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Hotel staff said that in the morning, a little elephant named candy would come to the children's pool to play with the children. After breakfast, he took his sister to see the elephant. When I met her for the first time, I didn't bring a gift. I saw someone give her bananas, apples or even money. If the fruit, she used a long nose roll, put into the mouth; If it's money, she cleverly tucks it into the owner's pocket and calls to the giver. She is only three years old and has been trained. The children can ride on the back of the elephant, be led and turn around. When we arrived, the children had surrounded the little elephants, patted their noses, touched their backs, and were excited. Sister's head was not timid. She first touched the elephant's nose, then asked her if she wanted to sit down. She said she did, and was carried up by her father.

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Lunch was in the hotel restaurant. The last one is recommended by the waiter, which is my sister's favorite taste. She likes prawns best. She takes a big bite when she comes up. In the next second, her face turned red and screamed. I think it's bad. It must be spicy! Gulu Gulu pours a glass of water to quench the hot fire. When I try it, it's really spicy. This scene worried the waiters on one side. They came to ask my sister if she was safe? It also reminds us to try before giving it to her.

Outriger Laguna Phuket Resort and villas

I don't know the history of the old town of Phuket. I just walk around and feel the life of the local people. There are few tourists on the streets, and even few pedestrians. Chinese people say that Phuket is full of Chinese people. I can't see a large number of Chinese people. I guess it's in the popular Badong beach. When you go into a souvenir shop, the landlady can speak a few words of Chinese. My sister's first glance at a blue elephant in cloth, very happy, Baba said, mom, buy it. The landlady took out a few more to choose, and her sister insisted on falling in love at first sight. When packing, the landlady chatted a few words. She just came back from Chengdu and Shanghai a few days ago. "Chengdu is too oily to be afraid of spicy food," she said. "Shanghai food is sweet and acceptable, but it's too oily." Smile and compare the thickness of an inch with your fingers“ You come to Guangdong later, "I said." it's very light there. " She said, "OK, when I save enough."


In the morning, dad was with kids   I'm packing in my room. At noon, the hotel recommended Chaba, a Thai restaurant in Laguna Town, for free shuttle. Steamed grouper with lime is really delicious!


After dinner, we walked along the street with a strong artistic atmosphere. The restaurant includes fish spa service. Many small fish are waiting for different guests in the same tank of water. They warmly asked us to try. My sister looked and said, let's go. There are also some art shops idly waiting in the afternoon. We enter a shop, the most striking is two half meter high white elephant statues, decorated with some gold and silver thread, and winding colored stone. My sister has just met candy, who is interested in this creature. She looks around. Elephant is the mascot of Thai people, meaning "lucky", so many handicrafts are based on the theme of elephant.


It's just time to go back to the hotel and pick up your luggage. The taxi took us to a dock, and the hotel arranged a special person to meet us at the dock. We took the speedboat to the island, only 5 minutes of sailing, to avoid the turbulent crowd of national day.

Naka Island

On the other side of the trestle, there was a special person waiting for us to connect us to the battery car. Before entering the hotel area, visitors should be invited to ring the big gong twice to inform that there are guests coming to the port at the top of the mountain.

Naka Island

We also ordered the villa of beachfront. The villa of chaimen cottage style is very lovely. We all find it novel. Villa courtyard is a U-shaped round building, covering a total area of more than 500 square meters, with a private passage in the atrium leading directly to the beach.

When it's fine, my sister yells to pick up shells again. As a result, she accidentally picks up a big ripe coconut! In a flash of time, it's more than three o'clock in the afternoon. We changed our swimsuits to enjoy the seaside pool. The tide ebbs and rises very fast. In the morning, the sea water that overflows the beach and reaches the breakwater retreats for several feet in the afternoon, making the ugly beach completely exposed. The most people can be seen in the morning and evening meal, but the average number is only 20, and the proportion of Chinese people is still the highest. But at this moment, the relatively closed islands, the nuota seaside swimming pool, even no personal shadow, also do not know where to go. Sister head regretfully commented, "there is no small pot friend." Yes, it's more suitable for couples than the previous hotel.

Naka Island

Last night, frogs came to the door to say good night. Unidentified wild animals pattered past the roof. Geckos were visitors under the light; This morning, the birds fluttered to say good morning, singing and saying, it's raining! After two days, my sister's interest in the activity of picking up shells increased greatly. She took her father to the beach in the backyard. The rain fell so suddenly that we quickly hid in the backyard Pavilion; The rain trickled down the eaves and hit the sand.

The hotel does not add extravagant furnishings, but it is considerate everywhere, which makes the guests feel comfortable and leisurely. It must be deliberately integrated into the nature. However, it is a little dull after avoiding the noise. There was only one small shop, and there was no children's playroom. After swimming in the little Bobo pool, my sister pulled off the bench, painted the gypsum seahorse, and I colored the hen. I'm even more interested in painting.

We don't know much about Phang   Nga   The specific itinerary of the one-day tour is to sit in cannon, drill holes and see James   Where bond has been. Fortunately, he followed the staff's advice and didn't order Pipi island. He said it was too far away. Panya Bay was the right distance and all the activities were also suitable. The Chinese aunt across the street paid attention to us for a long time, and finally couldn't help asking, how old is her younger sister? She praised that she was so calm at a young age. She said that her son was six years old and stayed in the hotel with his father because of the heavy rain. I thought, my sister is a person who has seen the world.   I got on the ship at 9:30, and the journey was less than an hour. I arrived at the first station directly: James   Bond   Island。 Located in the National Park, originally not called this, but gradually because of the 007 film and fame, forget the original name. The rain is so dense that any kind of shooting tool is reluctant to take it out of the waterproof bag to soak in the rain. Nikon must absolutely avoid it. After thinking about it, he has to sacrifice his iPhone and JVC. The wet rain in front of the camera blurs the picture of this world-class rock climbing Resort. Taking shelter from the rain and breathing in the cave, my sister took out her whistle to breathe freely for a moment. The leader pricked his hair like a sister's head and liked to tease her. He said that when he saw her, he would think of his elder daughter, "she   looks   like   her”。

Ao Phang-Nga National Park

In James   Bond   Island   After staying for 40 minutes, we got on board and went on to a wide sea area. Change to Canon (canoe) here, one for every three people, and feel the karst cave and water flow in close range. Some places need to lie back through, sister head fully cooperate, is closed eyes; Mangrove trees open up numerous graceful waterways, unique caves. Dozens of orange kayaks scattered on the sea, turning back in the same direction, magnificent. Sunny days should be more beautiful, but no one complains that the torrential rain tests the relationship between people. I sat in the bow and asked my sister, "is it fun?"“ It's fun. "

Ao Phang-Nga National Park

Drive to a local Muslim Village (floating) at noon   She is very happy when she has fish to see.   After dinner, the leader led us to walk around the market and stop at a primary school. With a picture of Queen Tai, he told us a little story: once, the king and queen of Thailand planned to visit this village. The villagers are very happy, early gathered in the school playground, waiting for the arrival of King Tai. However, before leaving, the weather changed suddenly, which may be similar to today's, and the flight conditions were not met, so the entourage suggested to cancel the trip. The Thai King and his party waited for a while, but the weather didn't improve. So he insisted on going, saying: my people are waiting for me in the rain, how can I let them down. The beloved king of Thailand finally appeared in front of the villagers, holding an umbrella and talking to the villagers, while the amiable queen of Thailand did not dislike the dirt on the ground and sat down with the children... At this time, the rain stopped for a while, and her sister, who got rid of her life jacket, ran happily on the court.

Ao Phang-Nga National Park

Dark clouds do not show, while the rain stopped intermittently, quickly take her out to pick up shells. After a while, father and daughter came back, she said: it's raining! They were playing with their booty in the front yard. As soon as I saw it, yo, there was no need to say about the shell. Her father picked up another fresh coconut. The day before yesterday, the dining knife was cut open and we had drunk it. It was sweet and delicious. Now there's no time for this estimation.

For Mei Mei, her trip to Thailand is full of harvest, including some Polaroid photos, some balloons, a big bag of shells, two plaster painted animals, two cloth birds, a cloth elephant and a beetle. Almost all of them are vivid animal images, or gifts from nature. I was deeply impressed by purple, the main color of Thai Airlines, and learned how to elephant   The word "sawadika" is the greeting of "sawadika". We can't help but be influenced by it and imitate it vividly. The beloved bear balloon in his hand was confiscated by Thai security, and he howled for a while- end-

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