating. According to my friend's introduction, the Hong Kong kitchen on the island is very good. After shopping, there are only a few restaurants in the alley behind the seafood market. The popularity is also very good, and the processing fee is low. But later we patronized to find restaurants to eat finished products, and did not go to the seafood market to choose from.

Restaurant recommendation: try the food with your body

After personal trial, Jonah's Fruit Shake, Gary's Grill, Shakey's, Ole, andok's, Paradise Garden buffet, Obama bar and crazy are recommended for pigeon's limited belly. One is smoke (flame cheese + beef bone soup) and the other is the self-service of Shangri La Hotel and the well received sea view meal of Nami diniwid beach.

Every chicken on the island is delicious. I once heard that the common people in Philippine chicken look like peacocks, but this trip is a first-hand experience. At the top, they look like fighting chickens. They are very strong, but the lambs look like dogs( Without glasses, it's hard to distinguish between people and animals, not to mention sheep and dogs.)

Jonah's Fruit Shake: it's the most famous and delicious place on the island to make shakes, not to mention, in S1.

Shakey's: I recommend pizza and fried chicken, but I don't like pancakes very much, but his family's thin crush pizza and fried chicken are delicious, and there are many kinds to choose from. Pigeons choose shrimp and Mashroom with light taste, and his advertising list is also very interesting. Ice drinks are no longer Mango shakes. Cucumber and lemon mixed with ice sand are super delicious, and I have two tall cups as soon as I pour them into my stomach, Quench thirst, heat and greasiness.

Gerry's Grill: This is the restaurant that my husband and I repeatedly selected on our first night in long beach. His barbecue is very delicious, especially the spicy fried chicken. The skin is crispy, the meat melts in the mouth, and more than ten pieces are dried instantly. This meal is hard, except meat is meat, take advantage of the freshness, eat special. His family's main product is a grilled pork, which is not a big surprise for me. We also ordered a roasted tuna, and a meat kebab, and finally we got tired after eating. The restaurant will add 12% service charge (two plus bid).

Ole: all the people who come to Long Beach know this restaurant. The paella for 2 people is already super large. Mr. Dawei and I also ordered a mixed seafood, until the stomach wall became thinner. Ole's paella has a total of eight different flavors. Because it can't accept the visual heavy taste, the black one with cuttlefish and purple rice can't be imported. Choose Valencia white rice (Valenciana) + a variety of seafood and vegetables classic basic style. There are three kinds of paella, with the price of 2 people (php685), 4 people (php1295) and 6 people (php1905). If you want to order other meals, it is suggested that two people can serve three people. The menu price includes tax, and 10% service charge is added.

Andok's: it's a good place to eat chicken on the island. It's very famous. It's recommended to roast chicken. If it's for supper, half of it is OK. We have a rest in the hotel at night. Suddenly we want to have more food, so my husband goes out to eat. His barbecue sauce is really delicious. The second time we tried fried chicken, which was not as fragrant as roast chicken.

Paradisegarden buffet: evening barbecue buffet, including curry crab and squid with barbecue sauce, is very delicious, as well as various desserts, sushi, dishes, fruits, etc. the truffle chocolate ball is very delicious. The price is very real, 550p per person, give a cup of iced lemon black tea.

Obama Grill Restaurant & Bar: a restaurant across from S1 beach + bar, full at any time, good price, stop at the residence. Sit at the bar and order a small glass of wine. Let's enjoy the sunset with a clear heart.

Crazycrepes ice cream: there are croissants and ice cream, delicious choco flavor ice cream, with chocolate balls on the top and all kinds of crisps and cream on the bottom. I ate it twice, but I didn't have enough room for my stomach. Halowich is also very famous, but it's too much to eat.

In addition to the above, we also ate aria and seabreeze buffet. Although aria is very famous, the food doesn't have a bright spot, and the price is not ordinary. The pizza is very salty, and the cream pastry has a lot of water. Anyway, don't try it if you haven't been there. Here are some pictures:

Seabreeze: This is the restaurant in front of rengency. The buffet dinner is 750p for everyone. I really don't think it's as good as paradise garden. Except for oysters and shellfish, I'm not interested, because there are no curry crabs and squid. But it's fun to watch the chef dance the flame group dance. It makes people drag their food and dance with them. Besides, the desserts are not exquisite enough.

Some people say how to go to long beach. Even if you don't arrange it, it's worthwhile to stay at the dock every day. The next day after sea fishing and snorkeling, we arranged a go kart on Lohu mountain in the afternoon of the third day. In the morning, I sat along the coast of Long Beach Island, looking for Xiao Fei to make a special braid. Two people haggled the price to 400p, preparing for the Philippine style armed forces to go up the mountain.

In 15 minutes, the kart will drive to the top of Luhuo mountain, which is 100 meters above sea level. Stop to have a panoramic view of Long Beach Island, and have a panoramic view of the whole lazy bone. Take advantage of the wind and have a cup of coconut shake. It's delicious!

There is a small zoo near Luhuo mountain. There are boa constrictors, lizards, black widow, poisonous spiders, parrots, wild cats, and some strange creatures who can't name. It's not interesting to walk around for 10 minutes. As for taking photos with animals, I had a brave animal photo story when I was 20 years old. I'm not very interested in this journey.

The legendary Puka sell beach is the next destination. The beach is full of broken corals and super small shells with holes. You have to walk in shoes, or the soles of your feet will suffer. If you want to find the unique marine life is quite difficult, the vision is suck, and look for several unique coral stones, and then they return to the government. I love the West Coast more, and the scenery and facilities are better than the North Beach.

On the fourth day, she got up at 5 a.m., walked out of the hotel and went directly into the sea. The quiet coastline was like a girl who had just woken up from her sleep, while the sea water, which was close to her through blue, was like a shoulder, warm with people immersed in the sea. Play with small fish, live with seaweed, and swim with your toes in the fine sand of the sea. You don't have any secrets in this sea. At least the clouds and the sky will give you a panoramic view.

After playing for 2 hours, I went back to the hotel, closed the curtains and had a sweet sleep. When I woke up again, the sun was shining out of the window, and the day's high temperature activities would start again.

In order to wash away fatigue, I found a good massage near S2, but I forgot the name of the store. In the spa, the reddish light and the smell of coconut essential oil make people sleepy and happy. Fei Ma's technique is moderate, which is not as fierce as the Thai mother-in-law who graduated from the massage department of severed wrist college. An hour passed quickly, and the soft music made people a little homesick. She gave Fei Ma a 100p tip. She was covered with oil and didn't take a bath, so she went out to bask in the sun.

I bought a floating ball in talipapa of e'mall to play in Shanghai, but it was pushed to the deep sea and engulfed by the waves before I took two shots. After dinner, hats and sunglasses were also offered to the beach. This time, I'm really spending money to lose things~

The rest of the time, basically sitting on the beach in a daze, counting the stars, or drinking sand ice, with the ears to find a good resident singing, and then stop, sing, return, continue in a daze.

On the 4th night of the 6th, I felt that the time had slowed down. After half a degree, I felt that the time was speeding up, driving back all the previous slowness. During the trip, we met two Filipino brothers (dingdong and Darwin). Before we left, we bought 10 photos from dingdong's camera, one 120P. All in order to thank them for their hard work, the total amount was less than 200 yuan.

Ding Dong said that Filipino girls like rich people, but they don't like simple people. In the face of such a quiet and hardworking young man, he and his husband have become conversational, talking about childhood, partners, life and work. My husband finally gave it to him: bliss you find the loved, two people affectionate hug, we went into the waiting hall, ready to go back to embrace Beijing's seven or eight strong winds.

Hand letter, you can go to d'mall to collect all, 88 and 7d dried mangoes, and don't forget the super delicious crispy banana chips (too little, too much, too much, too much more delicious than domestic). For girls, hand-made fruit soap, refrigerator stickers, coconut oil and key chain are OK.

I've just finished this game, and I'm looking forward to the next line. As the saying goes, reading, traveling, body or soul, there is always one on the way.


Change currency

Originally, I made an appointment with BOC in China to exchange 4000 RMB for peso in the Philippines, but when I went to BOC that day, I was told that the appointment had failed, so I directly exchanged 600 US dollars with me. I didn't expect that this episode made the exchange rate more cost-effective. When I got off the plane, I changed all the US dollars into pesos (exchange rate 44.3) in the exchange hall of karibo airport, equivalent to 1:7 of RMB to pesos (about 6.5). The U.S. exchange rate on Long Beach Island ranges from 41 to 44, depending on the exchange rate of the day. There are currency exchanges on d'mall and S1-S3 shore lines. Although caribo is more cost-effective, it is not much lower on Long Beach Island. It is most cost-effective for the transfer comrades to exchange peso in Manila. Don't forget to ask Xiaohei to find some 20 coins for you, because tips can be found everywhere. Although coins can't tip, they can be used for children.

Traffic guide

Most of the passengers who go to long beach are transferred from Manila by Philippine Airlines and Cebu airlines. Feilong airlines, the third largest airline in the Philippines, opened many direct flights to caribo in the previous year. However, it was shut down due to safety violations last year. Later, it was acquired by Air Asia and had zest charter direct flights.

Friends who didn't want to stay in Manila have described the twists and turns of the turnaround. Manila has not been peaceful recently. The Philippines believes in God (unlike Thailand, which believes in Buddhism, has little politics and tourists are safe), and has free firearms (guns can be bought for 1000 + RMB). Therefore, despite the attraction of Spanish cultural relics in Manila, the consumption price is much lower than that of long beach, When wandering on the street, the danger will also make people worried, so they don't hesitate to choose direct flight. But there is one thing. Zest charter flights are not sold separately. Airlines give them all to travel network and travel agencies. Therefore, we also place orders directly from travel network. The itinerary includes direct round-trip air tickets, 4-day accommodation, and an additional one-day trip to sea, with a total of 6300 per person.

If you book a special ticket for connecting flights (no special ticket for direct flight) on Cebu and Air Asia websites, you can get a round-trip ticket of more than 1000. It's very suitable for poor travelers who don't choose the time. You can place an order on booking and my Boracay guide. Some hotels don't have to pay a deposit in advance, so the price is quite cost-effective, When we chartered the plane, we directly placed an order for the bundled sands Sands Hotel (which is highly praised for its high cost performance. It is located in S3. The biggest advantage is that it is far away from noise and very quiet. The inconvenience is that it's far away from S1. You can call Tutu when you go out, which is equivalent to RMB 600-900 a night. The facilities are not luxurious, but it's very clean. The room is spacious and faces the beach. You can live in S2 if you like the excitement, and S1 if you follow the high end)

Let's take a look at the Jinsha hotel from the screenshot of booking:

Price and room type:

The routes of direct charter flights are as follows: Beijing - karibo (Airbus 320 red eye flight for 4.5 hours), karibo - kadykelan Wharf (bus for 2 hours, if you are carsick, take medicine in advance), kadykelan - Long Beach Island (sailing for 15 minutes, there are Filipino maids on and off the ship, If you think this is too difficult, you can imagine that you have to stay in Manila for one day and then take a propeller plane or feeder plane for one hour to arrive at caribo or cardiklen airport.


Air Asia and Cebu are both low-cost airlines. They don't provide blankets, food and drinks (if necessary, buy 999p blankets and 300p meals). The safety doors of zest are in rows 1, 12 and 13. The seats are slightly loose. Other normal seats are very compact. The knees of men over 180cm are tightly pressed against the front armchair. If you want to be loose, take z2845 Z2844 don't forget to remember these three row numbers. When we changed the boarding pass, we mistakenly asked for 14-line, so we had to make do with it, but it's OK. It's not as bad as we thought. We half fell asleep in a very sleepy state, and passed by in a flash for more than four hours.

Although the charter flight saves the trouble of turning around and personal danger, it also has its own troubles, which can be called the king of delay. In the past, a friend flew directly in the past, one and a half hours late. Due to the long vacation, the charter flight was full, and the return flight was three hours late. It was originally planned to take off at more than 1:00 at night, and the plane didn't fly back to the apron until 3:40. It took off at 4:20 in the morning. The return flight was originally scheduled to take off at 7:45 and take off at 23:00.

The legend of low-cost air conditioning didn't come true on the way back. On the way back, I experienced the feeling of sitting in the fairyland of air-conditioning group. The double row air-conditioning thought it had been gassed. Some girls were forced to spend more than 100 yuan on a blanket by their little skirts. So they had a great time in the tropics. Don't forget to change the flip flop before boarding, Tuck long sleeve clothes into your carry on bag.

The above is the record of my trip to the Philippines. I try my best to remember and practice. I hope you like it. If there are friends who want to go, and have questions, welcome to exchange.

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