Half seawater, half sunset

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Welcome to att.

I would like to be in an unknown world

To pursue all that can be imagined

Or expected

And then it comes true

As long as there's you.

In front of it is:   This unprofessional strategy is written for those lovely girls who want to travel and have all kinds of worries.

Give you a more firm and unrestrained heart.

Wedding photos and photos taken by myself have PS. wedding photos don't have PS because the wedding company hasn't had time yet, while photos taken by myself have PS because I can't....

About travel photography

Personally, there are two main types of travel photography.

One is to take photos with wedding dress, the other is to find a professional photography agency.

If you take photos with your wedding dress, you can also take photos with your camera tripod or ask a photographer to follow you.

The main problem is: to shoot by yourself, first of all, you have to be able to shoot by yourself. Do you mind taking all kinds of equipment and thick wedding dress, making up, looking for shooting places, and running back and forth on all kinds of roads.

If you hire a photographer, the most important thing is to find a suitable one. It's better to make up and take photos. In this way, at least half of the money can be saved. Other problems also exist.

Before the trip, a friend who was engaged in photography told me that it would be nice for me to find anyone who could take pictures with me. At that time, I was very excited. When I calmed down, I thought it was really troublesome.

I am a makeup only on the level of coating liquid foundation. I have not even posted the double eyelid stickers. I have never photographed any pictures or anything like that before. They are all kinds of road idiot and have no sense of direction. But they are very keen on the wedding photo of an elephant. So I resolutely subscribed the Phuket Island wedding photo in April 13th.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Phuket Island has a local branch, don't worry about language barrier, domestic booking, special shooting day, other time vacation leisure.

The advantages are obvious, so you don't have to worry about everything.

The disadvantages are also obvious. Most photography companies produce in complete sets. What they shoot is not necessarily what you want, and the time is limited. They basically complete it in one day. Compared with domestic wedding photos, the price is also higher.

So how to shoot what you want in the case of obvious advantages?

Naturally, it's better to communicate, tell the cameraman what you want, and finally take a picture.

-。- Mr. Ma and I were too shy. In fact, we wanted to make suggestions during the shooting. As a result, we didn't say anything for a long time. When we got to the last scene, I couldn't help it. Then I firmly communicated with the photographer that I didn't like to give me a bunch of props.

Why did my universe wait until the end?

Why? five hundred and fifty-five

Girls must say what they think. It's better to take a group of photos and ask to see the sample film. If they feel dissatisfied, they should quickly say that it may be time to take a remake. They must communicate with each other~~

In the early stage, communicate with the customer service about the main details of shooting, including several sets of clothes, shooting scenes and shooting dates. When shooting abroad, they usually send one night's accommodation, confirm the check-in date, and then confirm the pick-up time. The rest has nothing to do with them.

As for how to bargain, how to take more photos, how to refine, how to upgrade album and so on, these girls who will bargain are willing to bargain.... I'm weak in this..

I ordered four sets of clothes in China. I stayed in an ordinary hotel for one night. In fact, I went there and added a set of clothes to shoot underwater. It turns out that it's really not cost-effective to upgrade the package on the spot.

About free travel

Decided to shoot, the next step is to set the itinerary, some wedding companies will package the whole itinerary, including wedding photography and play, of course, the price is relatively high, some unnecessary consumption, and not necessarily in line with the wishes.

So it is inevitable to choose free travel, book hotels and air tickets.

Of course, some people feel very worried. It's safer to go to a strange place with no language. But on the one hand, you can't have free time to shoot for one day alone. It also involves the time of choosing clothes and films. On the other hand, the shopping malls in the group always make people feel uncomfortable. There is no atmosphere for taking wedding photos at all.

If you go to Phuket, you will know a little basic English, and the next translation software is bold enough.

I ordered the whole course in Ctrip. It's said that Air Asia is very cheap, but it's at least half a year in advance, and it's connecting in Kuala Lumpur. I didn't think about it when I made the reservation about a month in advance. Interested friends can go to the next Asian airlines.

I chose to leave on 4 / 11 according to my aunt's time.

4/11   Lucky Airlines ho1321   23:45——03:45+1

4/16   Lucky Airlines ho1322   04:45——09:35

Direct red eye flights, local tyrants naturally do not recommend, non local tyrants also do not recommend..

Lucky Airlines is one of the worst I've ever sat on.

Even for such a flight, two people spent 6700 yuan.

The choice of hotel is Millennium Patong resort in Phuket   Resort   Patong   Phuket)  ?, 640 / night, 3 nights in total, 4 / 11 do not stay, after 2 o'clock stay in the hotel presented by the wedding company. Ratana, camara   Apart   Hotel,Kamala   The hotel and wedding dress company are all near camara beach, about 30 minutes by car from Patong.

{x} x {x} x {x} x {x} x http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/998283.html


Camara Ratana Apartment Hotel

The lobby of camara Ratana Apartment Hotel, where you can eat.

Millennium is known as five stars.. The only advantage is that the location is good. It's very close to Badong and it's connected with Jiangxi cold shopping mall. You can have a look if you like it. It's a long way from the lobby to the room.. The hotel is clean and tidy, other wood has bright spots.

Millennium Badong Hotel

Millennium Badong Hotel

For those who like the beautiful beach and quiet environment, it's suggested to live in Kata Beach, Karen beach and so on. But for us, it's too quiet and inconvenient to go in and out.

The main attention here is the check-in date, because the first day is not long from the normal 12 o'clock check-out time, and the last day to leave the hotel is in the early morning, the actual stay is only half a day, you can make your choice according to your physical strength.. It's OK not to check in on the last day. Check out at 12:00 noon and check in in the early morning...

About Island selection

In fact, I regretted it a long time after I chose a 6-day and 4-night trip, because we spent almost two days (plus choosing clothes and films) in making wedding dress. If we just went to Phuket, 4 days would be enough. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to increase the number of days to play. So the choice of island is particularly important, and there is no more refinement.

It's said that the development of PP island is too fierce. It's no longer beautiful. Most of them have a one-day tour with other islands (egg Island, Bamboo Island, etc.). I think it's good to play on one island a day. It's a waste of time to run back and forth, so mu has a choice.

It's said that the Sri Lanka islands are super invincible, but it takes four hours for the speedboat to go back and forth. For people like me who have lost their beauty, it's better to forget it.

Emperor island is a little more beautiful than PP Island, and the snorkeling effect is also better. It's much closer than Milan Island, and it's only one hour to go back and forth, so our local one-day tour is set in emperor island.

Still Ctrip reservation, Phuket   Emperor island one day cruise company: nokorn   Marine, Buri / Dive restaurant 215 yuan / person.

In addition to the one-day tour, many people will choose to see the human demon show, because they have been to Bangkok and Pattaya before and have seen all kinds of human demon shows. There are generally three kinds in Phuket: Simon human demon show, lip synching song and dance show, goddess show, which is said to be the most beautiful and large-scale emperor show. Interested friends can book in all kinds of ways, we didn't go to see it.

The one-day tour is also reserved. I'll sort out the itinerary

Day 1: boarding

The next day: arrive, go to the wedding dress shop in the morning, and return to the hotel in the afternoon

Day 3: wedding dress

Day 4: one day tour of emperor Island

Day 5: choose movies in the morning and have free activities in the afternoon

Day 6: return trip



For me, the most important preparation every time is the camera, although I am a scum who can't even use the m file~~

Canon 70D + 18-135mm lens + small spittoon

gopro   Silver 4, three batteries, a wristband, selfie bar, tripod.

Three power bank

I didn't use the actual self timer bar and tripod, because I didn't bother to take it out.. But it's better to take it with you....

GoPro is great for taking underwater and self portraits!

Please don't mind if I took this picture with my mobile phone and went to Meitu....

signal communication

There are two kinds of calls

1. Open international roaming: the simplest way is to directly dial 10086 or other service hotline, and then turn to manual.

2. Happy card, all kinds of channels can buy, mine is also bought in Ctrip, 45 yuan, 7 days unlimited flow online, when you buy can see the next prompt, will tell you which kind of mobile phone to buy which kind of card, according to the need to choose, when the world single, express delivery to the next day.

Well, it's just soy sauce.

The main problems are as follows

Please don't insert the card in China.

2. Dialing method:

00400 + 86 + mobile number

00400 + 86 + area code without 0 + landline number

If you dial the local number in Thailand, you can dial what number you see directly..

3. Internet settings, I don't know if everyone needs to set up the Internet, anyway, we can't use it at the beginning, and then I come out of Baidu..

Here are the baidu results:

IPhone: set up --- operator --- cancel auto selection --- select dtac / wp-1800 / th dtac

Android phone: Settings > wireless and network > mobile network > operator > find network > select dtac / wp-1800 / th dtac

The speed of 3G is OK. Mr. Ma also shared hot spots with me...

Another artifact is mobile wifi.

Although the mobile phone can use happy card, but the camera can't... How can I share photos in real time when the camera is not connected to WiFi in time

It's also Ctrip reservation. Pudong T2 airport takes it back, 25 yuan per day. The deposit of 500 yuan is guaranteed by credit card at the scene. When you return the plane, you can cancel the guarantee.

When you use it, you can turn it on directly. There is a name and password on the back of the machine. Just like normal WiFi, you can select the network and enter the password.

It usually takes 3-5 hours (that's one of the reasons why I carry a lot of power bank).

Pudong T2 pick-up location, do not go out of the way to find, the departure is directly opposite. Can you see clearly...

Let's take a recent photo.


My visa is also handled on Ctrip, and it's a bit of a twists and turns.

First of all, because I had a night's stay which was sent by wedding photo, the free travel package was equal to one day less, so the customer service mm told me that I couldn't handle it. I had to deal with the whole hotel ticket in Ctrip to choose Shanghai to send the ticket.

At that time, I was stunned, so I asked her what to do, she said that either apply for landing visa, or you can choose other visa locations, such as Guangzhou, you don't need so many requirements, but you need to express yourself.

-。- I just don't want to express to express to go, and also don't want to sign to choose in Ctrip deal with good baa, I go to send materials as long as a step away good baa.

But do you think that's how smart I am?

At that time, I suddenly had a big brain hole, so I asked her if I just need to reserve another night's hotel. She said yes, very good. I confirmed it again and again on the phone. I said I'll reserve it right away, and I'll let you know when it's ready.

I went to book the cheapest Phuket Hotel which was cancelled one day in advance for free, 38 yuan per night. Then I told the customer service, and the customer service went to handle it.

Visa requires the original passport, a photo can, I send materials directly to Ctrip, handle well will contact me, I go to get.

The first thing I need to do is to cancel the 38 yuan hotel- That's the wit...

The intermediate customer service also asked me for the proof of the payment invoice of the booking free line, which can be issued directly by Ctrip, but for some reasons I can't provide... Then customer service mm help me apply, can handle, just can't urge sign what.

Anyway, everything is OK in the end.

Entry card

Pictures from Baidu, will be issued on the plane, off the plane in the hall also have, I have to see some in advance, and then directly on the plane to find nearby people will write copy..

Just write down the main name, passport, visa and flight. Just write down any other occupation or residence. I won't read it.

Some people say that there is a tip for entry. We didn't meet it, and we didn't see it nearby. Maybe we need to sign it there...

Thai Baht

I changed it in the Bank of China. The exchange rate of RMB: Thai baht is about 1:5.03. I need to make an appointment one day in advance. I didn't say small amount when I made an appointment, but when I changed it, my parents should pay attention to small amount. It's convenient to tip there.

You can also go there and change it again. When you enter the country, you can see that someone says 1:5 in Chinese to change money... It's not much different. There are also more formal exchange rates. There are also exchange rates at airports, streets and shopping malls. The exchange rates are different. I've seen 1:4.8 and 1:5.1. Or directly have colorful ATM, UnionPay card, take out according to the exchange rate of the machine directly spit out baht, this feeling is also quite sour..

Generally, the tip is 20 baht. Of course, I don't need to give it when I see people. I only give it when I think it's OK. When staying in a hotel, pay attention to putting 20 baht by the bed every day. Don't give coins. Coins are considered to be for beggars. Of course, you can use coins when you go to the store normally.

Some preparation before wedding shooting

Nails: I always have short nails, so I started to keep my nails one month in advance. There is a process of adaptation. I went to do my nails the day before I set out. I suggest that I consider the color of my wedding dress. It may be better to choose a light color. I was thinking about the color of the sky and the sea, and it turned out to be a strange color...

The color is strange.. My favorite rabbit and my wedding dress also have any match...

Don't stick fake nails, or you'll have no hands for the whole holiday...

Hair: a week or so in advance to repair, because I am Qi bangs, too early to cut and grow out, male owners are the same, a week or so hairstyle will be more natural, it is best to take wedding photos, wash your hair in the morning, do not apply conditioner, otherwise make-up artist is not good for you to do hair.

Depilation: I consulted a lot of people about this problem, and they all had different opinions. They used depilation cream, shaving cream and wax. Well, it depends on your mood. It's better to get it the day before you start. In this way, you can prevent it from growing too fast and give your skin a little time to recover. It's easy to have skin problems because of the sun and water.

Eyelashes: I thought about planting eyelashes, because I couldn't draw them. Later, I thought about whether removing makeup on the day of taking wedding photos would affect eyelashes, so I didn't plant them in the end... Girls who are interested can think about it.

Invisible underwear: This is a must, don't use that kind of need transparent shoulder strap, take wedding photos are not good-looking, invisible underwear can also waterproof, take underwater don't need to change, directly wipe and re wear it (good casual rush foot)... I was worried that it would fall off before I bought it. Of course, the psychological effect is a little bit. If I sweat too much, it will fall off. Just wipe it up again. I bought them directly on the Internet. To prevent problems, I bought two. In the next few days, I wore them all the time. It was incomparably cool that the wooden strap was tied on my feet.....  

Then prepare a light proof underwear, convenient to take wedding photos when you want to sit, the best is light color, some dresses may be more transparent.

Other preparations

1. Umbrella (when I went to Phuket, the weather forecast on my mobile phone was full of thunderstorms, which really scared me. But don't worry, there are basically showers in Phuket. It really stops in the next few days, and it's the same day we took photos.)

2. Sunscreen, tanning is no longer the key, the fear is sunburn. I almost always wear long sleeves or sunscreen clothes. I still come back white and tender, but I must apply more crazy and fateful on the day of taking wedding photos.

I use Shiseido's suntan gold bottle on my face. It's waterproof! It's 183 yuan / bottle at the RISHANG duty-free shop of Pudong airport. Back at Phuket airport duty-free shop is 1105 baht, which is 221 yuan.... I bought one bottle in Pudong and one bottle in Phuket. Don't ask me why, 555.

Body with Clinique's body, a big bottle, Pudong bought 172 yuan, no other place to see the price..

In Phuket, all kinds of convenience stores also have banana boats and water babies. I heard they are easy to use, but I didn't use them... Almost all I saw on 7-11 was about 400 baht. Then on the first night, I went shopping near the Kamala Hotel and found a shop was surprisingly cheap. So I bought some bottles to give them away..

Well, this is the shop

The colors I bought on 7-11 are a little different, and I don't know what the main difference is....

3. Contact lenses, this woman knows. I throw them every day when I use them. It's mainly the problem of male owners. If male owners don't have the experience of wearing contact lenses, I suggest they give up and don't try to cram them in that day.. It's a waste of time for Mr. Ma to try it himself. Take off your glasses when you take a picture. As for eyes? By feeling..

Don't wear it when shooting underwater.

Snorkeling, if you can ensure that the diving glasses will not leak, you can wear it. When I first went to the sea, the diving glasses did not leak. I always wear contact lenses. It's OK. Later, I rented a leak and quickly removed it.

I use pink. Mr. Ma wastes black.

4. Because I didn't buy it, the normal price is about 90 yuan. It's all dry. It depends on my luck... It is difficult to guarantee the price and quality online. To the local can rent, Emperor Island 100 baht rent one, also 20 yuan.

5. Clothes. It depends on the girls' preferences. Remember to bring a slightly thicker and longer sunscreen suit. The air conditioning in the airport or shopping mall on the plane is sufficient. It's better to wear a loose skirt on the day of taking wedding photos. It's convenient to change clothes without making up. Then other time to try the usual will not try the style, how bright how to wear, how bold how to wear.

I brought two pairs of shoes, one pair of sandals and one pair of slippers. The sandals have off white sloping heels, which I wore when I took wedding photos directly. A lot of people will bring the kind of single shoes with high heels, or the wedding dress shop will also provide this kind of shoes, which may be more beautiful. However, because I really can't wear high heels, it will definitely be Shishi to wear this kind of shoes for a day. In addition, the clothes I choose basically can't shoot my feet, so my small slope heel is comfortable.

Mr. Ma didn't bring any slippers. He bought them locally, 150 baht( The child who can't bargain can't afford it)

Then there are some accessories, necklaces, bracelets, headgear and so on. Girls, please give full play to them.

6. Medicine, motion sickness medicine, Fenbid for emergency use. Other drugs are not prepared. It's up to you to stop diarrhea and catch a cold.

All set, rough hair!

Day 1 + day 2

It's better to arrive at Pudong airport three hours in advance. I went to Metro Line 2. If it's my first time to Pudong, please pay attention to line 2. Get off at Guanglan Road first, and then get off to the opposite side, and then go to the airport by bus. Anyway, just follow the surge of people

First get the WiFi, go through the security check, and then go through the border check, then you can go to the airport. Of course, you can go to the duty-free shop.

I remember that there was a 95% discount QR code. I didn't think of it until I got there. In the past, the team leader gave me the QR code paper

So I immediately went to a certain treasure and spent 3 cents to buy one...

You can report the return flight number of things you buy on the day and pay for them when you come back. You don't need to take them to Phuket.

Note that make-up must be bought directly. What sunscreen, wow foundation, lipstick, you must buy it directly.

There are also daily ones on the return journey, but they are so small that they almost have no make-up. So, if you want to compare prices, please consider carefully.

sunrise duty free

There was no way for international flights to check in in advance at the boarding pass office. When we went to check in, there were no seats connected to each other. There was only one aisle between us. We thought that we would just change it when we got on the plane. We were optimistic at that time...

The moment I got on the plane, my heart was cold.. What kind of trouble is there when there are three seats on both sides? How can we find a single person to change positions?

Poor Mr. Ma and I were separated for the first time to take T. T. the culprit that kept me awake all night!

I was very hungry waiting for the plane. I bought a hamburger to eat. After boarding the plane, poor Mr. Ma fell asleep with a garbage bag in his hand.

No matter how it tastes, it's beyond my expectation

Red eye flight is very hard. There is a family in front of us, with a child who is estimated to be less than 2 years old. The whole process is heartbreaking crying... The family doesn't know how to coax or just can't coax well, so the whole family surrounds the child and looks at him crying. Almost half of the people on the plane come to see him for several times, and they are still crying... People from all walks of life go to coax the child, The child said that he is really a bear child, no one can help him

It's already 4 o'clock local time in Thailand. Thailand is one hour earlier than China, that is, 4 o'clock in Thailand and 5 o'clock in China. It's more than an hour for us.

Dizzy off the plane, line up for entry, wedding shop earliest pick-up time is 6:30, we have to wait until that time..

Phuket airport is very small, the air conditioning is very sufficient, changed clothes in the toilet, sat on the chair for a while, I was cold to death

I can't stand it any more. I sleep by Mr. Ma. Someone is taking pictures of me in a daze. It's almost 6 o'clock, and Xiao Hei arrives.

What a conscience!!

Right chubby little black is it, Thailand is the left lane, we also have a pair of wedding photos of the couple, little black is very talkative, the whole process with that strong voice in chat with us, from time to time issued a very simple laughter

I said that English was returned to my teacher 800 years ago, not to mention that I still need to recognize his Thai pronunciation in my mind.

I feel so tired! I don't want to chat any more!

It took about 30 minutes to get to the wedding dress company. There are several pairs ready to shoot, we just come to choose clothes today~

Here's GoPro

Below you can take a picture of the reef

Everyone is slippers into the drop, the landlady said to Thailand as long as the indoor slippers

There are three scenes of Royal Villa, underwater and swimming pool. The rest need to take a car to shoot the location

My choices at that time were: swimming pool, temple, elephant, beach.

I don't think there's anything special about the Royal Villa, but the stylist said that the Royal Villa is more formal, generally choose the big tailed clothes, other scenes are very casual, wedding photos must have a more formal one.

Although she is selling, I hope I can choose more, and I don't think the wedding photos must be more formal, I just want to focus on the big tailed wedding dresses....

The temple should choose Thai style clothes, the beach should be light and easy to run and jump, and the elephant should be gorgeous, so as not to be robbed by the elephant... Swimming pool in the water, there is no way to big tail.

Big tail is really exciting!

I hesitated while trying on the clothes, and finally decided to upgrade the set meal and add one more set of clothes. Finally, the scene became more beautiful

Royal Villa, underwater, temple, beach, elephant.

It's not recommended that you upgrade on site. It's less cost-effective than upgrading in China. I'm a master who won't bargain.

By the time I finally tried on my clothes, Mr. Ma had been awake several times.

His clothes are completely based on my clothes, so pitiful.

We are tired and hungry when we choose our clothes and go to the hotel.

The hotel is near camara beach. There is a big hotel nearby   C supermarket also has a busy street.

This hotel doesn't need a deposit. We arrived at about 12 o'clock. Although we checked in at 2 o'clock, the hotel let us check in ahead of time. We threw our luggage and went out to look for food. We were too lazy to run in the sun. Finally, we decided to order some food in the hotel hall.

It cost 720 THB in total. It's neither expensive nor cheap. It tastes good. We have steak, mainly because we are too hungry.

We'll go back to the hotel after we've had enough to eat and drink. Please forgive us for wasting our precious time. The lethality of red eye flight is too strong..

It's almost 5 p.m. and we're finally full of blood!

When we got to the hall, we saw the couple who were with us. They were going to charter a car to play in Patong and asked if we would like to join them. The water splashing festival in Patong was very busy these days, because we wanted to live in Patong for the next few days, so we planned to walk around.

The car is called by the front desk of the hotel, 500 baht for a single time, 1000 baht for a round trip. It's really expensive.

And we almost have to go back from Patong to the wedding dress company and need to call a car. It's 500 baht every time. I can't afford it.

Farewell to the couple, we walked slowly along the street, outside began to rain, a lot of crooked nuts led the local Thai sister slowly, Mr. Ma also led me.....

There's a big one nearby   C. We didn't go in. The shopping was on the last day. We bought a pair of slippers for Mr. Ma. There was no counter-offer for 150 baht.

The rain soon stopped, there was no sun, the whole city was much cooler, and then saw a shop, the landlady asked us to go in for dinner, we went in...

The menu is in English with a little picture. We even ordered a meal..

It's this store. When the music starts, it's very nice to sit in it and blow the wind.

Pineapple rice, curry, not bad.

I don't like seafood noodles. Mr. Ma likes it

My favorite is this kind of sour and sweet sauce, which is not enough

The landlady has been recommending this good drink to us, as if we are sorry for the coconut if we don't drink it

Mr. Ma is actually posing.

This kind of cupholder is available locally. It's very considerate to pack the iced drinks

After dinner, walk around. There are many shops nearby, such as Ma Shaji or souvenir shop. Mr. Ma and I are very ticklish, so we have to look at Ma Shaji and go... The prices vary.

Go to the convenience store and buy some banana boat sunscreen and drinks. By the way..

I went to bed earlier on this day, because I had to make sure I had enough strength to face the next day!

Warm tips: don't drink too much water at night, or it will be difficult for your eyes to make up the next day.

on the third day

We got down on time to wait for the bus, but it didn't come on time, so we didn't give a tip this time~~~~

Because I have an underwater one. I have to shoot underwater first. I don't have any makeup. I just wear a dress.

Remember to change your underwear~

The main problems of underwater photography are as follows:

1. I need to open my eyes in the water. I thought it was incredible at that time, but I opened it when I went down...

2. You need to be able to dive, not just swim, you need to head downstream, otherwise the camera can't catch you.

3. Hold your breath. Keep your face relaxed and happy. It's better to smile..

It took about 40 minutes to shoot underwater. I was very tired. Although I told me in advance that there might be few films, I didn't expect that there were almost none. At that time, we were very tired, and there were other scenes to shoot next. When the shooting was finished, I didn't want to ask for a remake. If 555 parents were not satisfied, they could actually remake it, After all, it's written in the contract.

Our failure, I look very painful, Mr. Ma opened his mouth, I guess he is trying to suck me in... And the pants are too long..

Throw away the underwater and start shooting the Royal Villa.

The first time I was made up, I felt a little excited. Since I was a child, most of my bangs are Qi bangs, and they are relatively thick. I want to change them. I said that I saw a little girl yesterday with thin bangs. I want to make up a good speech and get them for me directly~

Well, it's strange to come out at last.

It's just for this big drag.. I don't like this kind of standard style, and it's our first time shooting. Many of us don't understand and dare not say, 555, how stupid and ignorant we are...

It's the best way to take a picture with a big tail, but the wedding dress is sewn with needle and thread. Please forgive me for too much meat... There is no back...

After shooting the Royal Villa, change your make-up to shoot the elephant.

This is Mr. Ma's photo

This is my first choice of red clothes, I think marriage at least have a red... Then I put on my make-up and found that it was gorgeous. When I saw someone next door wearing the same style of Cinderella, I stared and said it was beautiful. The makeup artist understood me very well. Although I didn't say I wanted it, she went to get one without saying a word and asked me to change it. 5555 was so moved.

Then I changed my make-up. It's amazing.

This is the makeup artist with my camera to shoot for me, Cinderella with good like, although I don't know how to use Cinderella to shoot elephant is a kind of collocation..

We took a car to shoot the location. We splashed water all the way. This day happened to be the new year's "Water Splashing Festival" in Thailand. I heard that many hotels directly sent water guns. Everyone who is not in the window is wet. This kind of atmosphere can never be imagined without experiencing it. It's just like every family in China will set off firecrackers while they are splashing water.

Of course, water splashing is carried out on the road outside the store, playing music, dancing and splashing wildly.

Elephant shooting time is very short, generally 15 minutes, so the state should be adjusted, smile hard on the line, do not be afraid of elephants, are trained to be very docile.

My elephant wedding dress finally realized my dream

After shooting the elephant, I actually like the make-up artist's random circle for me. It's more natural. So, if you want the effect, you must say it.

Then a group of people went to have a meal, which we invited ourselves. In advance, there was a contract that said, the makeup artist said with a smile, that is, Shaxian snack in Thailand. The total cost was only 350 baht for the photographer + assistant + makeup artist + ourselves.

There was also a small episode when we went to eat, because there was water splashing everywhere. Our car was looking for a place to park, and there was a group of crazy water splashing troops nearby. We were so scared that we didn't dare to get out of the car. Later, when we saw several pairs of us putting on makeup, we didn't splash it on us.

After dinner, I started to go to the temple. This make-up is my favorite. It's very exciting~

It's beginning to rain~~

We drove all the way to the temple. It was still raining. We waited in the car for a while. About 10 minutes later, the rain stopped.

In the temple, there are old monks driving with a group of young monks pouring water around the temple..

This wide-angle lens has shot 3 meters of life....

In fact, it's raining at this time. In order to get to the beach, we started to rain after the temple was photographed, so we didn't care. We can see the gloomy weather in this picture.

After shooting the temple, everyone is considering whether to go to the beach or not. After all, we still have a sunset scene to shoot. If it rains, we won't be able to shoot the sunset. Later, it's not too late. Let's go and have a look.

Facts have proved that we are right. The weather on the beach is very good, and there is a sunset behind. This wonderful weather is just in front of us, which makes us feel the power of nature and adds so many beautiful memories to our journey.

We sat in the Pavilion by the sea to change our make-up, and all the men went to catch the hermit crabs.

Except for the temple, my whole hairstyle was covered with hair. The makeup artist made a plate of hair for me this time. I didn't like it. She simply changed it and praised it again.

Let's take a sunset photo first. It's really beautiful

You can see that half the sky is gloomy and half the sky is bright

This photo friends say good-looking, make-up artist is omnipotent, assistant sprinkled for a long time sand is useless, she a sprinkle on the success, but also with two small wings..

This one is nothing special, but I like it very much. It's very comfortable to lean on my shoulder.

Maybe I'm too tired......

The whole day's shooting is over. Everyone is working very hard. Thank you all for your satisfaction and regret. Regret is another motivation~~~~

It's 500 baht to take a taxi back to the hotel. There are many single family villas nearby. Let me choose the others...

About 30 minutes, although we are really tired, we don't want to miss such a beautiful water splashing Festival. It's said that most people are crazy today, so we dare not take anything, so we take a GoPro to go out.

Mr. Ma's hand has a unique shaking pattern. He starts shaking as soon as he takes GoPro.. This is our millennium Patong hotel. It's very big inside. It takes a long time to walk to the room..

And Jiangxi cold connected, can directly see inside, can't directly past..

Hotel check-in need deposit, can't use UnionPay card, must have visa logo ~ we have wood, so can only use baht, 4000 baht ~ cause we behind cash is not enough~

There is free WiFi in the hotel ~ it's amazing. When I ordered, I told me that there is no free WiFi in the hotel~~~~

People all over the world are crazy on this day

Especially in this bar street, we can't get the crazy degree from the photos. We've recorded videos, and we've been splashed by people on the roadside from time to time.

After walking for a while, I really didn't have any physical strength. Far away from the battlefield, I went to the square on the cold side of Jiangxi Province to find something to eat.

Mr. Ma wants chicken legs

I ate banana cake, very sweet, with chocolate sauce, 120 baht.

Jiangxi cold square fountain, because it is their culture~

Mr. Ma's trembling mode is on again..

DQ, it's really cheap and there are plenty of materials. We bought a large glass of 90 baht.

After eating, we floated back to the hotel and almost fell asleep.

the forth day

Wait in the hotel lobby for the bus to Emperor island at 8 a.m.

I remember I ordered Chinese Service...

But in the end, it's all English. A group of people on our boat don't know which country is deaf mute. Anyway, it's crooked nuts.. So the tour guide showed his rich English, Thai and body language.

And I spent the day with that group of deaf mutes, relying on body language..

It's more far than you think. It's almost 40 minutes' drive to the dock.

The wharf looks very messy. In fact, it's OK. It's differentiated according to the color of the wrist strap. You just need to find the same color. You can get a life jacket nearby. Remember to remember this when you come back. Don't throw it on the speedboat.

There are also seasickness medicine beside the lifejacket. I didn't take it because I had it.

I also went to buy a waterproof mobile phone bag. It's very expensive. It costs 450 baht. Almost everyone has one. Most of them should have been bought in the water splashing Festival yesterday..

For the first time, Mr. Ma expressed his excitement by taking a speedboat.

We sat at the stern of the boat, the sound of the motor was very loud, the bow was on the top, and the smell of gasoline... Anyway, it's scattered everywhere. I can't hide it.

At the beginning, I underestimated the power of the speedboat. I didn't take any medicine for seasickness. Last year, I only took about 10 minutes to go to Shami island. This time, it took 30 minutes to go to Emperor Island, and the waves were very big. I was so confused and disgusted by a person who had never been seasick.

Then the ship stops in a water area for everyone to snorkel. Those who don't snorkel can only stay on the ship for about 40 minutes.

Feel not at ease with the lifebuoy can support, guide also has guidance how to use snorkeling mask and so on.

But at that time, I was so disgusted that I couldn't listen to anything. I felt that the whole person was not good. But when I stayed on the boat, the boat was shaking all the time, which was even more disgusting. At that time, I couldn't say anything. I put on my life jacket and jumped down...

The feeling of seasickness in the water is much better. I haven't figured out how to get it when the respirator bit my mouth. I feel that it's leaking all the time! I'm useless. If I want to go down and watch, I'll shut up and hold my breath...

There are many rocks on the bottom of the sea. I suggest you wear diving socks. I don't know how to swim. I pedal blindly. It's very easy to pedal to the rocks. It's very painful!!!! Unparalleled pain!!!

The sole of my foot is scratched, not deep, not bleeding, but it's a long cut, soaked in sea water, walking on the beach makes me feel bad

There are not many fish in the emperor island. Most of them are brought in by bread...

After snorkeling, I went to have lunch. The food on the island was simple, but it was self-service. I felt good.

I'm still suffering from seasickness. I have an appetite

Everyone is eating quietly..

I could choose to go deep diving. I had planned to go, but I was really in a bad state at that time, so I had to give up.

Emperor island has two beaches. We get off the boat and there is one in the back. It's mainly on the beach in the back (please forgive me for not remembering the name). It's expensive to rent an umbrella. It costs 300 baht, life jacket 100 baht and snorkeling Sanbao 100 baht. I'm still dizzy. I rented an umbrella seat for a long time.

Oh, by the way, I also bought band aids, 5 baht each.

The beautiful emperor island is full of concave shapes..

There is a Korean mm half lying on the beach, facing the sky to take a selfie, passing a small black, slapped her face into the sea, and then saw the Korean mm choking for a long time, shouting at the small black: I   hate   you!

Seeing this scene makes my body and mind healthy a lot......

So I picked myself up and rented a mask to go snorkeling again!

When I'm in a good mental state, I can take pictures.. I love this one. It's great

There were so many rocks that I kicked several more.

Our wristband color is yellow, hum, I like blue!

Pay attention to sun protection at the seaside. I wear a lot of sun protection clothes, which are popular on Taobao. They are almost invisible... So I didn't Tan...

When Mr. Ma went to the beach to bask in the sun for the first time, his thinking was very disorganized, and he even went straight under the sun to bask in a pair of swimming trunks. I have sunburn on my arm.

On the way back, the driver has been riding the wind and breaking the waves, deliberately making the top of the boat full of sea water, OK, another kind of water splashing Festival..

At the end of the day, the tour guide received a tip, but it was not compulsory. He put the tip box there directly. I think the tour guide was very enthusiastic and gave it 50 baht without any promotion.

Back to the hotel, we still strolled around. We passed the famous sixth restaurant, which was closed. However, there were mango and glutinous rice sellers, so I went to buy them.

This mango glutinous rice is really delicious, and Mr. Ma is full of praise.

Then we ate this one. We didn't go to any of the stores according to the strategy. We just went in when we thought it was OK.

It seems that Mr. Ma has never seen a genie until now. Poor me, I took him in. He didn't realize that he had seen a genie when he ordered a good meal for us...

When I told him, he also said that he was very confused. He didn't know why those people became human demon brothers...

The meal cost 500 baht, which is cheaper~

The arm next to it is brother Renyao's... It's not very beautiful..

This shop has Chinese menu, Chinese people are very strong.

There are a lot of Muay Thai propagandists on the street, and they also issue leaflets. Mr. Ma devotes himself to reading leaflets, and I devote myself to disinfecting dishes, so I won't say that I'm wrong!

I ate pineapple rice again, and the taste was almost the same as before.

Da Ai sauce!

Paella, the

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