Manmiaofei (from Beijing: Manila + Long Beach + Mint Island + Cebu)

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Published on May 10, 2014 23:18

Before I first arrived in the Philippines, oh no, when I got out of Beijing / Manila round-trip ticket in July last year, I always wondered whether it was safe to go to the Philippines for free? After all, the tense relations between China and the Philippines, the Huangyan Island incident, the Manila hostage incident and, of course, the earthquake, typhoon and so on. All friends who have visited the Philippines say that peppermint in long beach is actually very safe, and the local residents are very simple and friendly.

With this kind of doubt, stay in the Philippines for a week to experience a wonderful trip.

Manila / Long Beach

Red eye flight travel started in the early morning, from 1:17 to 5:35, the night almost looked at the stars of the galaxy, from north to south, gradually away from the haze area. There are more and more stars. At night, the sky is full of stars. At 3:00 in the morning, I passed a prosperous city with bright lights. Is this the treasure island that China has never recovered?

After successfully arriving in Manila, I checked in for domestic flights and took advantage of my free time to have breakfast in yellow cab. It is said that the food in Philippines is really fresh, which is different from Uncle Mai's Kaifeng food. All the food in the fast food restaurant here is made on the spot. Wait and wait. After 40 minutes, I finally got a sandwich breakfast. It's enough for two people to have a set meal. Unfortunately, I ordered too much... I ate some in a hurry, so I rushed to the boarding gate of domestic flights. The local domestic gate is a bit like China's long-distance station, noisy. There is no flight electronic display screen, and the flight numbers are all hung on pieces of plastic boards. The ground crew will shake the boards in their hands when they are ready to board

In this way, I got on a small propeller plane and went to catilan, which is the nearest airport to Long Beach Island. 8: The flight from 16:00 to 9:29 arrived at the cardickland airport on time. The plane was the smallest I had ever sat on, with only four seats in each row. The airport was also the most compact I had ever seen. The terminal building was a row of connected concrete rooms. When I entered the room, it was the luggage conveyor belt... And then the exit... All the facilities were so mini and clear at a glance.

It's the name that flashes everywhere. When you get out of the airport, you can quickly find the staff to pick up the plane. The staff gave a lot of bills, including ship tickets, train tickets and various taxes. In this way, after sitting in the car for more than 10 minutes, the porter pulled the luggage away before he got off the car. So he followed the porter on board. Of course, there was no free lunch in the world. The total tip for two pieces of luggage was 40p. The journey was 15 minutes. After getting off the bus, I didn't plan to use the porter any more. I got off the ship with my luggage to find the car, and took another 15 minutes to the hotel. The hotel is still in the process of decoration. The appearance is almost interesting. If you don't look carefully, you can't see that it's a hotel. Fortunately, the internal environment and facilities are pretty good.

In this way, it took nearly 11 hours to reach Long Beach Island. The welcome ceremony is a shower, where the wind and umbrella are useless, so the rain has to be followed by the face. As visitors from the north, this is the so-called long drought and rainy season?

After checking in, I was so sleepy that I took a nap. In the afternoon, hang out on the white beach, have a mixed lunch and dinner, continue to be yellow cab, this time eat thin pizzas, the amount is very large and affordable. The white sand beach is different from the imagination. The sand is really soft, but there is a lot of rubbish on it. The seaside is really cool. I'm here for summer; I finished my tour early on the first day. I seemed to have a rest in the hotel before 18 o'clock...

1.13s3 beach + white beach sunset

Breakfast is continental breakfast, and it tastes good; Adhering to the characteristics of the Philippines food hard goods and large quantity.

This morning, I went out with the same hair style in twins costume. The rate of return is very high. It's rare to be regarded as twins.

On the way from S2 to S3, there are many vendors selling waterproof mobile phone covers, sea tours, massage and so on. I have to praise that they speak standard Chinese words: "hello", "beautiful", "massage", "cheap" and "braid". Suddenly they feel like they are going back home. S3 was developed late, and the quality of sand was not as fine as S1 and S2. But this area is quiet and undisturbed. It's a good place to rest on the couch. In the morning, most of the people who come and go here are joggers~

Wandering on this beach, I feel that the years are so quiet and good. I've been lying on the couch with a sunshade for more than an hour with a large glass of ice sand in my arms. I think the cold wind of the imperial capital is cold and the haze is falling on all sides. The days on the island are better than the living gods. This is not Monday, this is not a dream!

After drinking a stomach of water, I didn't feel good, so I enjoyed a coconut oil massage on the beach for one hour. The price is much higher than that in China. My mother is very kind, a little like the grandmother who sells weaving in the minority mountain area. While lying down, while smelling bursts of coconut oil fragrance, a stomach of water want to ripple up~~

At the end of the massage, I felt that my muscles and bones were very relaxed, and I was almost trapped. Back to the hotel, change the skirt moistened by coconut oil and continue to rest.

Today's lunch and dinner are steaks in de Paris Restaurant. The meat is a little rough, like Buffalo, but the price is good, which is more affordable than that in China.

Towards dusk, I came to S2 white beach to wait for sunset and burning clouds. In the process of waiting, he turned his legs into a mermaid's tail and made a mermaid cosplay. The fire cloud in the evening should be the most beautiful sunset seen in recent days. The setting sun is infinitely good, just near dusk; Only lasted half an hour, the sun hid in the clouds and quietly left.

Long beach is the graceful and carefree girl. At night, long beach is hot and sexy. All the Filipino women in my impression are Filipino maids. When I come to this paradise, my eyes suddenly shine. Filipino girl is very charming. It's very busy around D mall. Unfortunately, there are too many shops. There's nothing worth buying except mango slices.

1.14 sea tour + Friday Beach

This morning's breakfast is Filipino breakfast. I'm not used to it, and I don't eat a lot; Well, this can avoid the scene of pouring out in the turbulence of going out to sea.

After breakfast, we started the "personal custom" Trip - island hopping tour. The itinerary was reserved in advance at the hotel. Originally, I thought it was a small crab boat and a boatman. I didn't want to send a guide to follow me. When I got on the boat, there was a boatman serving with me. A tour guide, two boatmen and a tourist made me a tour leader.

The so-called island hopping tour is to travel from a main island to a nearby island, during which you can have sea leisure activities such as snorkeling. Due to the big waves on that day, we couldn't go to the nearby Crystal Island. So we took a boat from S3 to S1. On the way, the guide made a brief explanation of the coastal resort and beach. Along the way, we passed the oldest hotel, the finest sand beach, and Shangri La, which has a private beach and is not disturbed by the outside world; And the West Cove Resort that I'm most interested in, because the color of the water in this area is very special.

Considering the safety issue, we didn't plan to go snorkeling this time, so on the way back from S1 to S3, the ship moored at a concave Bay of the main wharf of Long Beach Island, feeding fish, picking up shells, playing with sand... Is this Tuesday? It's totally incredible!

There are a lot of snorkeling boats near aowan. The guide said that the place is calm and suitable for snorkeling, so he saw that there are not only tiger fish in and out of the coral, but also tourists soaking under the boats; This kind of tiger fish seems to be very sensitive to the taste of bread. It doesn't take long for the bread to be spread, and then it comes out greedily.

After staying at aowan for more than half an hour, I picked up some small shells and took a boat back to the white beach of S2. It's right to go out to sea with a waterproof swimsuit bag, because the big wave boat can't reach the shore. The waist deep water seems to be very deep. After getting off the boat, it was pushed back to the shore by the waves.

Considering that there is a colleague's birthday this weekend, with the help of friends, I piled a delicious sand cake to celebrate my colleague's birthday overseas.

Return to the hotel for a rest, skip the direct afternoon tea for lunch, with the arrival of various desserts, blood sugar and calories immediately increased.

After the afternoon tea, they walk towards S1 and pass by the virgin reef. Tourists at home and abroad like to take intimate photos with the statue of the virgin, so it is difficult to take high-quality photos.

Then I went to the beach on Friday. The sand is good. I have to dig some to bring back tomorrow and make sand bottles for my relatives and friends.

After Friday beach, continue to Puka beach. It's high tide around 4 p.m. and the waves are beating on the rocks. It's a bit dangerous to go to Puka beach by the rope. Let's go~~

Waiting for the sunset in the evening, I was bored and buried my companions... It turns out that fire clouds don't exist every day, but I'm a little lost today.

There are so many pizzas here. I went to a Shakey's pizza, which tastes like cheese. I almost ate a whole sheet of regular size pizzas to make up for the omitted lunch. Eating like this, I'm worried about getting fat when I go back~~~

1.15 West Cove Resort + Friday Beach

Breakfast with Spanish omelet, the taste is OK and the amount is enough.

After that, take a walk in the direction of S1 to Puka beach, which I didn't go to yesterday. After the first three days of continuous rain, the day was sunny, blue sky, white clouds and birds flying. On the beach, I am walking and patting all the way, letting the naughty little waves wet the skirt.

Gathered in S1 are more high-end resorts, along the way to see a lot of foreigners lying on beach chairs, leisurely basking in the sun.

In this way, we walked through Puka beach and came to the paradise we saw on the sea the day before. The resort is built close to the mountain. The closer it is, the quieter it is. At the same time, it gradually changes from sand beach to concrete road and then to stone step road. When you step into the West Cove Resort with both feet, you will find that the trip is worthwhile, and the ticket 300p is worth everyone.

The sea here is picturesque and dreamy, which makes me lean on the fence and refuse to leave. Even if the sun is strong and the sea breeze is strong, I can't shake my persistence in appreciating the beautiful scenery.

After that, I went directly to the Balin sea beach from the back door of West Cove Resort, which was not fully developed and had no tourists; Only some local children are playing by the sea; Even if I was dressed as a lady, I could not help but go up when I saw all the places I could climb

Carrying a long skirt to climb up a rock, this rock seems to be used to overlook the sea, the scenery is infinitely beautiful. Facing the sea, embrace this early summer!

I was so immersed in the beautiful scenery that I lost a water blue flower. It's a great honor for me to keep company in this dreamy sea.

When taking the last picture in this perfect resort, put your bag aside; Forget all about your schoolbag after taking photos.

When I saw the kitten on the way, I wanted to take a picture with my mobile phone. Then I remembered that my schoolbag was not at my side at all! Fortunately, the local people are simple and honest. In a hurry, Zhongyuan Road turns back. My heart is so excited~~~

On the way back to the hotel, I dug some sand on the beach on Friday to make "sand bottle Republic".

At noon, the sun is more fierce. When you are thirsty, you can take a rest in the dessert shop and enjoy the ice sand and desserts. Suddenly, you can regain your spirit!

We had a paella in OLE Spanish tapas for lunch and dinner. It's worth waiting for nearly an hour for delicious food. The seafood ingredients are quite enough, and the meat of grouper is also very fresh and tender. Considering that it was the last night in long beach and the beautiful scenery was taken on that day, I ordered some drinks to boost the fun. The taste of local beer is not much different from that of Yanjing. Drink a cup of Boracay flyer, now I can fly!

1.16 Long Beach Cebu Mint Island

At 6 a.m., the morning on Long Beach Island is quiet, and then the 13 hour sea land air intermodal transportation begins;

15 minutes drive to Long Beach wharf;

It takes 15 minutes from Long Beach wharf to catilan wharf by car; After getting off the train, the luggage was carried away by the porter in a flash. After putting it on the ship, each piece of luggage asked for 50p, which was twice as expensive as that on the day of arrival. Anyway, it's not easy. It's much cheaper than carrying luggage in the Three Gorges.

It's a 2-hour drive from catilan wharf to Kalibo airport. Many Panshan roads and markets near the airport coincide with the local celebration ati-atihan Festival. The local people dress up happily;

Mm from the Philippines. Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. The Taobao store told me that it was a handsome guy who picked up the plane

It happened that a Philippine star arrived in Cebu, and the fans waiting at the airport kept screaming;

They were taken to a private car by the two Philippine mm; oh The car owner is really handsome, and he is from Fujian. After so many days, he finally met one who can speak Chinese. The handsome guy thought that we came to Cebu to watch the annual baby's day, but we just went to mint Island, Cebu is just a transit place. It is mentioned that there are low-pressure cyclones in recent days, but only for listening; I don't think there will be a typhoon.

It's 30 minutes' drive from Cebu Airport to Cebu wharf, and you pay 25p per person's Wharf tax and 50p per person's luggage fee at the wharf;

Cebu wharf to Tagbilaran wharf took oceanjet for 2 hours. Fortunately, I didn't get seasick;

It's a 30 minute drive from Tagbilaran wharf to Alona beach. The driver who meets the wharf is also the driver of the next day's inland tour.

Finally, we arrived at the hotel at dinnertime.

Putting the two kinds of tourism products together is quite frustrating in the traffic. Fortunately, the traffic is not delayed all the way, and everything is under control.

When I first arrived at peppermint Island, my first impression was that it was not as pleasant as long beach. During the meal, a glass of Mango Smoothie full in front of me was blown down by the wind, and the key to the room was blown to the ground. I'm sorry to smile to the waiter. The waiter also said that he was sorry that he shouldn't put a mat on the table, so he changed a glass of ice sand and continued to drink with disapproval.

Between the room and balcony is sliding door, maybe the sealing of sliding door is not good enough, the table in the room is covered with sand. Unknowingly, I thought that the room had not been cleaned for more than n days, and there was a thick layer of floating soil.

1.17 spectacle monkey center + Chocolate mountain + butterfly garden + Lobo River Cruise + church site

Can the weather be described as cool in autumn? It's raining and the cool wind is blowing.

Today, we chartered a car to start the inland journey of peppermint island. We drove for 1.5 hours to the eyeglass monkey center. The monkey is small enough, the size of a mouse, and the staff can hardly see it without prompting. Its English name is tarsier; It feeds on insects. Its eyes are very large and it looks like an alien.

After driving for 1.5 hours to chocolate mountain, the car entered the mountain area and started Panshan road section. Midway through the man-made redwood forest, the forest is very dense, the shelter that is called a dense dark.

Chocolate hill is a cone-shaped, composed of 1268 hills, which is a unique natural landscape. The reason why it is called chocolate mountain is that at the end of the dry season, the grass on the hill will turn into chocolate color. The chocolate mountain I saw should be the taste of Matcha tea... The hill is not high, and there are many steps. Along the way, we will pass through many small pavilions, some of which were cracked in the 7.2 earthquake on October 15 last year.

Chocolate mountain ~ ~ ~ saw a foreigner over the warning tape to take photos, so he handed the camera to the foreigner to help collect some photos.

After that, I went back to the butterfly garden and had a look. There were few bright spots, which were less than those cultivated in Beijing;

Arrive at Lobo church near noon, which is a Christian church with Baroque architectural style. According to the strategy, you can visit and enjoy the choir performance. Unfortunately, the church was damaged in the earthquake and is now in ruins;

Half of the docks were damaged, and the tickets included buffet lunch. This is the first time to have lunch on time in so many days. While eating, you can enjoy the primitive forest scenery on the Lobo river. At the end is a pocket waterfall; I won't be a last day without you; Midway, the boat will stop at a waterside pavilion. Before the arrival of the boat, the actors on the waterside pavilion begin to sing, while the young girls begin to dance. Bamboo pole dance is also popular here... Let me think that when I pass through the Li village... Visitors can get off the boat and interact with the performers during the performance. Of course, tips are unavoidable. Before disembarking, all tourists need to pay a certain tip to show their heart.

I decided not to visit the boa constrictor. I went straight to the ancient bakaron church, which was built in 1727. It is a Catholic church with Spanish architectural style. It is the second oldest church on Mint Island, and it is also a coral church. The building materials are very special. During the preview of the strategy, I learned that the interior of the church was very splendid. After the earthquake, I prayed that it could stand as good as ever. But unfortunately, the church was also damaged in the earthquake, and it is being restored

The face of Jesus can be seen on one of the blackened pillars! Amazing

In the evening, you can stroll and eat at Alona beach. It's a miniature version of long beach. It's a coral stone beach. You need to wear shoes when walking on the beach, otherwise it will hurt your feet. Mint island is not as popular as long beach, but the coastal water is very beautiful, showing Mint color; Even though the name doesn't come from that.

Dinner is sitting on the beach and lighting a candle, which is blown out in the middle.

1.18 Mint Island - tabilaran - Cebu

Last year, I ran after a typhoon in Hong Kong. This year, I was chased by a typhoon in the Philippines

I had a good time all the way. I wanted to see a dolphin again in the morning. I went to baricasa island and Virgin Island, but the trip was cancelled by the bad weather.

In fact, from the low-pressure cyclones, smoothies blown down by the wind and candles blown out mentioned by Fujianese, I should think that the weather seems to be abnormal. The weather forecast in app will not report a typhoon because it is not destructive and is already common in the eyes of local people.

However, when there is a typhoon, the coast guard does not allow ships to go to sea, because there is an example before: tourists do not listen to the advice of the ship, which eventually leads to the destruction and death of the ship.

Hotel front desk person is not bad, said to help check Mint Island back to Cebu ship will cancel; And contacted the car to send us to Tagbilaran wharf early in the morning, spent 50p each person's change fee to change the ticket to the earliest one. The ship to other places has been cancelled, but the ship back to Cebu is not affected for the time being.

On the way back to Cebu by oceanjet, the sea is very rough, so I sit on my seat and play one by one; Someone threw up. Anyway, I was hungry

Arriving at Cebu Hotel at noon, the hotel checked in two hours in advance, and then took a taxi to the local SM for 30 minutes. After 6 hours, it was just on the eve of the baby's day, and many things were heavily discounted; After visiting the back row, the team waited for a taxi for an hour and a half, but at the end, they were stupid: the road was closed and the car couldn't pass.

Then fireworks were set off around SM to celebrate the coming of the next day's baby's day. For the largest festival in the Philippines, the local people were crazy. They ran wildly when they heard the sound of fireworks... Since they couldn't get a taxi, they began to walk back on their legs. If there was a problem, they went to the police, and the Philippine police showed them a clear way to go without martial law, Finally broke out of the siege and took a taxi back to the hotel. That's because the hotel was reserved near the airport by the early flight, otherwise it would be difficult to go to the airport again tomorrow

The next time you go to a country with many festivals, you need to have a long memory. Before you get out of the air ticket, you need to make a divination

1.19 Cebu Manila Beijing

Get up in the morning, take the first shuttle bus with the stewardess to the airport, and arrive at Manila airport on time from 8:59 to 10:17; I took a taxi to the mall of Asia and checked my luggage for free. It's said that the SM here is much bigger than that in the harbor city. I haven't compared the big ones. Anyway, I haven't finished visiting a building in three hours... If I don't particularly pursue luxury brands, many goods are extremely approachable in price and the shopping environment is excellent. When I came back to take a taxi, I made a mistake. I just wanted to go to T2 in Beijing. As a result, I blurted out that I was going to T2 in Manila. When I got off the bus, I found that the terminal looked different. It's not so close to take a taxi from T2 to T3

19: 39-00:07, arrived in Beijing in the early morning of the next day, hugged and shook hands with haze~~

This tour:

1.11 Saturday: Beijing T2

20: 30 from home

Arrive at the airport at 22:00 and check in

23:00 visit duty free shop at Airport

1.12 Sunday: Beijing / Manila 5J-673 (0100/0530) Manila / Caticlan-Boracay 5J-895 (0825/0935)

01:00 to Manila

Arrive at Terminal T3 of Manila airport at 05:30

If you go through the Customs at 06:00, you need to buy domestic department terminal fee 200peso / person. Actually, you don't need to buy it

Pick up your luggage at 2F at 06:15 and check in at the same terminal

Breakfast at 07:30 Airport

08:25 to cartiland

09:35 arrive at Cartier Rand airport and purchase domestic department terminal fee 100peso / person

10: Pick up your luggage at 00:00, arrange the pick-up service including shipping fee, wharf tax and environmental tax, and South tour is responsible for the pick-up service

10: 15 arrive at catilan jetty port (5 minutes by car / 10 minutes by walk)

10: 30 take Banca to Long Beach Island (about 15 minutes by boat)

11: Arrive at Boracay Haven Resort at 30:00 to check in, and pay for the transfer flight and island hopping tour

13: Lunch around the hotel

14: 00 white beach leisure vacation, shooting sunset

White beach is the biggest reason why Long Beach Island is famous in the world. It is located in the middle of the West Bank of the island, extending from south to North for 4 kilometers. The beach stretches gently. Even in the scorching sun at noon, it is still cool on the sand. In the evening, the white beach turns into a huge 4-kilometer-long bar, decorated with lights and music. Many people who come to the holiday do not do any sightseeing or recreation, just linger on the white beach from morning to night.

19: Enjoy the night view for dinner around the hotel

20: End of day tour

1.13 Monday: Boracay

Get up at 07:00

08:00 Hotel Breakfast

08:30 a.m. walk around S3 for half a day, rest, and then return to S2 for coconut oil massage

In the afternoon, visit D mall, the largest shopping center in long beach. There are all kinds of Trinket shops. The most popular ones are small ornaments made of shells and semi precious stones and local handmade ornaments; There are all kinds of exotic food, Italian food, Greek food, Philippine food

1.14 Tuesday: Boracay

Get up at 07:00

07:30 Hotel Breakfast

08:00 start to order island hopping Tour Hotel

11: After the trip to the island, we have lunch

13: Return to the hotel for a rest

14: 30 go to Friday beach for a holiday and shoot the sunset

Friday beach is the finest and most beautiful beach area on Long Beach Island. The local people call it "powder sand". When the fine white sand is hidden in the transparent and clear sea water, it forms milk like powder. Swimming on the shore is like walking in milk lake.

19: Enjoy the night view

20: End of day tour

1.15 Wednesday: Boracay

Get up at 07:00

08:00 Hotel Breakfast


Walking to Puka Beach

Puka beach, also known as yapak beach, is located on the northern coast facing Carabao island. It is the second largest beach on Long Beach Island and is famous for its shiny Puka shells. These shells were popular raw materials for ornaments in the 1970s and 1980s. Collecting shells was the main industry on the island at that time. Up to now, we can still see the traces left by Puka Shell pile on the beach.

Go along Puka beach to West Cove Resort. It's worth a visit;

In the afternoon, return along the road and send postcards to the tourist center

1.16 Thursday: Boracay-Kalibo / Cebu-Tagbiliran(Bohol) 5J-417 (1205/1250)

Get up at 07:00

08:00 hotel breakfast, check out

08:30 departure from hotel to Kalibo Airport

10: 30 to check in at the airport and purchase domestic department terminal fee 50peso / person

12: 05 to Cebu

12: 50 arrive at suwu airport Taobao order Cebu Airport Cebu terminal one way service

13: 45 arrive at Cebu wharf, go to ocean jet window to exchange paper boarding pass and order with Taobao

14: 00 around the pier

16: 20 take ocean jet to peppermint

18: 20 arrive at tagbiliran wharf and go to Alona beach. It's about 30 minutes' drive. The hotel orders one-way service from tagbiliran wharf to Alona beach

19: Arrive at the hotel for check-in

19: 30 dinner around the hotel

20: 30 end of the day

1.17 Friday: Bohol

Get up at 07:00

08:00 Hotel Breakfast

Visit Mint island at 09:00

Blood compact site no fee

Baclayon church with museum-50 Peso has been damaged in the earthquake

Baclayon church was built more than 420 years ago and is still in good condition. Although the outer wall is dilapidated, it is still magnificent and solemn inside. There are many oil paintings on the wall about the scene of Jesus' execution. In this Catholic Church, you can not only appreciate the Spanish architectural style, but also display the history of the past in the church, mainly the antique relics of the 16th century.

-River Cruise via floating restaurant-400 Peso

-Bilar man made forest

-Tarsier visitors centre-60 Peso

Mini eye monkey center, this is the artificial breeding site, and the spectacled monkey is the prototype in the movie et. Although the center is not big, there are only seven or eight small trees, but the monkeys are all open to view and can be directly touched by hand. One or two monkeys are hidden in each tree. These super cute little things are very old species. They have a history of 45 million years. They are special products of the Philippines. If you want to take a picture of the monkey, you need to pay a tip, usually P20.

-Chocolate hills-50 Peso Observatory has been damaged in the earthquake

Chocolate mountain is a famous wonder of mint Island, which is composed of more than 1200 conical mountains. It is said that in ancient times, two giants threw stones at each other. One by one, the stones fell to the ground, forming thousands of beautiful conical mountain tops. Every dry season, when the grass on the mountain dries up, it turns brown, just like a lot of chocolates. Two of them have developed into resorts, with complete accommodation, catering, sightseeing and entertainment facilities.

-Loboc River cruise-350 Peso + environmental tax 50 Peso

The Luobo river is 1.5 to 8 meters deep and 58 kilometers long, known as the "Oriental Amazon". Boating house is the best way to experience the style of Lobo river. You can order a tender Old English song to the local singer holding the wooden guitar on the boat, and slowly immerse yourself in the scenery of the Lobo river with the song. When you get off the ship, in addition to the singer's warm applause, don't forget to leave a tip. 20 pesos is OK.

17: Dinner around the hotel

1.18 Saturday: Tagbiliran(Bohol) / Cebu

Get up at 05:00 and pack breakfast in the hotel

05:30 take a boat to the sea to watch the sunrise + visit the island: baricasa Island + Virgin Island + dolphin watching cancelled due to typhoon

Bali Casa is 45 minutes away from mint island. There is the famous balicasag fault. It is said that there is a 3000 foot drop in the sea floor. This area has been listed as a protected sea floor area by the world organization of the United Nations, and the landscape is quite magnificent. Baricasa island is a top diving paradise, rich in coral and fish. All kinds of coral fish swim around in groups. Large fish more than 50 cm long can be seen everywhere a few meters underwater. The sea floor is a marvelous sight, the large fault is quite magnificent, and there are a large number of fish, which is indeed the first choice for snorkeling.

Virgin Island is an uninhabited island with a long sand bar extending out of the sea. It reaches the highest point when there is no high tide and can walk hundreds of meters in the water. But when the tide rises, the water level rises, and you can't feel her magic. Her wonder is that because the water on the shore is too shallow, when the tide is high, the boatman has to find a natural channel entrance from the sea, so that he can drive to the island from a wide channel with enough water depth and white sand bottom. Therefore, not everyone has the luck to get to the island. It depends on the size of the ship and the tide.

11: 00 Alona beach holiday

Alona beach is a famous white beach on a small island near the southwest corner of mint island. It's a great place to relax. There are no noisy paragliders, water motorboats and other sea rides. All you can do is dive and rest. You can also charter a boat here to go out to sea, watch dolphins, go to other islands in the middle of the sea for snorkeling or deep diving. There are a lot of dolphins from 6 to 7 every morning.

8: 00 check out from the hotel, pick up luggage, go to the tagbiliran terminal hotel to order Alona Beach - tagbiliran terminal one-way service

Take ocean jet to Cebu

Arrive at Cebu wharf, go to Taobao hotel to order one-way service from Cebu wharf to Cebu Airport

Take a taxi to the shopping mall in Suzhou

1.19 Sunday: Cebu / Manila 5J-564 (0845/1000) Manila / Beijing 5J-672 (1935/0005)

Get up at 06:00

Check out at 07:00

07:30 take shuttle bus to the airport

Arrive at Cebu Airport at 07:45 for check-in and purchase domestic department terminal fee 200peso / person

08:45 to Manila

10: Arrive at Manila airport

10: 30 pick up your luggage and take a taxi to mall of Asia

11: Arrive at mall of Asia at 00:00 and check your luggage

11: 30 mall of Asia

12: 30 shopping

15: 00 mall of Asia

15: Take a taxi back to Terminal T3 of Manila airport

17: 30 to check in at Manila airport and purchase international department terminal fee 550peso / person

19: 35 to Beijing

Arrive in Beijing at 00:05

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