Thailand Phuket + Bangkok free trip 1

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Published on December 24, 2013, 21:46

It's been more than a month since I came back from Thailand. Before I started, I kept clamoring to come back and write a strategy. Then I covered up my laziness for various reasons. Even my colleagues came back from Thailand and didn't write a word~

Luggage: (1) dress: summer clothing is OK, because will go to the seaside, so swimsuit is a must. At the same time, I heard that temples in Thailand need to be dressed neatly, so I brought long pants and long shirts for standby( 2) Necessary for snorkeling: waterproof bag. Install a mobile phone, so you can take photos while snorkeling( 3) Mosquito repellent: it's said that there are many mosquitoes over there. Although we haven't met them, we'd better take them with us( 4) Umbrella, the rainy season is very long over there. It's easy to rain. 5) Passport, credit card, Thai baht (6) mobile phone: global users need to apply for international roaming in advance to use it locally.

Strategy Study: if it is a self-help tour, you still need to drop, learn more, and you will have a solid foundation after you go out. There will be a lot of online search, in fact, the same. Of course, this is the Afterword. Before going out, I was very nervous because I didn't make much preparation. I watched the strategy on the Internet for a day in a hurry, and then downloaded a lot of Thailand travel apps on my mobile phone( Be sure to download a Google map yo, very useful! It's not advertising! Because when you go abroad, you can't use Baidu or Sogou maps!)

Booking hotel and air ticket in advance: Ctrip chose a journey of "Phuket Island + Bangkok 7 night free trip · air ticket + hotel self-service tour" which is more humane. It can freely choose the time of the two places, and the hotel also has many choices. Because it wants to go shopping in Thailand, it makes Phuket Island the first stop.

Day 1

At 6:50 in the morning, take the Thai Airlines from capital airport to Bangkok to set out for Thailand( The plane is not late, so I'm happy ~)

I have a good impression of Thai Airlines. Thai aircraft has two characteristics: first, the plane meal is very good; Second, the plane is really smooth. When "smooth like silk" was shown in the plane video, I said "blow it!", When the plane landed smoothly, I still had to admire it - it was really smooth all the way, even the landing and take-off were not too bumpy.

After five hours, the plane arrived in Bangkok. It's already 11:00 local time When I get off the plane, I want to tune my mobile phone, and I find that my mobile phone has become Bangkok time. I thought it was my international roaming that worked, but later I found that even my husband's M-Zone had been transferred by himself. It's amazing~

Because the connecting plane to Phuket doesn't take off until 14:15 p.m., we have to walk around the airport. There are many affordable fast food choices at the airport. We bought a set meal 295b + a hamburger 324b.

Bangkok to Phuket by plane only 1 hour, more than 3 pm to Phuket airport. There is a small counter in the lobby of Phuket airport for free phone cards. Just go to get them. It has a detailed description of the settings, which is easy to set. While waiting for luggage, I looked around and saw the free map mentioned in the introduction in an obscure corner. Of course, this kind of map is mainly recommended for consumption and tourism classics, but there are also some places, so it is more practical. It's free. I like it all

Because Ctrip ordered the pick-up service, so I was a little nervous before leaving the airport, worried that I couldn't find someone to pick up. I didn't expect to see the uncle holding the Ctrip brand as soon as I went out, and then I waved like I saw my relatives, and the uncle waved the brand to us warmly.

Ctrip's pick-up locomotive put us in the welcome lobby of the hotel. After a while, the ferry bus of the hotel came and took us to the hotel hall( The hotel is very safe. When the car outside enters the hotel gate, the security guard will take the anti riot (I think HA) iron ring around the car site to ensure safety before passing. Besides, the bus outside can only go to welcome liberty, and there is another door inside, which can only be accompanied by the hotel ferry bus.) Show Ctrip's hotel order at the service desk. There's no deposit. Just provide a credit card number. Check in takes a few minutes. Very satisfied with the room. When Ctrip places an order, if you order honeymoon room, you need to add money separately, so you don't order honeymoon room. You just indicate honeymoon travel in the order notes. The hotel is very considerate, with simple decoration. The fly in the ointment is that there is no free WiFi, only the hotel hall has free WiFi, so every day there are many people sitting in the hall with mobile phones and pads surfing the Internet. It's raining outside. I want to call my family with my mobile phone to report my safety, so I went out to find seven 11 to recharge my phone card with the super umbrella of the hotel.


Listen to your suggestions and put the following travel notes together:)

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