Long beach wedding

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Published on August 26, 2015 16:21

Time: February 7-11, 2014

It's probably the most correct decision in my life to hold a wedding for only two people on the island. Although it has been one year, many details can be seen clearly. Write here to share with sisters who want to go to the island to get married( The picture is my wedding place, the West Cove Hotel in Long Beach Island, or the boxer King Hotel

I don't think I need to say more about the beauty of Long Beach Island in the Philippines. At first, I chose this place because of its natural beauty and high cost performance. We consulted many wedding companies before we set out. Because long beach is a new fashionable Island, many companies do not have ready-made local wedding experience. Most of them need to bring photographers, cameramen and makeup artists at their own expense. The price is quite expensive. After repeated comparison, we found a wedding company on the Internet (not advertising posts, not mentioning his family's name here). His family claims to be the only wedding company stationed in Changtan island in China. There are a few cases on the Internet about their successful beach wedding.

At the beginning, the company's offer was 28800 yuan per pair, mainly including wedding photos, wedding, one night honeymoon accommodation, etc. The price is a little expensive. After that, we would like to leave most of the trip to them. Maybe we can get a preferential price from a travel agency. That is Xiamen Philippines Hong Kong Qingdao. All flights and accommodation are arranged by the wedding company.

Our request is not to have a red eye plane (because the honeymoon trip is once in a lifetime, so we don't want to be too tired). Long Beach Island will hold a wedding and stay in West cove. Long Beach Island will have a four-star hotel or above. Hong Kong will stay in the urban area and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for one night.

After repeated bargaining, we finally won the whole journey at the price of 42000. Including Xiamen - Philippines - Hong Kong - Qingdao full ticket; West Cove on Long Beach Island held a hotel wedding and stayed for two nights (including one honeymoon suite and one standard suite), three nights in Paradise Garden Hotel, four nights in Hong Kong Causeway Bay Royal Hyatt Hotel and one night in Hong Kong Disney Hollywood Hotel; And wedding photos, wedding videos. In order to save money, we only need electronic photos and wedding mv, and the photos are developed and mounted by ourselves, saving another 700 yuan.

Xiamen is our first stop. This part is mainly arranged by friends, mainly for leisure and food. Let's start from Long Beach Island.

From Xiamen to Long Beach Island, we choose Dragonair and Philippine Airlines. The plane flies to Hong Kong at about 7:30 a.m., stops at Hong Kong airport for about 5 hours, and then flies to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, from Manila to calibo. The time of arrival is about 7:30 p.m. the original plan of the wedding was that someone picked us up from calibo airport and took us to Long Beach Island.

We left our hotel in Xiamen at about 5:30 a.m. and went to the airport. We checked in all our luggage in advance.

Here is a little interlude. I bought a lipstick from Chanel at Xiamen international export office, RMB 195 yuan, which is cheaper than Hongkong. Hong Kong is about 205 yuan, but other Chanel products are not as cheap as Hong Kong.

When we arrived in Hong Kong, there was a discount at the Hong Kong airport, so we went shopping at the airport and checked in duty-free goods. The reservation was that we would collect them when we returned to Qingdao from Hong Kong. Most of the prices of Hong Kong's airport goods are similar to those of the urban areas. If there is a discount, the price of the airport is more cost-effective. But there are fewer styles than in the city. For example, the wedding ring we want to buy doesn't have the right number in the airport, but it's very comprehensive in the urban area. However, the butter of Clinique airport is about 220 yuan, but the price is about 170 yuan for Sasa or excellence in the urban area of Hong Kong

The plane took off from Hong Kong at 1:15 p.m. Arrive at Manila terminal T2 at 3:25. The plane was basically not late. Everything went well on the way.

After arriving in Manila, the temperature was about 30 degrees. Although we only wore a single coat and a thin coat, we were still hot and sweaty.

As soon as we got off the plane, the wedding company gave us a call, saying that the transfer interval between our planes was short, and the terminals in Manila were far apart, so it was hard for us to find them. They would send someone to pick us up and transfer us to the terminal. So we took out our luggage and went out of the terminal to wait for someone to pick it up.

During this period, we asked the airport staff about the transfer of the terminal. The Filipino's English was poor. We kept asking about the words "t two" and "t three", but many staff didn't understand. Later I learned that the local people call terminal not by abbreviation, but by "terminal" + number.

Later, the staff motioned us to take a taxi. We asked casually. The taxi waiting at the gate of the airport quoted 1200 pesos to another terminal (about 170 RMB at the exchange rate of 1:7 at that time), which made us speechless. Later, another staff member indicated that there was an airport bus between our terminals and asked us to take the airport bus. We decided not to listen and wait for the reception to come.

About 15 minutes later, the reception bus arrived. In other words, buses outside the airport should also be charged. If you want to transfer to the terminal, you'd better take a taxi. You'd better choose a car with a watch instead of the one with direct price negotiation. From terminal 2 to terminal 3, it's about 60 or 70 yuan.

It took us more than half an hour to transfer to the terminal. We started to check in from Manila to calibo. Because we were going to the wedding, we took a lot of luggage with us, two suitcases, each just 20 kg. When we checked in our luggage, the staff said that we had to pay for the excess luggage because calibo is a small plane. The weight limit of each person's checked luggage is only 10 kg, and the carry on luggage can't exceed 7 kg. The staff suggested that we take part of our luggage with us. At that time, because of time constraints and two large carry on luggage. Plus it's hot and impatient. We decided to pay for the luggage directly.

I don't know if I don't buy it. I'm scared when I buy it. Our luggage is more than 20 kilos overweight. We bought 4200 pesos for luggage, about 600 yuan. I love you so much. After a careful look at the luggage list, one kilogram overweight is 200 pesos, we are 21 kilos overweight

Well, I'll put the money wronged in the back of my mind for the time being. Anyway, the formalities have been completed. In about 40 minutes, we found a place to eat at Manila airport.

The price of meals at Manila airport is similar to that of ordinary hotels in China. We bought two western food staples and two drinks, which cost about 80 yuan. It's just a small amount. I'll fill in the picture later.

It's a very small plane from Manila to Kalibo. It's a bit late to take off. The flight time is about an hour. It was about 7:30 when we arrived at calibo airport. I always feel that the small plane is not very safe. It's very bumpy when landing. It's a bit scary

Calibo airport must talk about it. Previously, according to the strategy, calibo airport is usually small, similar to the domestic long-distance station. It's true! The toilet is very clean

There is only one luggage transfer port, and the belt is very short. It took us about half an hour to stop, and the luggage came slowly. During this period, I observed around, the air here is humid, there are many geckos on the wall, the roof is very Southeast Asian style cottage style, occasionally you can see huge spiders.....

After picking up the luggage, the wedding photographer was waiting for us at the gate of the airport. He is also our part-time tour guide. On the left side of the airport gate, there is a small booth of Southwest. It's a local bus, which can go directly to the wharf of Long Beach Island. I don't remember the price, because it was all paid by the photographer. For the joint ticket of our train ticket and ship ticket, the staff pasted a Southwest logo on our clothes, which was the only way to get on board. When we got on the bus, it was dark. The photographer said it was a long way and suggested that we take a nap. As he said, it's really long. The road is very dark. You can't see anything. The road is very narrow. There are often cars passing by. It's very dangerous. In a daze, we were jolted several times. The photographer said that if we go to calibo in the middle of the night, we have to charter our own car and boat. It's OK for many people to travel together. If there are few people, the price is very expensive, at least 400 or 500. After driving for about an hour, I stopped at a rest stop to go to the bathroom. Then move on. It took another 40 minutes to get to the port.

The port is divided into two parts, one is a small speedboat and the other is a large ship. We bought Liancheng, by boat. Before getting on the boat, Xiao Hei took the initiative to help carry the luggage. When he got off the boat, he helped to carry it down. We gave him a tip of 20 pesos. The sea journey is very short, at most five minutes. When we get off the boat again, long beach is in front of us. It's already more than 10 p.m. at this time. It's dark around, but there are a lot of tourists. The water at the wharf is very clear, and you can see fish swimming in the evening. Out of the dock, there are a lot of buns to pick up. Southwest's expenses are included in it. Tell the staff at the door about the hotel they are going to, and he helps to arrange the bus. About six people a bun, the car ran 20 minutes, finally arrived at our first hotel, Paradise Garden Hotel. It's almost 11 o'clock by now. It's been a whole day since 6 o'clock in Xiamen. It's very hard.

Philippine Airlines at Manila airport.

On the way to the terminal.

At Manila airport.

Calibo Airport

After checking in, I finally stayed. Remind the relatives of travel that they must print out the accommodation form and take it with them. At the same time, leave an electronic version on the mobile phone. Almost all hotels need to check this when they go out to play this time. It may also be used when filling in the entry-exit form

The hotel doesn't look very big. The lobby is very small. As soon as you enter, there is a smell of swimming pool. Maybe there is an indoor swimming pool in the back. Paradise Garden Hotel consists of three or four floors. There are villas and apartments with two sets. The greening is very good. There are many flowers and plants in the garden that can't be named. Because it's night and the journey is very tiring, I really don't have the energy to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When the luggage was moved to the room, a staff member asked for help. I insisted on moving it myself because I was afraid of spending money. I didn't expect to live on the fourth floor, with a total of more than 40 kg of luggage. We were really tired. We had known that we were living so high, so we would rather spend some money for others to move it.... After this loss, we all tried our best to ask Xiao Hei to help us move.

The room of the hotel is quite large. It has a small independent balcony. The TV is not too big, but it can receive more than 70 stations, including those in Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong, as well as the central news channel. For the next few nights, we almost watched the news station every day and fell asleep.

The hotel presents two bottles of free mineral water, which will be supplemented by the person who cleans the room the next day. Coffee and tea are free, but everything else is charged. The operation of the safe is very simple, because the previous strategy said that Long Beach Island is easy to be stolen, so we put our valuables in the safe and locked them for the first time.

After packing, I was really tired and fell asleep.

The next day sleep to wake up naturally, simple clean up to eat breakfast downstairs. As soon as I opened the door, I felt that yesterday's hard day was worth it. The sky is beautiful, green everywhere.

A view of the interior of the hotel as soon as you open the door.

The buffet downstairs is also quite good, with a mixture of Chinese and Western tastes.

The breakfast restaurant is built around a small swimming pool. The water is very clear, and there is a small fountain. The scenery is good.

After breakfast, we walked around the hotel.

After breakfast, take a rest and go out. The first thing is to go to dmall to buy a phone card. In fact, Paradise Garden Hotel is directly connected to the beach. On the last day, we found that before that, we walked around the main door, sweating

The streets of long beach are very narrow, with only two lanes. On the road, there are mainly protruding cars. Occasionally, there are minibuses and even cars. The price of Tutu car generally starts at 60 pesos. If it crosses the whole island, it will cost 150 pesos. A car can seat three to four people at most and can pull luggage. However, according to the photographer, the local people are carpooling, generally taking a 15 Peso ride. When the local people give the driver the fare, they secretly put it in their hands, probably for fear that the tourists will see the real price

The first time we went out, we didn't take a bus. We turned at the first intersection all the way. First, I bought a bottle of sunscreen in a small supermarket. The sunscreen factor is 75 times, about 700 pesos, which is cheaper than dmall. Spray sunscreen and head for the sea!

See the sea moment, can only use one word to describe, that is beauty!

This beauty is totally different from the beauty of the temperate sea. Even those of us who grew up on the beach are fascinated by the sea here.

We walked all the way along the beach, where the beach is narrow, and there are various shops and hotels along the road. I didn't go far to see dmall. Because my husband has to use a phone card to work, it's urgent to buy a phone card. We don't have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, so we should buy a phone card first. The photographer told us that we could buy a phone card in the shop marked smart outside. Unfortunately, we were so clumsy that we had to walk around for a long time to find it.

Spent 350 pesos to buy a 7-day unlimited access mobile card (can't make a phone call), these days all depend on him. Before we went, we brought a spare mobile phone, pressed the network card on the mobile phone, turned on the hotspot, and the two people's mobile phones could access the Internet at any time. With the Internet, wechat, laptop, iPad and so on can be used normally. Most hotels in Long Beach Island have free WiFi, but the signal is not very good, and the mobile phone signal is also intermittent, which often leads to the situation of not going to the Internet.

Going out again is the rhythm of having lunch directly. We got into the Tutu car and went straight to dmall. The weather was not very good, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy. Originally, I was going to have a meal in smoke, which was introduced in the strategy. Unfortunately, when I went there, I bought the beef bone soup (about 1:00 at that time). The store manager said that it would be around 4:00 p.m., so we had to leave bitterly. Finally, I chose a fast food restaurant and ate it outside. Later I learned that this is a famous fried chicken chain store in the Philippines, which is known as the local KFC. There is no KFC on Long Beach Island, only McDonald's, McDonald's dessert shop closed at 5 pm... The price is not much different from that in China.

Let's go straight to the picture above. Two diners ate for four. In the end, I didn't finish eating. I packed and went back. I had a meal in the evening. I don't remember the price, but it's really not expensive.

After dinner, we started water sports. At this time, it began to rain. We walked all the way along the beach, many black came to ask us if we want to play water sports, chose a friendly one, we chose water parachute and go kart. When I go back to check the price, I'll pay you back.

In other words, the water sports in long beach is basically a negotiation between you, and Xiao Hei will follow you all the way. Xiaohei can help you take photos all the way, just give them the camera safely. If the service is good, you can consider giving them a little tip. Our attitude towards Xiao Hei is not bad. We gave him a total of 150 pesos in the whole process.

Parachutes and go karts are not dangerous. The whole journey of karts is quite long. The mountain road is very bumpy. It's hard for girls to drive when they have little strength. Driving to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the whole island of long beach. If the weather is good, the scenery will be very beautiful.

After playing these two projects, hurry back to the hotel to take a bath, and then go out to the wedding to talk about tomorrow's wedding and the day after tomorrow's shooting.

The studio is located in an SPR run by Taiwanese. It's hard to find the right place. The photographer conducted it all the way through wechat. Thanks to the fact that there is only one main road on Long Beach Island.

The young people in the studio are very kind. We discussed about the wedding process and meeting place tomorrow, and then began to choose clothes.

There are about 20 or 30 sets of wedding dresses. There are many styles and colors, but they are still less than domestic studios. After choosing for a long time, I determined three sets of wedding dresses (one for wedding, two for shooting) and two sets of casual clothes. My husband is quite big. He has no suitable clothes, so he can only wear his own. Considering the inconvenience of shopping on the island, we brought a lot of wedding dress items, such as beautiful beach skirt, couple's clothes, wedding shoes, leather shoes, bow tie, ring, bridal jewelry, silicone bra and so on. In the end, we basically used them. It is suggested that sisters who go abroad to get married should prepare more things. If possible, they can buy their own wedding dress and take it with them

After talking about the details of the wedding, the wedding presented an essential oil SPR, which is said to be worth more than 600 yuan. Before making SPR, let the guests choose the essential oil they like, and then give away a drink similar to sour plum soup. Show bathing and changing clothes, and then start massage, the whole process is about 2 hours, the strength is just good, very comfortable. My husband and I fell asleep. Finish SPR, feel the whole person thin a circle, swelling is obvious to go down. After that, a special bus will take us to the hotel. After that, Meimei went to sleep and looked forward to the wedding the next day.

The next morning, my husband was still busy with his work. His good friends sent us the video of blessing from China, which moved us a lot. After 11 o'clock, I left my room in paradise garden and went to West Cove by Tutu.

The car pulled us all the way to an alley and told us that it was West Cove ahead. Pushing two large bags along a sandy road, passing through a lane that could not be opened to traffic, we came to the seaside. For a time, we thought we had been cheated. After inquiring about it, we found out that West Cove was on the mountain, and there was still a short way to go.

When we got to the Nami Hotel, two black boys came up to help us carry our luggage and agreed a price of 200 pesos to help us move to the hotel. Don't underestimate this small mountain road. It's really hard to walk. It's winding. When I got to the hotel lobby, I was out of breath. Hotel staff directly sent a cup of cold lemon black tea, a wet towel, and each presented a shell necklace. My husband went to check in and was told that we could check in at 2 o'clock, but the staff knew that we were coming to hold the wedding couple, and they all warmly wished.

Here's a small episode. We don't have any change on us. Xiao Hei, who carried the luggage, said to change money for us and send it back. As a result, we waited for more than 20 minutes and no one came. Hotel staff said that if you need to change money, you can go directly to the lobby to change it for free. Later, when I went out for lunch, I met these two black boys again. After a series of intrigues, they reluctantly returned 800 pesos to us. Look at their appearance, if we don't come to ask for it, they won't take the initiative to send it back. The little black people in Long Beach Island are not all so kind

After the luggage is deposited, you can enjoy this legendary hotel like a fairy tale. It deserves its reputation. The structure is really fantastic. The equipment is a little old. Fortunately, the scenery is very beautiful.

Before we came here, we were told that because West Cove was built on a coral reef and damaged the environment, the local government asked to demolish it. As a result, the extension platform originally used for the wedding ceremony has begun to be demolished. Our wedding place can only be changed into another small extension platform. It's said that we are the last couple to get married there. It's really significant. By the time we got to the hotel, the wedding scene had already been arranged. With the invincible sea view, it's really beautiful. I was so shocked by the fairy tale scene that I couldn't believe it was my wedding scene. Absolutely not inferior to the domestic high-end wedding decoration.

This is the scene of the wedding. The main table and the pastor's table have not been arranged yet. They are as beautiful as postcards

It's two o'clock at last. We're in our honeymoon suite. The suite has two floors with a kitchenette. The room is sunny, but it's a little hot in summer. There are more mosquitoes. Originally, this suite was prepared for the extended platform that had been demolished. You can just see the platform through the suite. Unfortunately, it has been demolished, affecting the scenery outside the window.

After three o'clock, the photographer and makeup artist finally arrived. The wedding is going to be held at sunset, accompanied by the most beautiful sunset on Long Beach Island. Make up, change clothes and so on, began to work.

Let's talk about our wedding. Around 4:30, the sun began to set. We started the wedding without rehearsal.

There are not many people attending the wedding, two new people and two photographers, makeup artists, and the rest are hotel staff.

There is a supervisor who is responsible for all the coordination of our wedding. He is well dressed, and then the supervisor will serve us for dinner.

A Philippine pastor said that his English was really poor, because the oath was all in English, so we would read what he said. Because there was no rehearsal, my English itself was not very good, I could hardly understand what he said, and all kinds of pronunciation were not accurate, so I tried to parrot in the whole process. There are many tourists around to watch, I really want to find a hole to drill down....

The hotel also arranged two flower children for us, one was responsible for spreading flowers, the other was responsible for giving rings. Two children are so cute that they are absolutely in the limelight.

There was also a guitarist singing at the scene. The song was very beautiful, and the Chinese "the moon represents my heart". He served us all night, from the wedding to the candlelight dinner. It was very hard, but the atmosphere was romantic and warm with beautiful songs.

There are three "sites" on the wedding site. One is the priest's desk, which is mainly used to sign the marriage certificate and pour the sand. One is a small stage, mainly used for concave shape, new people exchange rings, mutual expression. One is the candlelight dinner table, which is decorated with island style. After the wedding, you can eat directly.

The wedding process is relatively short.

First, the flower boy sprinkles flowers and the bridegroom enters.

Then the bride enters.

The priest announced the beginning of the wedding and took the first part of the oath.

The new man stepped onto the stage and took the second part of the oath.

Exchange rings, deliver speeches.

Mixed sea sand.

Signing marriage certificate (non legal meaning)

group photo.

The whole ceremony lasted about 40 minutes. With the beautiful sunset, there were still tourists cheering and shouting. That kind of feeling is unforgettable. My husband and I kept sighing about the beautiful scenery and whispering to each other, saying that it was very wise to choose this kind of wedding ceremony. It was absolutely super value and more unforgettable than the same wedding ceremony in China.

After the ceremony, the hotel presented two cocktail smoothies for photographers to shoot.

Because you can't take your mobile phone with you at the wedding, I've taken a lot of photos of the wedding, but they haven't been sent to me yet. I'll make up for them when I get the photos.

After the wedding, it's candlelight dinner.

We went back to our room to change our casual clothes. By this time, the sun had completely set and night was gradually falling.

There are about four courses for dinner, including salad, main course, dessert and so on. It's delicious and exquisite. Even if we prepared ice water and champagne, we didn't dare to drink too much because we had to shoot the next day. It was a waste.

The hotel also arranged a fire dance performance with local characteristics. Three performers took turns to perform for us for about an hour. It was fun to interact with each other.

At the end of the program, with the accompaniment of the live singing, we ate slowly and enjoyed the night sky slowly. No one bothered us. At night, Long Beach Island was neither hot nor cold. It was very pleasant.

My husband also improvised a song for me, the moon represents my heart, which was praised by the resident singer as "good voice" ha ha.

The manager's service is very careful and high-end, and the singing is also very beautiful. I really should give a tip. But we didn't take anything out after we changed our clothes. I feel a little embarrassed. After dinner, we went back to our room to have a rest early to deal with the next day's shooting.

I forgot to tell you one thing. During the wedding and shooting, besides the photographer and makeup artist, a local black has been following us all the time, mainly playing the role of security and coordination.... Four staff members should be given a tip of 100 yuan per person every day, which is 800 yuan for two days, one for each day. This is not included in the tour fee. In addition, the next day's wedding photo shooting, lunch is to need new people to bear, eat what no requirements, the staff are very easy to talk, lunch can be.

Let's continue with our wedding photos.

The next day after the wedding, we got up early in the morning, and the wedding staff came to the room and began to make up at more than 9 o'clock. First it was shot in the hotel. At about 12 o'clock, we went through the room change procedure, left our luggage at the front desk, changed the number of our second suit and took photos outside the hotel.

During the shooting of the hotel, we ordered a cup of lemon black tea smoothie in westcove, which was very delicious and recommended to you

I'll never forget the outdoor shooting, because it's so hot! Absolutely suffering! After dinner, we walked all the way along the West Cove Beach, all the way to S1 beach. It was sunny all the way. Remind new people:

1. Apply enough sunscreen and rub it up from time to time. I think I wiped a lot, but after returning home, my mother said I was tanned....

2. To bring enough water, it is a big problem to buy water during the shooting process. The local bars in Long Beach usually provide free ice water only by buying their drinks.

3. It's better to prepare shooting props, such as coconut, small fan, Shenma, to facilitate shooting and reduce heat.

4. It's best to take a bath towel, because there is no special place to change clothes. Sometimes the wedding dress can only be changed on the spot, which is very inconvenient.

In a word, we went all the way and suffered all the crimes. If it wasn't for the beautiful scenery along the way, I would have collapsed.

The time was right. We got to S1 beach before sunset. The sand here is really thin. It's very comfortable to walk on it barefoot. S1 there is a fruit shake near the beach. The mango shake here is known as the best drink on the island. In plastic bottles of mineral water. It is worth recommending

The wedding was arranged for a sunset sailboat, 1000 pesos. We don't need to pay for it. The sailboat took us on the sea for an hour, enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking pictures again and again. It's great. Lying on the net of the crab boat, I stretch out my hand to lift the waves and look up at the beautiful sunset. I suddenly feel that this kind of life is not real.

After shooting the sunset sailboat, the wedding dress is round

The lemon black tea smoothie from west Cove tastes good.

The beach of S1

Beautiful sunset silhouette

Wedding, wedding photo shooting, these two most important things are finally settled. In the evening, we went to the most famous seafood market in the local area immediately after finishing our grooming. Finally, we can let go of eating. As food, we are excited.

The seafood market is very close to Paradise Garden Hotel, but it is far away from west cove, so we need to take a taxi. The market is not very big, the center is the seafood market, surrounded by processing restaurants and souvenirs. Souvenirs sold around the seafood market are much cheaper than dmall

The most famous one in the seafood market is the young man we met. I have seen him in the forum before. He is good at Chinese and can cheat. Often shoddy, the dead said survival. We must pay attention to this point. We must be careful that they take advantage of the chaos to take out from the dead seafood basin and put it into the live seafood basin. My husband's eyes are very sharp. He has seen through him twice. Xiao Hei is helpless because of us. The price must be cut to death, and the live lobster should be controlled within 200 to 300 RMB. Prawns and crabs are much cheaper than lobsters. We finally bought two prawns, one live lobster and one crab. When changing money, Xiao Hei had to take the change as a tip, which we firmly refused! Xiaohei in the seafood market are definitely the smartest local people in long beach. It is said that they are all very rich and the average person's monthly salary is only about 3000 pesos. Therefore, we must not cheat them. The price of seafood must be cheaper than that in China. If we don't give it, we will pretend to change. Generally, we will be stopped and give a low price.

The photographer recommended us to go to the "Hong Kong Kitchen" on the main road outside the seafood market, saying that it was delicious and there was a discount. In fact, there is no discount at all. When we went there, it was already more than 9 o'clock. There were not a lot of people, but there were a lot of them. We chose two lobsters, crab with scallion and shrimp with garlic. We also ordered an okra. As it turns out, it's really good!

Who told me that tropical seafood is not as delicious as temperate seafood?! I can only use four words to describe this meal, that is "too much! Good! Eat! It's too late. The taste is absolutely delicious. Even the two children who grew up in Qingdao can't help admiring the delicious seafood.

I also want to remind you that you must buy live ones! There is a big difference in taste and price between live seafood and dead seafood. The seafood we ordered in other restaurants later is not as delicious as that in the seafood market. The taste is not an order of magnitude!

After the wedding and wedding photos are taken, you can have fun on the last day. We haven't been able to swim in the sea before, so we decided to play in the sea on the last day!

In the morning, we woke up naturally and had breakfast in the restaurant of West cove. It's a bit cloudy, just right for snorkeling.

Originally, we planned to rent a boat around the island for snorkeling and fishing, but the price is not cheap. There are many coral reefs in the sea area around West cove, which is very suitable for snorkeling. Before we went abroad, we borrowed goggles and respirators from our friends, and we also prepared our own diving shoes, which can be used.

There is a small staircase near the West Cove restaurant, which leads directly to the sea. The surrounding water is not deep, about chest level. We changed our swimsuits in the room and began to snorkel. There are many fish and high visibility in this sea, but there are many corals. If you don't wear diving shoes, it's easy to cut your feet. We played for about an hour and picked up a live sea cucumber. Because my husband has work to do, and finally reluctantly back to the room.

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