Ubu infinity swimming pool in Bali | the minimum per capita is 200 + / night!

Ubu infinity swimming pool in Bali | the minimum per capita is 200 + / night!

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Ubu infinity swimming pool

Trilogy of concave design for Bali Resort


Wanghong Hotel

infinity pool

Floating breakfast


Let's take a look at Ubud

What are the boundless swimming pools

1. Natya resort Ubud

Located in wubu, the geographical location is very good, very close to the central area of wubu!

The semi suspended and semi curved infinity swimming pool of the hotel is facing the lush forest. It is located in front of the restaurant by the swimming pool. There are reclining chairs and umbrellas. The design of the umbrellas is also very retro.

The combination of reddish brown and bronze in the room, together with golden decoration, has a light and luxurious retro style~

Address: JL   Kelabang   Moding,   Suweta,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-one   Ubu,   Indonesia

Price: 1900 + / night

2.The Kayon Resort by Pramanna

The hotel is located in the garden with chapel and swimming pool. The design of layer upon layer is very unique! Apart from the private swimming pool in the room, the public swimming pool on the top floor has the best view. The shape of the pool is like a bullet, overlooking the whole green forest~

If you eat in the hotel, you can also enjoy the scenery of the waterfall, or have a picnic by the terrace.

Address: JL   Kelabang   Moding,   Suweta,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-one   Ubu,   Indonesia

Price: 1500 + / night

3. Viceroy Bali Governor Hotel

The hotel is located in the highlands of Ubud, only 5 minutes' drive from the center of Ubud.

Villas are equipped with private swimming pool, but the hotel's main infinity swimming pool is a good place to take photos! There is no extra shelter in front of the swimming pool, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the jungle. At sunset, it's very comfortable to soak in the pool and enjoy the "egg yolk" in the sky~

Address: Jalan   Lanyahan,   Br.   Nagi,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-one   Ubu,   Indonesia

Price: 3900 + / night

4.Pramana People Kurung Resort

Facing the valley, the environment is quiet and green everywhere. It seems that you are a forest elf living here. There are only 18 rooms in the hotel, so there are few people. It's the most suitable swimming pool to come here!

If you're lucky, you can take the whole pool ~ here's the point! Bali's hottest floating breakfast in this hotel is free to enjoy!! You can punch in two net red spots at this time. Don't hurry!


Price: 1100 + / night

5. Author Resort Ubud

This is a new hotel in Bali this year, the price is very beautiful and greasy ~ the lowest per capita is 300 + / night! The two-tier infinity swimming pool has a wider view on the upper floor and a rest Pavilion surrounded by several columns and gauze on the lower floor. You can also enjoy floating breakfast here. There are four kinds of trays: boat, square, heart-shaped woven tray and transparent tray. The transparent tray is the most special, and food seems to float on the water from a distance.

Address: JL   Raya   Desa   Kenderan   No.88x,   eighty thousand five hundred and sixty-one   De graeland,   Indonesia

Price: 600 + / night

6. Hanging gardens of Bali

The hotel overlooks ayung   River river, on the hillside, shuttles by cableway~

The unique double deck infinity swimming pool design, the lower floor is relatively long, can swim in the water, in the evening, the hotel will light candles, when the night falls, stars, super romantic.

Address: Desa   Buahan,   Payangan,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-one   Payounan,   Indonesia

Price: 6000 + / night

7.The Kayon Jungle Resort

Surrounded by tropical plants, you can feel the fresh green air. The design of three-tier ladder swimming pool with different shapes is the highlight of the hotel! According to the shape, a sunken leisure area is designed with cushions and small tables.

The hotel is located at the top. It seems to be in a fairyland when the sky is blue and the clouds are white. At sunset, you can enjoy the romance brought by the setting sun. When the night falls, the lights light up again like a paradise!

Address: br   Bresela,   Payangan,   Ubud,   Gianyar,   Bali,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-two   Ubu,   Indonesia

Price: 6000 + / night

8. Holiday Inn beijiubad Resort

This hotel is also located in ubu. It's only 200 + a night per person. It also has a swimming pool. The sun shines through the clouds. The visual effect is amazing! Facing the whole forest, especially on the second floor overlooking the whole pool, is a large visual!

Address: JL   Sangingan,   Bali,   eighty thousand five hundred and seventy-one   Ubu,   Indonesia

Price: 420 + / night

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