The happy life of hot mama and super cute, Long Beach & Saipan, PP... Constantly updated....

The happy life of hot mama and super cute, Long Beach & Saipan, PP... Constantly updated....

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Published on March 11, 2014 17:04

My baby is a 3-year-old girl (hereinafter referred to as BB), and I am a persistent travel fan, but also an island fan! Since the BB, I quit my job, full-time at home bored and take care of the baby! I have visited all major websites, especially tourism websites! So my BB has been traveling with me since I was one year old! Today, let's talk about taking BB to Long Beach Island in the Philippines!

Sequel - published on March 11, 2014 17:35

Let's have a look first, Baoma Hee hee

There is no time difference between Changtan island and China. Apart from the native language, there are more European speaking people. Of course, English is also very popular~

On nearly 1000 hectares of land on the island, all the unique and charming scenery of tropical islands are concentrated. There are blue ocean, white sand beach, brilliant sunshine, colorful tropical plants and colorful mysterious underwater world. Many tourists have to come here again and again to enjoy the sunshine. It is said that some people even settle down here!

My husband and I agreed to take my baby to travel at least twice a year. My husband is from CCB, and he does it in his spare time. The crude oil project cooperated by CCB and Sinopec makes a good profit. Basically, every year's travel expenses are reimbursed. Interested friends can go to group 303272115 to find out. The verification should be 167, but we still need to know clearly before we see if it suits us, Come on~

I don't like that the sky is shrouded by haze now. It's better to take BB to the seaside to wash lung! Ha ha, I have a good time. I like to use buckets to fetch water from the beach and shovel sand. I'm not afraid of being tired and basking in the sun all afternoon! She's willing to hang out on the white beach from morning till night...

Like the tranquility of the sea, listen to the sound of the sea breeze ~ there are also tourists on the sea~

Funny little treasure

It's too high! I don't care about my parents at all..

By the way, I want to remind you that you must take sunscreen measures when you go to Long Beach Island! Before going out, you should remember to paint well first, and you'd better take it with you! It's convenient to wipe at any time!

Walking on the fine white sand, there are many boats and surfers on the sea. The seaside is really beautiful! I really want to settle down there~~~

Children are so playful! I'm not happy about that~

Baby later asked me if this one is very stylish ~ ~ the sun hat is the best!

Sequel - published on March 11, 2014 21:53

Baby is as cool as his dady..

There are many tourists this season

Baby is singing the sea ~ ~ ha ha~~

I'm tired of singing and have a rest

Is sand so fun? It seems that only children like it!

Sunset sky is very beautiful, I really like it

Because moms love to take selfie now ~ ~ hehe

Beauty bath without bikini in the sun~

Let's have one!

Baoma's porridge selfie, don't be shocked, my friends~

I really think this one is cute, hehe

Group photo with local residents

Spicy mom and cute baby's little feet and little feet

Sequel - published on March 12, 2014 21:56

Tonight, it's awesome. It's 500 dollars.

Many tourists are immersed in the enjoyment of photography, but this is a bit of a suck for Bao ma.

Blue water and blue sky, I really like it!

Baby is naughty again during the break..

This was taken while shopping in the local area~

There are plenty of equipment for going to the seaside! There are many pictures in the back!

Bikini is a must. We all know it Hee hee

You can have one`

Love forgives Baoma's narcissism~

This watermelon ball is brought from home, Baby Super like to play..

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