White beach walk nine times, summed up this simple and easy to understand picture and text strategy of Long Beach Island

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The trip to Long Beach Island is really a walk on trip. Because of the cold wave in early spring in Europe, which is only three degrees above zero and heavy rain, the plane on the return flight suddenly decided that it was necessary to find a place to bask in the sun. So during the two hours of connecting flight in Dubai, I flipped through the air tickets online. I was really lucky that I came across a special ticket for Long Beach Island with only 800 yuan, Take it decisively!

When you get back to Shanghai, it's just 24 hours before you start again. You can simply stay at Pudong airport directly. You can book a hotel online, find some summer clothes, and get on the Internet card and cash in the airport. You can take a leisurely trip. First, follow the video and take a five minute look at Changtan island~

You can enjoy the sunshine and the beach

You can do water sports

You can wear a T-shirt you bought for ten yuan, sit in a rickshaw and live like a local

Can also nest in the hotel swimming pool chasing drama, into the slow pace of vacation

Wait until the evening, into the most beautiful sunset

Originally, I didn't plan to write travel notes on Long Beach Island, because I always think that when I travel on the island, I can buy a good air ticket and book a good hotel, and the rest depends on my mood. However, the direct flights are becoming more and more intensive, the ticket prices are getting cheaper and cheaper, and more and more people are going. It seems that people still have some doubts about the basic necessities of life. Let's sum up. Next time you see a round-trip ticket of only a few hundred yuan, you can go without hesitation.

Can I go—— apply for visa

Can leave this kind of question does not belong to our discussion scope ha, objectively speaking, the only threshold is the visa. Fortunately, the Philippines is a country where visa is relatively convenient. Three forms of visa are relatively easy to implement, namely, separate paper visa, landing visa and conditional visa free.

1. Separate visa:

Philippine visa is printed on the back of the visa form, not on the passport page, so it is called "another paper visa". It's reasonable to say that this way of not occupying the blank page of the passport is our favorite way for frequent travelers, but the reason behind this is not so "friendly", but let's not talk about those serious topics here. However, I would like to remind you that this separate visa needs to be properly preserved both during the trip and after the trip.

As for the way of handling the case, the cost of handling the case by yourself is the least (less than 200 yuan), but you need to go to the Consulate in person (currently only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Xiamen); So you can also consider looking for an agent. But no matter what, there are a lot of materials to prepare. To be honest, I don't think it's worth the trouble to go to the Philippines-_-

2. Landing signature:

Since 2017, there has been a landing visa policy for group tourists. The price is similar to another paper visa, but it is only applicable to travel agencies authorized by the Philippine government, and it also needs to apply in advance, so it is meaningless for free travelers.

3. Conditional visa free:

I feel that this is the most cost-effective way to travel to the Philippines at present, because as long as you hold a valid visa from any country, such as Schengen, Australia, the United States, Canada or Japan, you can enter the Philippines for 7 days without visa( According to my friends who often go to the Philippines, even if it is more than seven days, it's easy to handle the extension. However, there is no personal test. After all, four or five days is enough for Long Beach Island.)

The operation is very simple. Just copy the first page of the passport and the valid visa page of a country on a piece of paper in advance. When entering and leaving the customs, the entry-exit seal will be directly on it. Remember to keep it.

How to get there—— Flight, shuttle, island traffic

I think I'm slightly Island controlled, but I've been busy clocking in those popular international holiday islands, and there are not many in Southeast Asia. This temporary trip to long beach can help us understand why we are flocking to these islands in Southeast Asia. On the one hand, low consumption is the most important thing. The one-way direct flight is only three or four hours. It takes three or four days to go back and forth on the way to Tahiti. At this time, Southeast Asian islands have already come back. Ha ha.

1. Flight selection

After the closure of Long Beach Island for a period of time, it was reopened in the second half of 2018. Now there are more and more domestic direct flights. Although most of them are chartered by travel agencies, and the general air ticket platform may not be able to buy them, there are still more free travel packages of plane and wine. If you are lucky, you can also find a special price of less than 1000 yuan like us.

As for the transfer, I suggest that unless the holiday is long and you have to visit the transfer place by the way, otherwise it's really a waste of time.

2. Transfer machine

As mentioned above, cardickland is the nearest airport to the wharf. It only takes more than ten minutes to get there. Generally, if you transfer from Manila or other Philippine cities, you will land here more; Domestic direct flights basically land in Kalibo, which seems to be 70 kilometers away, but in fact, there has been a very perfect pick-up and drop off service in the local area, with less than 100 RMB per person for one-way. Since getting off the plane, there are staff to receive and guide them all the way, and the bus, ferry and bus can reach the hotel in a one-stop way, which can basically achieve a seamless connection without any worry.

Originally, we should recommend a pick-up and drop off service here. The pick-up was quite smooth. It took us more than two hours to get to the hotel. But I was not very satisfied with my return journey. I started to deliver the plane six and a half hours in advance. I arrived at the airport more than four hours before departure. When I caught up with the airport decoration, I didn't open the door. I was dry under the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees. Although it is true that the traffic jam on the main road of Long Beach Island is severe during the peak period, we live near the return terminal, and we are not traveling during the peak period. In the early stage, we repeatedly stressed that we should not start so early, but we still didn't listen. The worst thing is that we can't get into the airport and complain to the customer service. The customer service is rude and unreasonable! Originally, I sincerely apologized and appeased the customers. I had to resist our company. I really can't do business.

At present, there are basically two pick-up planes on the market. This one is a little bit expensive. I didn't expect it to disappoint people. However, in view of the fact that the other one hasn't experienced it personally, it's not good to recommend it, so let's go along. I hope the return time can be more reasonable. I'm not afraid of trouble. I can only book pick-up flights. I'm familiar with the routes when I send off flights. It's not a big problem to order my own car or ship.

three   Island traffic

I think the best means of transportation for Changtan Island, which is less than seven kilometers long, is two legs. However, in view of the hot weather, there are also some students who don't want to fight wechat steps, so the Tutu car is often used. There is a motorcycle with a bucket on the side as shown in the figure below, and there is also a similar van type tricycle.

In terms of price, on the main road parallel to the white sand beach, we did the "carpooling" of waving to stop. Two people gave 50 Pesos from S3 to S1, but in fact, it seems that a single 10 pesos should be enough. I think the local people usually give so much.

But that kind of hotel door "live" is generally "charter" form, the price is more outrageous. We once planned to go back to S3 from dingyiwei beach at the end of white beach, the price is 300 pesos, it is estimated that the bargaining price is about 200.

Where do you live—— Hotel recommendation

There is only 24 hours to prepare for the tour. In fact, there is not much choice in hotels. At least half of the hotels are full. However, the "little expert" never gives up and spent three hours in the middle of the night screening the remaining hotels.

Long Beach Island has an area of only 10 square kilometers, but there are hundreds of hotels and B & B. after the governance in 2018, there are also more than 100 businesses approved by the government. There are dozens of well-known ones in the figure above, which is not very friendly for the patients with phobia. But in fact, according to the following three steps, it is not so headache.

one   Choose a location.

Just like buying a house, location is always the core of a hotel. The hotels on Long Beach Island can be divided into several areas: White Beach first line Beach Hotel; Second line hotels not close to white beach but about 100 meters in a straight line; Banshan hotel; Other areas.

The latter two are far away from the white sand beach and the central area, with inconvenient transportation. They are suitable for the group of "travel houses" who don't go out much and just want to change the air, bubble hotels or play golf; But I don't think Long Beach Island is particularly suitable for this kind of holiday, so I suggest to choose from the first two hotels near white beach.

As for the hotel differentiation of S1, S2 and S3 circulated on the Internet, the actual measurement has certain reference value, but it is not absolutely accurate. For example, S1 is quiet, with few tourists and high privacy, but in fact, it has the most visitors at sunset. On the contrary, S3 has relatively few tourists. As for the sand quality, it is true that the more you go to S1, the more delicate it is. However, as the whole white beach is a public beach, and no reclining chair or parasol is allowed, no hotel here actually has a "private beach". Whether the sand quality is fine or not is shared. Moreover, the whole white beach is only 4 kilometers, and the hotel is only two or three kilometers away. It's not far to walk.

two   Price fixing

Instead of worrying about the location difference of several hundred meters, it's better to use the budget to screen directly. Despite the low price of Long Beach Island, the hotel price is not cheap, especially relative to the quality, so I think the cost performance of hotels above 1500 is very low( Of course, if the budget is loose, you don't have to consider so much. Generally speaking, choosing expensive ones won't make mistakes.)

three   Look at the details

If the location and price are fixed, it is estimated that there will be only one digit left in the hotel list. If you compare the details you care about horizontally, it is not so difficult to select a satisfactory hotel.

I used the following three criteria to select current   by   Astoria

On the white sand beach and no more than 1km away from dmall

The room rate is less than 1000 yuan per night

New facilities, quiet and spacious rooms

Current   by   Astoria Hotel

9.1 is located at the junction of S2 and S3. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The entrance is the beach. There are convenience stores and wanghong brunch shops within tens of meters. One kilometer to dmall, there are double public swimming pools, big rooms, new decoration, Philippine local hotel group, and the service is enthusiastic   It's less than 800 a night and includes a double breakfast. It's really cost-effective, and the front desk not only arranged to check in early at 9 a.m., but also took the initiative to upgrade the room type, emmm. This time, the "house selection expert" can be regarded as fulfilling the mission, ha ha.

Hotel building, rooftop and entrance Beach

Modern architectural style and bright color, room area is not small, easy to open two large suitcases

The overall area of the hotel is not small, several buildings are connected, and the swimming pool is also one in front and one in back

The room price includes breakfast with sea view and pool view

What are you playing with—— White beach S1, S2, S3

Five days and four nights is long enough for Long Beach Island. In fact, it's more than enough to play all the "scenic spots" on the island and take part in some sea sports. But originally, it's mainly for leisure and relaxation. Let's forget about going up and down the sea. The white beach has been walking back and forth for nine times. In addition to the nearby Ding Yiwei and brabo beaches, it's good to eat and stroll.

Comparison of beaches in the middle of Long Beach Island——

White beach S1 - quieter, less tourists, fine sand, watching the sunset

White beach S2 - lively, tourist intensive, fine sand, hotel restaurants and bars intensive

White beach S3 - quiet, less tourists, coarse sand, starting point of water sports, sailing gathering

Brabo Beach - quiet, few tourists, coarse sand, leisure place for local people, with sunrise

Dingyiwei beach is a mini beach connected by S1 end path. In the evening, many local children play here

S1 -- fine beach, the most beautiful sunset

When I went there, it was in the middle of May. There was still some seaweed on the white beach, but S1 was relatively cleaner and the sand quality was the most delicate.

The "only two" scenic spots on white beach, virgin reef rock and Friday beach are also in S1, but now the logo of Friday has been moved from the seaside to the inner beach, so the standard "net red punch in" photo of the seaside can't be taken before.

During the day, there are few tourists. After all, there are no commercial facilities. The beach is wide and not covered by trees. It's very hot. Ha ha. But in the evening, it is the place with the most tourists, because the angle to see the sunset here is really great, especially after the launch of the canoe, it's like driving slowly into the sunset. It's very beautiful.

S2 -- business center, eat, drink and play

S2 is definitely the most noisy place in the whole Long Beach Island, and it's a busy place that doesn't close from morning till night. For me, the most important function here is to eat. All kinds of restaurants in dmall should not be able to eat after living for a month. This time, I clocked out more than a dozen restaurants and summed up a list of delicious food. Let's see the details later.  

Besides catering, shopping is another important function of S2. As a person who is actively practicing separation, I didn't want to buy anything during the trip. However, because the luggage of this trip to long beach is just coming back from Europe, all of them are thick clothes, so I have to buy some summer clothes temporarily.

Although I know that the consumption in Southeast Asia is not high, I'm surprised that these two T-shirts only cost 20 yuan

It's in bamboo, the largest grocery market on the island   Market, although in tourist attractions, the price of things is really down-to-earth. It's OK to eat in the dmall next door at night and take a stroll to find some small handicrafts.

In addition, spa, Haina tattoo, braiding, on-site portrait and so on can be easily found in S2, and in fact this section of the beach is not bad.

S3 -- water sports, photo taking

Although there are sea diving projects in each wharf, S3 is relatively the most concentrated one. There are many diving stores here that can provide sea diving projects. There are more towing umbrellas and triangular sails for young and old Xianyi. Among them, there is a cool pirate ship.

Although the sand quality of S3 is relatively rough, there are few tourists and rich colors here. In fact, it is quite suitable for taking photos.

Diniwid Beach   Beach

Most tourists don't go all the way to the end of the white sand beach, but in fact there is a "secret place" here. They need to follow the narrow road about half a meter cut out of the reef on the beach to get there. In order to facilitate passage, there are ropes on the wall to make handrails. In fact, the sea water here is very clear, but because the location is remote and the beach is very small, so there are not many tourists. In the evening, it is still the local children's "diving" paradise. However, when the inflation is too high, it will be submerged and "disappear".

Balabag, brabo Beach   Beach

Compared with the crowded white sand beach, it can be regarded as a very quiet minority scenic spot. When you come here for a walk in the evening, except for the local children and dogs playing with water, kicking football and throwing Frisbees after school, you don't see any other tourists. It's hard to imagine that there is a bustling "sunset photography competition" on the other end of the island 500 meters away.

The most interesting thing is an "isolated island" separated from the land at high tide. Actually, there are local residents on it. They paid 100 pesos "tickets" to visit it. The water below is extremely clear, and there is another reef at the end, which is a unique cave.

What to eat—— List of restaurants not stepping on thunder

Summing up the cost of Long Beach Island this time, it is found that in addition to the fixed consumption of air tickets and hotels, it only costs more than 2000 yuan on the island, of which eating and drinking account for 70%   Above, hehe.

So treasure this list of delicious food on Long Beach Island. It's at least three catties more meat. You can collect it directly on the app, so it's convenient to follow the map. If you can't see clearly or find it, you can contact micro-blog by the micro-blog / official account "Helen world" or WeChat WeChat.

Let's focus on some of our favorite ones~

The sunny side café

After a night's flight, bus, ferry and Tutu bus, I was swept away by the wanghong Cafe next to the hotel for my first meal on the island. Coffee, smoothie, Benedict eggs and taro cake are all very satisfied, especially with the cool sea breeze blowing in the early morning, sunny brunch by the sea!

However, there are few places, especially there are only four or five small tables outdoors. If you go late, you may have to queue up~

Smoke Restaurant

There are only four tables, so small that I can't find them after walking back and forth for three times, but the popularity is booming. I think it's probably because it's cheap, hee hee, and two or three stoves are cooking on the spot in front of the dining table. It's very hot, but it's very grounded.

However, although the store is not big, there are many kinds of dishes. Don't be fussy. Just listen to the shop assistant's recommendation.

Wokeria Red crab pasta house

Except that it's inconvenient to use cash only, there's nothing wrong with it. It's the most delicious crab I've ever eaten in Long Beach Island this time. I can eat one of them myself, even though it's delicious

It tastes like Singapore. Ha ha, but it doesn't matter. It's good to have a taste of the local characteristics. If you want to eat so many meals, you'd better choose your own taste. As for the signboard, the name of the shop is clear. Red crab and cream pasta must be ordered. In addition, remember to add a cup of chocolate smoothie.

Coco mama & Mango Tree

Actually, the hottest ice store on the island is halo   Mango, I've been waiting in line for 20 minutes at 10:00 in the middle of the night, but it's really mediocre. It's better to recommend mango, which has just opened   Tree, it tastes better, and it's in coco   Next to mama, you can put mango   Tree's ice cream is mixed with coconut to create a mix and match~

In addition, there are many interesting snacks and drinks in the convenience stores everywhere on the island. In recent days, different kinds of cola are coming together. Ha ha.

Refuse routine and be a civilized tourist

Is this scene familiar? There are many punch in photos of tourists here, and many covers of long beach travel notes

But in fact, this is illegal-_-   Yes, we also took group photos, but later we found that sand sculpture is not allowed on Long Beach Island. It sounds a bit incredible, but it's really written in the "Convention on civilization" of Long Beach Island   Sand   Castle   Making。

I think one is to protect the environment of white beach, and the other is to avoid "routine" tourists. These beautiful sand sculptures are actually made by local people, and most of them are piled up by children. However, there is a charge for taking group photos, and the charge is very messy. For example, when we first talked about 50, but when we gave money, the children told me that it was US dollars, ha ha. Of course, they won't be given us dollars, but for them, each of them will be counted as one.

So I support the local government's banning this kind of behavior. There are other rules such as "no smoking in public places", "no drinking on the beach", "no parasol on the beach". We should also pay attention to and support them“ The full text of the Convention is shown in the figure below~

However, despite the occasional "routines" in front of us, the local travel atmosphere is actually quite good. Meow is very cute, friendly and friendly, and the children are also very warm. I hope we can also respect the local culture, words and deeds civilization, and respond with sincerity~

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