Manila, Long Beach Island~

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In 2014, the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday was only three days. I was too lazy to go out. However, I suddenly heard that the leaders were going to go out to play. Of course, I couldn't waste it. So I hurriedly reserved the air ticket a week in advance and went to the embassy to apply for a visa. I reserved the return ticket to Manila on the evening of March 27, went to the embassy to apply for a visa on the 28th, and boarded the plane on the evening of April 2, From the beginning of this trip, it was destined to be hard to catch up with the three hurdles.

About transportation:

It's another rush trip. Fortunately, the ticket is not expensive

Online for Air China round-trip tickets to Manila   From 20:00 on April 2 to 0:30 on April 3, arriving on April 7   six o'clock   30 points  -  Arrive in Beijing at 10:50. The round trip is 2510 yuan. Philippine domestic segment is to buy the ticket of Cebu airlines, Manila - calibo   The price of round-trip is 196 US dollars even for luggage. Here I want to remind you that if you book tickets early, Cebu Airlines is still very cheap, which means that it's not easy to make a round-trip in the Philippines   Four or five hundred RMB, I'm too busy and too poor, so don't use it for reference. Of course, don't laugh.. hasn't got time   It's just money for time.

After Manila flies to Kalibo, you need to take a car to Dhaka dikelan wharf. It's about 10 kilometers   About an hour and a half, and then you can get to Long Beach Island by changing ships. I will introduce it later.

About visa:

There are some visa agents on the Internet   It's about 200 yuan. It takes 5-7 days. I'm in such a hurry that I went to the embassy to do it by myself. My friends who went to the embassy to do it by themselves should pay attention   In addition to your passport and two 2-inch white background photos, you also need your passport   Proof of work in English   The official seal of the company and the signature of the legal person shall be affixed. perhaps   provide   Certificate of deposit of RMB 20000 sealed by the bank   20000 or 30000, I forgot, you should have Baidu  ) But it's like freezing the deposit for four months. If you have your own company friends around you, it's the most appropriate to give a work certificate. You can seal it and search for a template on the Internet. I submitted it on Friday, March 28, and collected it on Monday afternoon, March 30. It's 335 yuan. It's three working days if I don't handle it urgently. It's about 30 yuan   175 yuan. In addition, the Embassy in Beijing receives materials from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and issues visa from 14:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m., so we don't hand in materials in the afternoon. It's useless..

About accommodation:

Make complaints about Philippines's accommodation.

1: Arrived in the early hours of April 3, living in downtown Manila   the   pearl   Manila Hotel, what's the price   277 yuan a night. The facilities of this hotel are extremely old, which is far from home in China.. It feels like home   About 100 yuan hotel level.. And the Internet is to pay separately, this is the same in many hotels in the Philippines, and the general network speed is very slow, I don't know why the Philippine network is so slow.. This is also the worst country in the Internet after I went to many countries in Southeast Asia. The only advantage I think is the geographical location. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to the Lisha park. The park is next to the ancient city of Intramuros, so it's more convenient to travel.

2: April 3 - April 5 evening   It's Hanna in long beach   Hotel, this hotel is very easy to find on the Internet. The score is more than 8 points. I am the price of 3 nights   977 RMB, including tax. The hotel conditions are not very good. It's very simple, but the service attitude of the hotel service staff is very poor   It's not bad. The location is fairly good. It's only 2 minutes' walk from S1 to dmall. It's about 10-15 minutes' walk to dmall. Most of the hotel facilities in long beach are old and dilapidated, including those like West   Cove and other high-end hotels also want scenery, no facilities, hotel conditions are relatively poor. In some hotels on the east coast and in the mountains, the transportation is not very convenient, but the hotel conditions are relatively comfortable. If you want to go to a hotel for pure leisure, you can consider fireway where my friend lives   The hotel has a good reputation in the local area, and the price is not expensive. It seems that it's only more than 500 every night. At that time, considering the transportation, I was afraid that it would be inconvenient to live in the mountains or the East, and considering the cost performance of one person, so I chose right and left on the Internet. After a long time, I took the convenience of transportation as the dominant factor, and reserved Hanna hotel for three days according to the score and price ratio. I don't think it's necessary after I've been there. There are Tutu cars everywhere, and long beach is a city that never sleeps. You can take any transportation in 24 hours, so no matter where you live, you don't have to consider the transportation.

Stay in Copacabana, Manila on the evening of March 6 and April 6   apatment   Hotel, the hotel is close to the airport, one night is about 360 yuan, the hotel environment is not bad, there is a swimming pool, the rooms are more comfortable and clean. However, there was no pick-up service, and the attitude of the hotel staff was very bad. Finally, when I took a taxi in the morning, the staff at the door of the hotel said to call for me and told me to ask for 250p. As a result, I took a taxi to the airport and only got about 100p. After that, the people in Manila are not very impressive.


I changed it in the Bank of China in Beijing, and the exchange rate was about 1:6.95. When I arrived at Manila airport, I had a look at it, and it was 1:6.5. It seems that it is more suitable for us to change it in China. The little friends I met all the way also said that the domestic RMB exchange rate in the Philippines is relatively low. However, if you exchange dollars well and exchange them in the Philippines, the exchange rate is still good.


When I get out of the exit gate of Manila airport, I can see people selling calling cards. I bought a 600P one, which can be unlimited on Internet in 6 days, with a 200P phone charge. It takes 7.5P one minute to make a domestic call in the Philippines. It seems that it takes more than 20 P one minute to make a domestic call, which is more expensive. On the Internet,   Basically all the way there are signals, but the speed is very general, the network speed of the whole Philippines is very slow.. This is going to make complaints about it.

Time flow:

Day1, April 2: Beijing Manila, take off at 20:00 on April 2 and arrive in Manila at 0:30 a.m. on April 3.

Day2, April 3: browse downtown Manila in the morning, fly to Kalibo at 15:00 in the afternoon, the plane is 2 hours late, take off at 17:00, arrive at Kalibo, take a car to kadikelan, then take a boat to long beach, finish checking in at about 8:00 in the evening, and appear on the beach of long beach.

Day3, April 4: take the helicopter around the island project in the morning, ATV up the mountain in the afternoon, sail out to see the sunset in the evening  , One day in long beach.

Day4, April 5: take a one-day trip to Tiao Island, take a sunset in the evening, climb Luho mountain to take a picture of stars after dinner.

Day5, April 6: get up early in the morning to shoot the sunrise on the east coast of Long Beach, leave for Manila at 8 a.m., fly to Manila at 12:30 noon, and stay at Manila Hotel at 3 p.m.

Day6, April 7: get up at 4 am, go to the airport, and fly back to Beijing at 6:30.

The above itinerary is hard to force, insist on running down, island tour also play so hard, it's really tragic. People who don't have holidays can't afford to be hurt. Because the transportation from Manila to long beach is not very convenient. It's a waste of time. I hope those who want to go to long beach will have more time. It's probably the best time to stay in long beach for about five days, so they can enjoy the charm of long beach.

This is really a walk on the journey, but also said that the past, now come back to use words and pictures to record their trip, fortunately, the scenery of long beach is good, left for the elderly to slowly recall.


First of all, I'll take a few big pictures!

Helicopter aerial photograph of Long Beach Island

The scenery is good, how to shoot is beautiful, this is taken by mobile phone, sunset sail

Panorama of Long Beach Island

There is a street with local characteristics in the old city of Intramuros in Manila. The characteristic Jeepney bus stops at the roadside.

How many historical stories does an abandoned building in the east of the old city contain?

Aerial photograph of Long Beach Island

Crystal Island

A corner of Crystal Island

Puka Beach

S1 pier, sunset near the gate of Friday Hotel

Sunrise at bulabog beach on the east coast.

Start my journey

At 8:30 p.m. on April 2, the flight of China North Airlines took off on time. At 1:00 a.m. on April 3, I was already on the streets of Manila.

Is the Air China plane very fancy.

After arriving in Manila, it was early in the morning, so there were not many taxis. There were only those yellow taxis, which seemed to be dedicated to the airport. In the past, they haggled over the price. After they said the name and location of the hotel, the driver asked for 1500p. It was only about 10km from the airport to my hotel. Didn't NIMA steal the money, cut hard, and finally the deal was completed at 400p, In this way, it's much more expensive to take a taxi than usual. Later, when I took a taxi to the airport at noon to Kalibo, it was less than 200P. I still took the highway with the toll. But it's bad luck to arrive in the middle of the night. I can't say that the first project is going to Manila in the middle of the night. After getting on the bus, the driver didn't give up and continued to fight with me.. I said that I like RMB. I hope I can pay RMB and pay your sister. I said that I don't have RMB. I only have peso. When I meet such a driver, don't give RMB. He has no place to change the change. He means red ticket. Manila, as it is said.. It's a place that needs to be built step by step.

It's about 3 o'clock after arriving at the hotel. I took a bath and went to bed. The hotel environment is very poor. But the location is good.

This is a screenshot of the mobile Google map. Below the screen, the south side of the city is the airport. About 10 kilometers north is my hotel. About 1 kilometer north, the place with the red circle is the old city. Riza Park, Intramuros, Manila cathedral and St. Augustine Cathedral are all here. To the north of the ancient city is Chinatown, which has a very famous market, Because of the time problem, I didn't go, including the SM shopping center mentioned in many travel notes. I'm not interested in these things. To the right of the big red circle, which is about 2 kilometers to the East, is the Muslim area, in which there is the famous Golden Circle   musque。 8 a.m. in Manila.

Manila street is very chaotic, human tricycle drivers are very enthusiastic, see you pick up the camera, will be very conscious of all kinds of pose.. Li Cha park has nothing to play with, a statue, a monument.. The sun is so strong that it's so ugly.. It will not affect your mood.

I saw a family of three on the street in Manila. My father was asking for money from passing cars to earn a living. Although the environment was tough, my mother and daughter still gave me a bright smile when I raised the camera... What does it feel like.. What difficulties are worth us to face all day( Although the moment I put down my camera and turned my head, I'm not sure if they scolded me for not giving me some money

A section of the city wall of Intramuros in Manila. Intramuros was founded in 1571. When the Spaniards gained control of Manila, they began to vigorously build fortresses and fortresses, where all government departments worked. The Manila war of World War II destroyed the ancient city, and only a few ruins of buildings can be seen at present.

The gate of the old city is still preserved

A building in the old city should be a former government agency.

A main street in the old city, the jeep parked is the label of the city.

When you enter the old city, there will be a lot of manpower tricycles. The coachman of the carriage will ask you to work. We, the coachman, offered 600P for one hour to browse the project. In the end, we bargain until 200P, because I didn't find that the car was powered by manpower. I always thought it was an electric or oil-burning Tutu. Later, I found that it was powered by manpower. They really worked very hard. He had already stood up to ride on the uphill road several times,, Sweat, after all, brother Tuoer big ah. I can't bear to look at it and say, why don't you sit here and I'll kick? At the end of the day, I gave 100p more, which was 300p in total. To say that the price was not expensive, I spent an hour in the city browsing the main scenic spots. The Philippines is really a country with low consumption.

Old Fort

San Agustin Church

Carriage is also a feature of Manila

It's hot and sleepy. Drivers still take care of their ponies. After all, they are money making tools

The horse is full of food and drink and is ready to work.

Manila Cathedral

There are several scenic spots in the ancient city that I have to pay for, such as Fort Santiago, which I didn't enter. Manila cathedral is located in the northeast corner of the old town. If you continue to go north, you will find Chinatown. The next destination is to visit golden in the Muslim community of Manila   Musque, the golden domed mosque, was built in 1976. It was originally intended to meet visiting Libya's elder brother Gaddafi, but it failed. Let's take a look at the mosque of local tyrant Jin. On the way, I met this wonderful relic I like. The dilapidated building seems to tell the story of the ancient city.

The Muslim community is about two kilometers east of the ancient city of Intramuros.

The child saw the camera and laughed brightly

The rickshaw pullers at the gate of the Muslim community happily set up the pose

This guy is more distinctive.. Smile real from the heart, carefree write on the face..

The Muslim community is very chaotic

Jinding mosque is in the street. It's easy to find.

The dome of tuhaojin

Muslim enjoying the cool in the mosque

Filipinos really love to take photos. This time, it's not about pose. It's about asking me to take photos for them..

There are many poor people sleeping on the ground in the mosque.. Who says Muslims have only terrorists.. It's still a place to help the poor..

Sunlight hit the ceiling, shining in green light, the distance an old man walked quietly, as if time is still..

The old man talked with me for a while and asked me where I came from. He said that Muslims help people. Many poor people here receive relief here

It's almost 11 o'clock since I came out of the mosque. I hurried to get on a Jeepney bound for Manila. The Jeepney here got on 8p, but got on   I'd like to know which district I'm going to. It's similar to the concept of small public in the past. It's 12 o'clock when I get back to the hotel. Pack up quickly   OUT。 It's 1:30 at the airport. I was surprised to see what happened at the airport. Philippine airports go through the security check outside the airport first, then go through the check-in procedures in the lobby, and then go through the security check again at the boarding gate. Looking at the endless long line, I feel I can't get on the plane. At this time, he ran to the police, took the reservation certificate of Cebu airlines, and said that the plane was going to fly at 3 o'clock. I'm afraid it was too late. The police happily took me through the first security check, and then helped me print the ticket and send it to the check-in counter. The next thing is to ask for money. I generously gave him 100p... Police comrades a little bit unhappy, but still accepted, OK friend, you become an international Lei Feng! Here's a word of caution. The airports in the Philippines are in chaos. There are too many people waiting in line for security check. You'd better get to the airport early. If you're short of time, you can try to find the police and give them some money. Maybe you can save a long line.

Cebu airlines as always delay, 3:20 on the plane, has been sitting on the plane until 5 o'clock plane to fly, but the plane like chicken blood, actually landed at 5:30.. Wonderful Cebu airlines..

The little monster of Kalibo Airport

Arrival hall at Kalibo airport.. It's not as big as a toilet in the airport..

Here's about the traffic to long beach after arriving at Kalibo airport.

1: After leaving the airport, there are various intermodal transport companies on both sides. The price is 300p for one person. The intermodal transport is directly delivered to Changtan island. However, some friends later proved that they can bargain to 200P. This is to gather people to set out. There are minibus and big bus.

2: There are also chartered cars to go directly, 1300p, a car, I directly and a friend of two people to pack a car to start, so that the time will be faster, and it's more comfortable to sit. Should also be able to bargain, but that day too tired, really lazy bargain, directly left.

3: I was worried before I went there. I didn't know what time it would take by car and ship, so I didn't dare to buy an evening flight. It was later confirmed that as long as there was a flight to Kalibo, whether it was in the morning or in the middle of the night, there were cars and ships that could deliver you to Long Beach Island. This is quite mature.

When you arrive at cadillan wharf, you have to pay 175p tax on Long Beach Island. The docks of long beach are at the southernmost end of Long Beach Island. There is still a certain distance from S1, 2 and 3. We were two on Tutu that day. 100p, we got to S1 my hotel. If you are interested, you can continue to chop.

Arrive at the hotel at 8:00 p.m., clean up, go out and start to find a place to eat and go to the beach.

Piers S1, 2 and 3 are the three landmarks of white beach. Dmall, which is generally used as landmarks, is in the middle of S2 and S1. Bulabog beach in the East is the place to watch the sunrise. Luho mountain is the highest point of the island, with a viewing platform. Hanna Hotel, which I stayed in, is a little north of S1, so the transportation is quite convenient.

Beach restaurant with great feeling

I just want to eat it

All kinds of desserts..

All kinds of shell ornaments are sold on the beach

Is this the leader?

This picture was not taken well. At that time, there were mixed feelings in my heart. A child in front of me was holding a child, and a child in the back was picking up things. On the brightly lit beach, there were begging children everywhere. The hardships of life were in sharp contrast to the red and white on the beach. Anyway, I don't have the courage to take pictures with the lens on my face.. Just eat some pizza on the beach and stroll back to the hotel.

Sleep to 8 o'clock, go out to dmall and so on. Xiaohei under Huahua takes me to make a helicopter. The weather is good and it is destined to be a big day.

The helicopter doesn't look very good..

Fortunately, the weather is good, and it's a blockbuster!

North of Long Beach Island

White beach

Southwest of Long Beach Island

Next door to Shangri La

WEST   Cove Hotel

It's at the southern end of the island

Because the helicopter can only shine through the window, so the reflection makes many films useless. This one is put up to popularize the geography. The one on the left is the South Bank of Long Beach Island, the one in the middle is crocodile Island, and the one on the far right is Crystal Island.

The eastern beach of bulago looks very beautiful. In fact, there are more algae in it, so the beach here is actually dirty..

After coming back in the afternoon, I have lunch to play ATV. ATV is to drive to an amusement park halfway up the mountain, then drive an all terrain vehicle up the mountain to the top of Luho, and then walk up to a viewing platform to see the invincible sea view around. The cost is also bought online. It's 99 yuan. The total driving time is about 25-30 minutes. The biggest disadvantage is that you can't drive fast. There's black on the front and back of the road, so it's not very exciting. It's not very pleasant to drive. You like to play exciting games   Don't think about it.

A silly sister, take two pictures, the advantage is how to put the shape on how to put

I really don't know how to make people look good

ATV is this kind of car, drive to the top of the mountain, 15 minutes up the mountain, down the mountain may be 10 minutes, as rent a motorcycle ride.. It's all the same..

The view from Luhuo mountain..

Or sister


There are padlocks on the top of Luho.. It seems that there are things with love locks all over the world.. Can it really be locked.. It seems that there are not many people who believe here. If it were in China, the place would be full of locks..

After going down the mountain, go back to the hotel to clean up and go straight to the beach to watch the sunset sail.. This is the most famous one on long beach. We gathered five small partners to bargain with the boatman on the beach. Finally, five people made a 1200 P deal. Because they often fell into the water, we didn't bring a camera. Unexpectedly, our mobile phone also took a picture we liked

The man of the sea.. You're mighty..

Sunset sail out of the sea is a crab boat, people sit on both sides of the pole connected to the net pocket.. It's really beautiful to go out to see the sunset..

Send a few cell phones to take pictures..

Don't say anything. This beautiful scenery is beautiful no matter how it is shot...

In the evening, I went to the seafood market with my friends to eat seafood. It was women who went to bargain. I was only responsible for eating. I said that the cheese lobster was good, and the lobster porridge was OK. I didn't put any photos. I didn't eat anything delicious in the Philippines, and the cost performance of seafood was average.. When it comes to lobsters, I can only think of Vietnam..

The seafood market is close to S3, just go south from damll. After buying seafood, there are processing shops next to it. You can cut down the processing fee slowly. This is of no reference value. I only know that the price is usually offered here in the Philippines, and you start from the heel.

After dinner, I went for a stroll on the beach, because we had an appointment to go out to sea the next day, so I went back to the hotel to take pictures of the boat on the Internet the next day. But we met a series of tragic things, so in the end, we decided to go to the beach in the morning.

The next morning when we arrived at the beach, we found a boat and went straight out to sea. Sure enough, all kinds of snorkeling equipment were not included, and so on. Anyway, the black boys tried every means to increase the money, so that's why I began to order from Huahua. At least it has a guarantee, and it's practical to play. In the end, there wasn't much money. The average of 13 people was about 750p, and they had a lunch at noon.

After going to sea, the ship first went to a piece of water for fishing.. A fishing tackle made of mineral water bottles tied with thread.. That's bullshit.. However, there are really small fish caught, not so exciting, so after 10 minutes, we set sail to a sea area for snorkeling. Snorkeling underwater scenery in general, also can not see a lot of fish, coral what is not clear.. If you want to see the beautiful scenery under the sea, you'd better go deep diving. Snorkeling is really boring. Arrived at Crystal Island at noon, Crystal Island is to pay for the island alone, a person 200P.

Crystal Island. Crystal Island has two holes.. It's too sunny.. I'm too lazy to look for it. If you are interested, go and see for yourself.

Crystal island scenery.

Road signs guide us forward..

This thing should go straight..

The waiters on the island show a comfortable smile..

Lunch, roast chicken..

Or all kinds of baking..

After a walk on Crystal Island and lunch, I left and went straight to Puka beach. Puka beach is located in the northernmost part of Changtan Island, rich in beautiful shells, better sea water and more beautiful snorkeling scenery.

Puka beach, our crab boat..


The water on Puka beach is clear and the beach is fine..

The sand is fine..

Because the waves of Puka on that day were too strong, so we couldn't snorkel. After a walk on the beach, we went back home. After a day's Island jumping tour, we went back to the hotel to take a bath and change clothes. At night, we went to the beach near Firday, where there were fewer people, and waited for the sunset..

Beautiful to unreasonable sunset..

You from the bottom of the sea..

It's coming..

What are you going to do?

After shooting sunset, I went to a Steakhouse recommended by Huahua to eat steaks. This Steakhouse is called Boracay   Steakhouse, in the sunken yard next to S2 Starbucks.

I didn't order for a long time that day, and I urged it several times.. So boring began to pretend that literature and art middle-aged old fresh..

Who are you bigger than..

You're under arrest..

This chicken steak with cheese is very good. It's sandwiched with cheese.

I'm hungry, too. Let's have a breath..

Does this steak look like S.. It tastes good.. Medium rare..

What does this look like.. You know.. But the taste is OK..

A meal of steak has a crooked stomach, leaving a lot.. Only more than 200 yuan, really cheap.. Make complaints about how to eat these days. Seafood is not as good as expected, and the price is not very tempting.. Philippine local dishes such as roast chicken have little appetite.. There are a lot of Western food. It's not bad. Today's steak is the only one in these days. It's delicious and full..

There are also local shake, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines.. I think shake in the Philippines is the worst.. Later, through the communication with Huahua, I learned that the coconuts in long beach were picked up because they were half cooked and squatted. As for the mango shake that many people like to drink, Huahua said that the mangoes on the island, like me, were transported from Kalibo by car, and many of them are bad mangoes.. So think for yourself.. These days, I still think the Matcha star bingle from Starbucks is good... How to say that.. The following post a few flower their own summary of the long beach restaurant recommendation.. Let's see, different people have different opinions..

I didn't take a tripod when I went out this time, but I still wanted to shoot stars in invincible ocean view. I wanted to go to West originally   Cove stay overnight.. Take a good picture of the stars on the terrace at night.. Later Huahua dissuaded me and said it was too wasteful.. He gave me an idea. After dinner, I found a tutu car and asked him to take me to the top of Luho mountain and wait for me. Then I climbed to the viewing platform to take pictures... And tell me that 300p is definitely an hour. Huahua is really a person who benefits the people.. Ten thousand thanks here, ten thousand omitted..

Call Tutu car, ran to the top of the mountain, the result of the observation platform to meet me is 5,6 Wang Xingren.. damn.. Hua Hua didn't say that. Fortunately, I'm not afraid of Wang Xingren.. They barked at me and attracted the watcher of the viewing platform. After a conversation, they said that I would take photos. He said yes, 120P per person. Deal decisively.

There's no tripod. It's true..

But the scenery is really good.. Interested friends can take a tripod to shoot.. My disabled hand is still shaking on the ground..

After going down the mountain, I strolled on the beach and went back to the hotel to sleep. Morning on the 5 o'clock alarm, said the good sunrise finally came.. The sunset sail of Long Beach has been mentioned by many people.. Sunrise is rarely mentioned.. What I want to say is.. It's really spectacular..

casts a thousand beams..

Finally break through the dark clouds to see a sunny day..

Now play the decomposition action of sun father-in-law getting up..

I just opened my eyes and walked out of the sea

Into the dark clouds..

In the morning, only I and three Filipinos from Palawan were taking photos on the beach. They also introduced me to Palawan, which is very beautiful..

In the struggle against dark clouds, arduous

It seems to have been completely eaten by the dark clouds..

Victory is at hand, persistence is victory..

There are no models on the beach, so we have to chase Wang Xingren to take photos.. Wang Xingren from the sun..

Finally, we can see the blue sky through the clouds

You can figure it out.. Suddenly I found the cloud on the right is very spectacular...

The sun is out of bed.. Finish shooting and go  。。

Go back to the hotel and pack up, check   Out, because it was 12:25 noon to Manila, so I went directly to Kalibo airport. You need to pay 100p for leaving Long Beach Island.

The scenery from cardiklen to Kalibo is very beautiful.. If you have time, you can also play slowly along the way.. I really don't have time to watch a little bit because I'm catching a plane.. Hope interested friends can pay more attention..

The happy local people I met on the road saw me pick up the camera and put out this starting style.. Deep hidden merit and fame..

Kalibo departure hall is slightly larger than the arrival hall.. Interestingly, there are horses and chickens in it.. The price is not expensive. Finally, there's time for a massage.. Wait for the interval of the plane pinch feet and head, a total of 1 hour, 400p, the price is OK, pinch is also very comfortable..

Arrived in Manila in the afternoon, 2 o'clock out of the airport, the hotel is in Copacabana near the airport   The hotel, the hotel environment is really good. After checking in at the hotel, I immediately went out to take a taxi to Manila   American   Cemetery   and   Memorial, American Memorial Cemetery. Arriving at the entrance of the cemetery, I had to register with my passport.. I like to leave my passport in the hotel when I go out to play. This is a tragedy. It must be too late to get it back.. So I ran over and said Mooney, Mooney.. result.. In exchange for a special get   OUT。。 It turns out that money doesn't always work in the Philippines.. It's tragic.. Grass, cross.. Cultural blockbuster.. The largest U.S. military Memorial Cemetery in Asia.. The taste of World War II, so far away from me.. Had to stand at the door card two.. Hope to have friends can go to take two more beautiful pictures.. Have a good time...

Green grass in the distance, white cross.. I'm in a hurry.. Photo of the door card..

The gate..

Pull me to and from the driver brother..

After being refused the door and taking two photos, I went back to coconut, the coconut womb near the hotel   Please, the result.. It's time to close the door.. Today is jonella.. Continue to stand at the door card photo..

The rain is coming and the wind is blowing all over the building..

It looks like a thatched cottage outside.. How could it cost tens of millions of dollars.. Made of pure coconut trees..

Take a panoramic view..

I was so tired that I went back to the hotel for a meeting. I opened my eyes at 8 o'clock and went downstairs to have dinner. I went to the corridor to take a picture of Manila at night. I called it spa, room   Service, it's too comfortable to knead. Just knead the alarm.. Get up at 4 o'clock to catch a plane and go back to the imperial capital to smell the haze( In addition, Philippine exit is to pay 550p departure fee, we remember to leave some money.. Don't waste money when you cross the border. Many people like to spend all their money on the last night.)

Manila at night..


Room   Good night, goodbye, Philippines...

Use the above words and pictures as a diary to record this short and hard island tour.. When you get old, come and have a look.... This obsessive-compulsive disorder, always play themselves so tired.. And less time to observe and feel the local flavor. Hope next time can calm down to slowly experience, feel!

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